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Killing U.S. Babies by Karoline Gourley

There is an article by Karoline Gourley, which gives evidence that U.S. citizens were being mutilated, tortured, sterilized-without-consent, and murdered, from 1970-1973, in Washington State.

My parent's first baby, Gannon, was one who was assassinated.

Others, at this time, were having their genitals lasered while they were trapped and confined (unable to flee) at the Walla Walla prison in Walla Walla, WA. 

I have made posts about laser technology in the West Coast and with regard to a woman who was working in Washington and got promoted to D.C.   I have not written as much about what my parents think it was that killed Gannon.

If you ask them, they don't want to talk about it, or my mother will say, "Maybe too much Vitamin A".

My mother is refering to beta rays.  She didn't feel she could say it out loud, and never has, because they are trapped here, and have been hostages of the U.S. for a very long time.

However, at some point, they did try to tell me, and knew later I might remember some things and think about it in another way.

I don't know whose idea it was for my mother to have contact with a man named "Ray Baratcart" in Moses Lake, WA.  I had thought they were friends, but have since realized they are not.  He is someone whose name suddenly began coming up when I was a young girl, and who my mother said she was going to see, to talk about dogs.  She was constantly on the phone with him, more than anything.

If someone put my mother up to it, I feel bad for her, because they have been harassed and mocked about Gannon as long as he's been dead.  Even now, people still do this to my parents and I witnessed it being done firsthand.

But if it was my mother's idea, maybe it was to reinforce a point with me.  Whatever the reason, she used the occasion to mention his first name all the time, "Ray".  While constantly bringing up his name, she told me one day what she thought killed Gannon. I was begging my Mom to tell me, all the time.  So it was a big deal when she told me one day.  I remember where I stood in the kitchen and everything.

She said she had always thought it was maybe because of too much beta carotene, which gets converted into vitamin A after it's in the body, and then it builds up, and the body can't excrete all of it.  She told me she was taking super high levels of it.

I remember thinking it didn't sound like something my mother would do.  She's a nutritionist and loves natural medicine and homeopathic remedies, and she wouldn't take the kind of toxic dose she described.  Also, she would have possibly turned orange or yellowish from it.

However, this is what she told me, and she wouldn't mention something that important if it wasn't important.

So this was said in context of "Ray" this and "Ray" that.

Well, beta (beta carotene) rays were being used on humans in Washington state at that time.  It's documented evidence. 

I'll write more tomorrow but it's been 4 days and I'm being tortured by NASA/Pentagon technology with constant jabs to the head and eye and my one eye is bugged out.

(This is an aside, that I'll post somewhere else later, but I saw a "special" about a fat woman (large) who had all of these health problems and her Dr. was Dr. David Lippincott.  He's a liar.  He was telling this poor woman she had some kind of nerve disorder and blaming all of her problems on that, and then diagnosing her son with autism and all of these unsual things, when they are both MKUltra victims.  I knew as soon as I saw her eyes.  She is this very fat woman, who is in excruciating pain all the time and has stroke-like symptoms as well.  Instead of losing her child, by saying "I am being tortured" she gets to keep her son with her, as long as she says, "I'm disabled" and goes on the news to say, "I just wanted to let everyone know about this because I didn't know it could happen to me."  Basically, hypocrites who need to die, like AG Mary McIntosh, who abuses and mutilates children, encourage lies and smother anyone who tries to tell the truth.

Well here's the real diagnosis and prescription:

You are possibly a victim of MKUltra

That woman and her "autistic" son might see some dramatic improvements if they get out of this country now.  I could tell this woman was not actually suffering from some kind of "special problem" when I saw her symptoms and saw how she scans with her eyes.  The same "scanning" that both my brother and I do with our eyes, is not hereditary.  It's CIA-U.S. Army learned.  It is something that was forced upon some of the MKUltra victims, one of many of their disgusting secrets and attempts to use babies, toddlers, and children, and leave them with "markers" and then single them out for torture later.

Her name was, I think, Jessica.

Jessica needs to get off of this CRAZY U.S. Ship called NO TOMORROW.

Her eye scanning is the exact same thing the United States began doing to my son when he was about 2 1/2-3 years old, coming to visits in CPS offices.  I don't know who Jessica had contact with as a child and who did this to her and trained her eyes to do that, but it is a marker of CIA and U.S. Army/military and is definitely a warning of MKUltra.    Basically, they use hypnosis.  My son showed me how it was being done to him.  An object or finger was raised up in front of the eyes and then you are instructed to watch the item as it goes back and forth from side to side in front of you.  My son was about to be hypnotized when I started doing what he showed me someone else was doing to him.

That "very rare trait", that a U.S. Army drug and alcohol recovery clinic man told me I had, is an MKUltra trait.  This was why he knew about it at all.  Then I found out when I next saw my brother, my brother does the same thing and he was also being used by the U.S.

This is all after the U.S. lied at MKUltra Senate Hearings in 1977 and said "we don't do this anymore".  They are liars.  They continued with everything.  ALL of it.  The only thing they avoided was drugging CIA officials with LSD because jumping out of windows or being pushed got too much publicity.  But kids?  No one cares about kids.

If Jessica leaves the U.S. with her son, she might suddenly discover it doesn't happen anymore.  However, they have tortured her to the point, that she is almost like a stroke victim and apparently on painkillers.

Dr. David Lippincott, I could tell by looking at him, is a criminal.

He is a Nazi doctor.  There is seriously something wrong with him.  He is a cold and calculating doctor who will stop at nothing.

Jessica needs to think about who she's grown up around and find out how many of them are connected to the military.  How many federal sites she went to as a kid.  Any kind of government building.  Aside from military, how many psychologists?  what hospital was she born at? what is the history around that hospital? what kind of human research is done? is it near a high level radiation zone (like Hanford).  If so, these places are prone to attracting doctors who like to poke at paralyzed human "frogs" with "needles".  What about military bases?  how close did she live to a military base and what was the affiliation? 

CIA doesn't wear a badge, but they are also attracted to hotspots like Hanford proximities.  Anything near the Canadian border or a few hours away will attract collegial interaction between Canadian and U.S. doctors working on the same things:  mind control and research on humans.  It's not that doctors don't fly over, but being able to drive is an easy commute.  England (UK), Canada, and the U.S. are all involved in MKUltra (Ultra Mind Kontrol).  UMK.  (cross out the middle man and you get UK)

So basically, we're supposed to believe, in the context of UMK as reality, that Jessica just happened to suddenly come down with this shocking painful disorder that attacked her brain with severe jabs and sharp pangs, and then she went progressively to speech disorders and stroke, and her weight blew up because at that point, what else do you want to do but eat?  She just happened to have a 'rare' ability of scanning with her eyes (like the man who works at the U.S. Treasury who is on the other end of the spectrum and not doing too bad).  Then, this normal boy of hers just so "happened" to become "autistic" and have ADD. 

Jessica needs to save whatever money she can discreetly, or have someone help her get documents to leave, and maybe someone could donate money to her, so she can leave with her son more safely, and she needs to kiss the "Dr. Lippincotts" goodbye" as she passes them when they're sent to jail.

He's a CIA asshole.  He was educated in Arizona, next to the CIA offices.

Not only that, he used her to mock my family and as an inside joke about David Slader, who did nothing but harm.  Greg Smith and Dan Gatti asked me to speak at a news conference and say I was a victim but I was just there to let people know and be aware, and I wasn't planning to sue.  Basically, they had Jessica say everything except "I'm not planning to sue" because they have deceived her into thinking she has some kind of problem that is outside of anyone's control, that it's just some kind of accident.  She should be moving out of the country, see her health and son's health improve, and come back to sue the piss out of Dr. David Lippincott.

He got all of his medical training in Arizona and this is one of the U.S. main sites for CIA and U.S. military work.  He worked at a hospital that does research on human beings that are non-consenting, and then went to Tuscon Hospital.  That area is rife with Department of Defense and CIA assholes like Lippincott.  It has one of the largest air force bases in the country and they are basing their entire economy on DOD research.  So that includes YOU Jessica.  Get yourself and your son out. 

Also, anyone else who has someone tell them they do the 'scanning' thing with their eyes, needs to take a closer look into their personal history because it is 80% probable that they are MKUltra markers.  No one ever told me this about myself until I was already trying to leave the U.S.  I was over 30 years old.  You won't notice it unless you videotape or webvideo yourself and then watch to see. Try different times too, because you might not do it all the time.  If you don't do this, it doesn't mean you're not  a human research object.  But if you find your eyes DO do this, there is a very strong possibility you are "one of the special ones" and that you were trained to do this as a toddler.  They do most of this when your up to age 3.  But it continues past that point too.  Up to age 3 they don't worry about your remembering who traumatized you.  The point, is that they try to train victims to use both sides of the brain so it's rapid switchback.  Side to side with the eyes indicates you are accessing both parts of the brain.  Jessica is just Dr. Lippincotts little pet project.  I am sure he loves to look deep into her eyes.  UMK wants to cross "mind" out so they can have "ultimate kontrol".

MKUltra is from the German, "Mind Kontrol Ultra".  Translated in order it would be Ultra Mind Kontrol.  Or, in U.S. version, UMC, Ultra Mind Control.  UMC wants to cross "mind" out so they can have "ultimate control".  U C?  You see?


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