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UPDATED: Local Cops Repeatedly Breaking Into My House

I have town cops repeatedly breaking into my house.

Every single time I've left my house, for any reason, to go to the store or do anything, I come back to my house and it's been broken into.

Every single time I've left my house, there has always been a local cop, or two, usually more than one, driving past me as I'm walking away, and then driving past me again as I am walking back to my house.

Not only have they been doing this to give others access to my house, and degrade me, they constantly steal items from my house.  Most of it is the exact same thing that MKUltra and U.S. Army are involved in.

They steal sealed packets of tea from me, and then return different packets of tea, and the last time they stole all of my silverware except for 2 teaspoons, and then waited until I had mailed something to my son at the local U.S. FEDS post office, with 2 earrings on it that were shaped like teaspoons, and then someone broke into my house again and put some of my missing silverware back.  When they stole my packets of tea, it was from a variety pack, and they waited until I went to my parent's house asking about it, and when I wouldn't take one from my Mom, they broke into my house again and put the packet they had stolen back into my house.  Basically, it was a Stash tea herbal variety pack, and there were 2 of every kind.  I gave my mother 1 of the sets, so she could try them, because I wanted to, and I kept the other set.  I knew exactly when one of the packets was missing.  So I went to my parents and she tried to give me hers, and I said, "I gave those to you to try."  So then the next time I left my house and went back, the packet that was stolen from me was returned and my mother still had hers because I checked when I went back into the house.

Every single time someone is stealing from me, and breaking into my house, they are using whatever I send to my son and deliver at the U.S. FEDS post office.

Then the entire town decided they thought it was funny to harass me by driving their dump and trash trucks past me only when I was walking, after someone broke into my house.  It is garbage day, which is fine, but there are not 2 garbage trucks in a row on the road that goes to my house.  And first they had some double-trailer huge garbage person pass me and then they waited, literally WAITED, until I was about to go to the other road, and then this other garbage truck came past.  I had already crossed the road and was on the other side and it wasn't going to be near me at all, so then there was a second one, another garbage truck, and that man did not take off when the road was clear and there was no traffic and he could have left.  He parked his garbage truck there, at the corner of the road, and waited until I had to be right next to it, and then he decided to take off

Alvaro Pardo is a 100% criminal and he worked to put Osama bin ladin to his death..  That's why the U.S. wanted him to be in the country so bad.  They used him to try to put me in a federal jail too, by lying to me and trying to set me up and all of his connections were with the U.S. federal government and he was admittedly involved with the FBI and CIA.  That includes the Department of State. 

I have been tortured by U.S. technology since this morning.  I am not leaving this country with nothing so any imagined idea I'm going to take off, with nothing, when that is impossible, is not going to happen.  I don't want a date, and God damn to Hell every single U.S. federal rapist that deliberately schemed to humiliate me and my family.

There is a man at Farrs Hardware that isn't any good either.  He is doing something that is extremely bad, and he has dark brown hair and looks Italian.  Every time I see him I have a bad feeling and he can never even look me in the eye without looking guilty, like the guys at the fruit stand off of the highway.

So why would anyone break into my house and steal packets of tea and then put them back and do anything like this?  It's all MKULTRA.  ALL OF IT.

The FBI and cops break into my house, and protect military personnel who break in, and then they use the occasion to humiliate me after they torture me here first. So of course, I'm always ready to have "guests" when I am being tortured and have to keep up with torture crimes, and Prostitution rings that Middleton invites, along with her minions of rats.  She is so nasty it does not even compare to a filthy house.

Kate Middleton is a prostitute.  She is not only a prostitute that is paid by the CIA, she is a prostitute that contracted with William of Wales.  If she would give him blow jobs for money, she would do it for anyone.  Oh wait, his penis is different because it's "royal".  That is what the garbage is.  The same frame of mind and mind-set that it took for her to torture kids and my parents, and supervise torture of kids, is also the kind of hardened mindset it takes to turn down jobs to be an independent businesswoman and settle for sucking William of Wales.  Her Mom and Dad ran the whorehouse.  They literally had their daughter, staying at their house until she was 30 years old, while she gave William of Wales blow jobs.

But the cops in the U.S. hate me, because they don't like getting caught with their pants down.  They don't like getting stuck with rape accusations or contribution.  So of course, Kate Middleton is not a whore, and instead, they shift it around and LIED, calling ME a "prostitute" and telling a hotel owner that I was working as a prostitute there.  Wenatchee cops literally lied and defamed me, and called ME a prostitute.

Sorry, but if I wanted money that badly, I would have stayed with Alvaro, right?  I mean, I wasn't being tortured with him, except for once or twice, and I was being promised the return of my son Oliver, by FEDS, and I was also being told after we were married, he'd fly me back and forth across the country and obviously, if I'm not being tortured, and he's HOOKED UP to the FBI, I could probably work.  I could have worked for my own money, because the FBI and Department of State decided to use me.

I told Alvaro Pardo and the FBI to FUCK OFF.

The FBI hates that. 

The FBI really doesn't like having their guys accused of hate crime and contribution to RICO crimes, and then they really don't like the idea of getting sued for defamation for lying about me in internal records, to everyone, which put my life into imminent danger.  So what does the FBI do?  They backed off when I dated their fucker.  And when I told him to FUCK OFF for breaking his contract and promise and cheating me, which he started doing only a few weeks after he asked me to marry him, and when he didn't quit, and kept lying to me, I was the one in the right.  And the FBI does not like being told to FUCK OFF and go shave your grass for Laura Laughlin.

What did Wenatchee cops do in retaliation?  They called me a prostitute.

Isn't that what the grotesque men of history always do?  Grotesque men, use women or try to use them, and if they get REJECTED or their friend gets REJECTED, the woman is a SLUT or a PROSTITUTE.

I wasn't the Prostitute.   Kate Middleton was.

I wasn't the sell-out.  Kate Middleton is.

What is the definition of a prostitute?  First of all, let me say, I don't look down on any woman who somehow ended up in that position after years of abuse and grooming by others to do this, or when she was forced to do it.  So, I can understand when families are destitute or someone is being driven to torture and poverty, if they are told it is the only way out, or the only way to save their life or the life of a child, I can understand that.  I really can--and who better to know what degradation and torture is than me?

Kate Middleton is not the one who is going to relate to that.  Kate Middleton is only relatable to those who take corporate welfare and high-end madams that prostitute professionally.  The only reason she turned down a job in NY, to "be independent" is because her job was to suck William of Wale's ___.  My what a noble job.  Do you think that is a noble thing to do?

When I posted an ad about a "sugar daddy" arrangment, it wasn't for prostitution and there was a HUGE difference between me and Kate Middleton and her Professional Blow Job.  First of all, I was a torture victim. I was a torture victim trapped in the U.S., who had been raped by U.S. fucking FEDS, with cops on their look-out for them.  I was a MOTHER, whose son was being tortured, and who I had FLED the country with, to escape, to save both of our lives.

What urgent business and torture matter did Katie ever have?  Nothing. 

She chose to walk down a runway half-nude and giving view of her crotch to William of Wales.  I did not give photos to anyone I emailed.  I eventually put a few of myself on my blog, fully dressed, but I never gave one man a bunch of pictures of myself, half-dressed or nude.   Never.

I also didn't "talk dirty" on the phone to anyone.  Not even to Alvaro, who was then my fiance when he wanted me to degrade myself so his friends could make a tape and use it to humiliate me with.

I explored options with a mutually "beneficial" relationship, but never, in my entire life, have I taken money or favors in exchange for sex.  Ever.  Never.  I never did anything with or for any man, with an expectation of getting paid, getting a benefit, or a raise or promotion or position, or perks.  I never once had a consensual time where it was brought up, and then I did something, and then I was paid in that way.

Kate is a different story.  She did prostitute herself.

I never did end up having a "mutually beneficial" relationship either.  I was made offers, and I turned them down because it sounded like doing something for someone, that I didn't want to do when I didn't know them and then having a gain from it.  So I turned down some things that would have paid me money.

When I even explored the idea, it was while being tortured and held hostage in the U.S. The GOD DAMN United States, tortured me and my son, kidnapped my son from me when I LEFT the country to save our lives.  I had no possible way to work and have a job and I was being forced out legal representation and threatened with being arbitrarily thrown into a psych ward in Washington state.  It is not as if I had time and options, or, as a torture victim and escapee of multiple assassination attempts, a way to get my son the legal help he needed.

The U.S. tried to take advantage of this.  They attempted to assault me further and I still said no to any kind of arrangment.  Then I was with Alvaro, and after the first time I was with him, he gave me some money, but he never said he was giving me money first or if I did something.  He just gave me money and said he was at work all day and there was no food in the house so buy something to eat.  That is it.

Then later he asked me to marry him and said he hoped to help out with finding a lawyer for my son.  This was brought up in discussion of marriage. 

That is not prostitution. 

But the CIA and FBI wants whores and prostitutes like Kate Middleton.  Kate Middleton was signing contracts and renewing them, to be a royal slut.  She had a contract that expired and was up for renewal and it was an option to renew it or not.  It was renewed.  She is a professional slut.  Period.

So here I was, a woman who had every right to consider desperate measures and take risks, and I decided in the long run, not to.  Kate, on the other hand, had very little pressure and she was willing to sell out at the drop of a hat.

Also, the entire last 2 decades I've been trapped in the U.S. and tortured, I have always sought to be 100% independent.  I worked at my own job at age 16 while going to college. Kate did nothing.  Her entire work history is doing home-business ops for her Mom and Dad and selling her body as a hooker in their house.

I am the one who has always tried to find my own work and created my own job for myself where needed.  Even after Alvaro was engaged to me, as soon as I felt "slightly less trapped" I BOLTED like a HORSE OUT OF FBI HELL.  Oh sure.  But let's not suggest the FBI held me hostage.  I don't like being forced into "partnerships" so fuck you.  I don't like how the U.S. and Canada lied to the entire world, and assaulted and tortured me and my son and then try to force "partnerships" that do nothing but save their sleazy slimy asses.  Oh yeah, and I don't like being "co-dependent" or forced to take someone's "assistance" when I have a legal right to DO IT MYSELF.  But that isn't what this country wants.  They don't want independent women who do it themselves.  They want cock suckers.  And I use that gross terminology, because this is exactly how they treat women like me--they give me Detective Grose.  Someone who will cover everything up for U.S. federal rapists and Canadian rapists.

I was being trapped into a marriage, by the FBI.  And this was the only way, they were telling me, that I was going to survive at all in the U.S.  If that is the case, and it has been the case, then this country is my enemy and always made themselves so and interfered with my political asylum request for me and my son.  They have tortured us.

Then, everyone freaked out.  The U.S. settled down and quit torturing me if I was marrying Alvaro.  But if not, if I was free from the yoke or noose or harness, they went after me again.  And not only that, they called ME a prostitute.  I was supposedly the prostitute now, for not marrying Alvaro.  I was looking for work, for my own work, every single day, at an office or restaurant, and then even as a volunteer, and the entire God damned community of Wenatchee refused me work.  Why?  Because they want a professional cock sucker.  Like Katie.

As soon as I was trying to freely get work for myself, I was tortured and punished.  Then I was made a serious offer for tens of thousands of dollars, but it was against my values.  I refused.

This means I am not a prostitute.

Katie? Oh honey--she'll take the money.

I could have called Alvaro back at any time, even as the U.S. had me sleeping out in the streets and was torturing me and cutting off my visits to my son, while they forced me to see evidence of torture on his face.  Did I call Alvaro and ask to get back together?  No, I did not.

As pressure was getting worse and my son was smelling like bleach solution from his mouth and in a daze, and with cut out chunks of his skin, with my own government's employees smirking over it, I could have called back the people on the East Coast and taken tens of thousands of dollars as a way out.  Did I sell out on my values and call them, even in this extreme situation?  No, I did not.

Then I was forced out of housing and told the only way to get it back was to donate eggs for several thousand.  I could have done this or I could have called the people who offered me tens of thousands on the East Coast, or I could have called Alvaro to get back together with him.  Did I?  No.

So what makes anyone think they can slander me and defame me, by suggesting I was a prostitute at a hotel in Wenatchee?  (The Coast Hotel).  It was cops that defamed me, and this is after I said "NO" to fast cash, TWICE, and also refused to call up my fiance or ex-fiance and get back together with him.

This country trapped me to try to force me to sell out.

I didn't sell out and this is why I can look at myself in the mirror and sleep at night.  Katie, on the other hand, is in "hypnotherapy".  I'm sure that just great for the baby.

I was retaliated against, for NOT selling out, even under extreme pressure and torture.  I was called a prostitute, when I am the exact opposite of a prostitute.  I had people trying to force me into welfare, when my only natural objective was to be safe, have my son safe, and work and use my abilities and mind for good, and to be financially independent.   I was then held hostage in a psych ward and slandered and punished again, for wanting to be free.

Why am I a "freedom fighter" as a U.S. citizen?

Is this country so bad now, that just trying to work or travel and have a child and not be tortured, means I am a freedom fighter?

I have been fighting, since trying to leave as a refugee, for my freedom and my son to be returned to me.  I am forced to be a freedom fighter because I refused to be a cock sucker.  Because I refused to sell out on my values for money.  I didn't degrade myself and wasn't willing to sell out, so the U.S. degraded me themselves.  They wanted to dirty me up.  So did Canada.

If I didn't sell out for tens of thousands, there is no way I would sell out for a couple hundred in Wenatchee cash or whatever someone thinks people can do there.  I don't take money for any reason.  And I have suffered in extreme pain and humiliation for not doing so.

My son Oliver is to be returned to me.  This country has no room to argue, no room to negotiate.  They need to figure out what they're willing to offer in settlement, and offer my son, and possibly my parents as well, and they need to quit torturing us.

Oh yeah, I was being pressured to sell-out in Canada too, and I said "No" to Canadian officials.  All the way through--I have consistently been the one to follow the law and uphold my values and strive to be financially independent.  I obeyed the law, so I was falsely arrested.  I looked "too good to be true" on my MMPI so they slandered me as mentally ill.  The same thing I was criticized for, in an MMPI where I passed with flying colors and it looked 'too good to be true' was that I had high self-esteem.  Not narcissim, self-esteem.  If I had been lying about that, I never would have the will or esteem myself enough to hold up myself up as others crawled around me like maggots, looking for a reason to fault me.  I didn't lie on my MMPI--my self-esteem was high and I was perfectly normal and I proved I wasn't a liar, when I turned down offer after offer of dirt money.  Offers to sell my values or body for thousands of dollars.  When I was tortured and forced to live outside, and my son suffered, what might have kept me alive and from giving in to corruption?  High self-esteem.

They wanted a cock sucker, so they traded out for Kate Middleton.

It doesn't mean I'm perfect, or that I think I am or that I don't have problems.  It just means, that I value my life and I feel complete and secure with who I am and who I know myself to be.  It also means I feel secure with my faith in God.  So shake shake shake all you want, but this hasn't changed.  I've done a few things I wouldn't have done, out of trying to save my life or son's life or in times of extreme stress, but I didn't sell-out.

So yes, I told the truth on my MMPI when I took it from the Lake Oswego Oregon State Bar referred psychologist.  I told the truth and I proved I wasn't a liar when I supported my statements on that MMPI and its results, with my actions.

True to form.

I was again accused of lying later, or "possibility of trying to improve results" when I had to take the MMPI again, forced that time, in 2009.  It still looked "too good to be true" so they tortured me, drugged me to lose my voice so I didn't have my singing talent anymore, and then forced me into a psych ward as a hostage a year later, to assault me.

I am still ranking high on my self-esteem.  Why should my self-esteem be worse or lower, when I have done nothing to myself, that causes me to feel less about myself.  What others have done to me, doesn't affect my self-esteem.

(If Katie needs therapy, have her call my offices).

What has been done to me, has caused damages in my life, and I deserve compensation.  It has ruined my ability to work and make money.  The entire aim has been to prevent me from having money or being skilled in a career.  Damages from being degraded and tortured, such as stress or temporary anxiety or mild PTSD, do not change my self-worth or self-esteem. 

It doesn't mean I think I'm better than someone else.  What it means, is I feel secure with myself.  Internally, I feel complete and whole and I am secure.  This means I know I can be a great single mom and I don't need to be married.  If that should happen, it would happen because it's something I want, not because I am tortured and forced to it by the FBI and Department of State, or cops.  It means I cannot live in a country where I am told I'm "free to give federal employees blow jobs" but I can't have any other job.  The U.S. gives me freedom to wear as much or as little clothing as I want, and yet they practice torture.

I'll take the burqua.  No woman, in her right mind, would choose torture over wearing a burqua.  If it came down to choosing between 2 countries, and the only things to consider were this:  1.  This country will torture you, or 2.  This country will force you to wear a burqua, what do you think most women would choose?  The U.S. claims we have "freedom of choice" but they torture my family.  That's not freedom of choice.  They claim you can have any job you want, if you work at it, or try hard, and yet they lie and force me out of all work, and try to force me to take only the job they want me to have.  That's not freedom of choice either.  If a woman is asked, "Which do you prefer? wearing a burqua for 24 hours or being tortured to your ears, eyes, heart, head, and injected with Haldol for 24 hours,"  what do you think she will choose?

No one in their right mind would prefer U.S. torture over a clothing restriction from another country.  So the U.S. can claim they are all about human rights and feminism and say how terrible it is for women in other countries, and yet they torture me unless I agree to give blow jobs to the federal government or give up my DNA or my child.  They don't treat us like we are citizens at all.  They torture us worse than slave-owners tortured slaves.

They reward prostitution here.  They pay Kate Middleton, and her mother, and they insult women who try to live free.

So when people wonder why I'm not "jealous" of Kate Middleton, there's your answer.
I noticed, the very next day, after I posted this, some huge coverage about a woman who committed suicide.  So I thought I would touch on my suicide attempt and how this proves nothing is true for the cops and FBI or anyone who tried to malign me.

When I say I didn't lie on my MMPI and that I proved this was true, with refusing to take bribes and money for things that went against my values, I am not saying this without credibility.  Having self-esteem has nothing to do with "depression" or "suicide" and people who commit suicide are NOT always "depressed".  Some people commit suicide because they're depressed.  Some people commit suicide who have low self-esteem.  On the other hand, some people commit suicide to escape torture.  So when you have examples where families are about to be tortured, and they've already seen exactly what's been done to those ahead of them, there are many cases where they all commit suicide rather than have the entire family raped and murdered.  That has nothing to do with "depression" or "low self-esteem".  There are other families, faced with the same thing, who do not do this, and go through it, believing it's wrong to kill themselves or hoping something will change or someone will intervene.  Regardless, having one suicide attempt, while being repeatedly tortured, every single day with severe migraine and refused painkillers, has nothing to do with self-esteem.  It has everything to do with pain and suffering.

Choosing not to take a bribe and turning something down repeatedly, that goes against values,  is a clear sign of high self-esteem.  If someone takes money or a bribe to save their family that is being tortured, then that's understandable, and that person may have high self-esteem and feel trapped.

In my life, everything I have done matches and squares with how I have represented myself.  Anyones values or choices might change some, in the middle of severe torture, but if it's only under conditions of torture, it doesn't prove their enemies are right about anything.  It proves their enemies are going to burn in Hell and haste the day they die.  It means these enemies are evil to the core, and torture people and children while lying and trying to look professional and conservative, as if there is nothing wrong.

Those who have been allowed to torture me in this way, to the point that I would have even considered and prayed to God to let me die, are war criminals.

The U.S. declared war against me, and began assaulting me and I had no idea.  The U.S. is guilty of war crimes against their own citizens who live in the U.S.

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