Sunday, February 3, 2013

Update photo: Burning Bone--Tortured All Day by NASA/Pentagon

I have been tortured all day, since this morning, by NASA and The Pentagon technology.

They started torturing me to my left ear and teeth again.  They started this before I ever wrote one blogpost.

Also, when I moved at one point, when I was being tortured to my teeth, as I moved back, I caught the smell of burning bone.

For anyone who has been to a dentist, and had someone drilling on your teeth, to cut bone away for a cavity filling, that was the exact smell.

It was the smell of burning bone, like you have at the dentist's office when they are using that one metal tool that gets hot.

It wasn't from inside my house or outdoors.  It was from me, from what the U.S. is doing to me.

When I saw I caught the smell of...I mean, for example, let's say you put on perfume or cologne.  It's on your neck.  You are sitting in one place.  Then you quickly sit back, and as you do, you catch a whiff of your own perfume or cologne...I guess because your nose is now at the same spot where your neck was and the movement of air makes the scent stronger...

That is what happened, when I caught the scent of burning bone.

Not only that, it's not like the U.S. hasn't already tortured me and used technology to drill into one of my teeth.  On one tooth, they used technology for a long time in one spot until I had a hole drilled out on top of my tooth, and then they drilled a hole out exactly beneath it at the bottom.  Like a colon punctuation mark.  : 

This was done to me when I noticed my mother had a similiar hole drilled exactly into the center of one of her bottom jaw front teeth.

The U.S. is torturing us.  And they think it's funny.  The ones responsible, think it's funny.

These are not irregular cavity formed holes--it's been done to me and my Mom, in unusual places, and with torture by technology first.

Then the U.S. tortured me to my head for one month until more than half of my hair fell out.  I have a permanent nodule on my head now, in the spot where they targeted the most often.

Anyone who knows who is doing this, has a right to shoot them on-sight.  I really don't care if they are bombed or shot or given cancer or turmor inducing drugs in their soup--it needs to happen.

Those responsible are violating the law and they have gotten away with it this long, and they need to kiss their own kids goodbye for the very last time.  See ya.
I am including photos of my eye after torture by the U.S. today.  You will see one eye looks straight ahead and the other eye is at a different direction.  The U.S. has been tortured to me to the brain and to the ear and teeth all day, and they've never learned when to quit.

They are going to learn to quit or they are going to be gassed out by another country that will take over.  So when I say "Kill Them" I mean, kill them.  I don't know who, specifically, is in charge of the torture by NASA and Pentagon means.  Other do know, and someone needs to kill them.  I really don't care how it's done.  I don't care if it's quick or if they writhe in pain for days.  They are responsible for torture of me and my son since my son was born.  And I have been tortured for over 10 years now.  STOP or be stopped. 

This is what I do with the gelatin caps since I'm vegan.  I have to uncap each one and throw out the capsule and add the grains to a drink or something.  This is just herbal stuff, nothing high potency.  But, I try different things, and have to try different things, because of torture and trying to find a way to correct what damage is being done to my body.  This is a detoxifier kind of capsule.  But every single day, my family is tortured.

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