Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mom's Passwords All Wiped Out

My mother's passwords were wiped out from all of her websites.  I was placing an order with her for something, and it's not like her to wait on something.

It was basically like my parent's were getting held up again, and forced not to make orders for things they needed. 

So this has been going on for at least 2 weeks, maybe longer.  I think possibly  close to 1 month.

I asked about it again today and my Mom asked me to send her the list again, my list, because every single password she's ever had, on any site she has on her computer, was wiped out somehow and she was forced to apply new ones to everything.

I think this part of things is CIA.

I say CIA instead of FBI, when FBI is the cyber people involved, but CIA is more involved with The Department of State.  It's the Department of State that kidnapped my son and colluded with Canada. The FBI was definitely involved in it, but for international matters, I read the law that states it is the Department of State that gets involved when there is a dispute over U.S. citizens who leave the country.  It's their jurisdiction.  So basically, local cops and AGs and task forces can get involved, and do, but it's ultimately a federal group--the Department of State--that pressures or suggests ideas of parental kidnappings or citizens-on-the-loose, where the FBI or state has no warrant for an arrest or court order out.

Political Asylum discussions, are also Department of State territority.

I don't know if anyone caught the part, in the State Address speech, about increasing surveillance of email of citizens, but basically it's giving the U.S. Government the right to access and read all of your emails and search your computers without your consent and without a court order.  They already had access to do this, some of it, through the Patriot Act, but now it's everyone.

So that is like passing a law that says it's okay to open up everyone's personal mail from the post office.  Basically, when you hear talk about post offices and regular mail being shut down or discontinued, the only purpose would be to give the government 100% control over reading every single word you ever write, in your life.

It's a police-state. 

The words by Obama and Rubio, about children, never sounded so hollow to me in all my life.  It was like trying to retain air from inside of bubbles that are blown from a kids soap bubble bottle.   Actually, in the past, I guess, I could at least see the outline of the shape it was supposed to take, these words, like bubbles, with their irridescent gleam and windows.  This time, it was more like words that never even impressed me with an outline of shape or meaning, and were just empty, all the way out and all the way through.  Hollow, but without a form for even making an echo.  They didn't fall to the ground like the sound of silverware, or a bead falling, they was like they were on mute.  They spoke, but they were mute.  That is specifically how I "heard" or didn't hear at all, their claims about how America is so great for kids.

Look at my son.

Yeah sure.  Keep blowing your soap bubbles, or trying, without a wand.   It's like talking about kids with a bottle of bubbles behind your back, as you dump it out secretly with a kid watching in the background, when it was his only toy.

I'm not giving my opinion about the speeches, because the only part I really cared about hearing, were the comments about kids, and I took that, with my back to the T.V.  In contrast to these phoney words, about the U.S. being great for kids, and caring about them, I have my son as a real example.  Why talk about Nadia, who was shot, and is dead, and ignore ongoing, decades-long torture of my family?  That makes no sense.  Torture?  every single day?  against citizens?  It makes every word that comes from a State Address or rebuttal void, like the earth without form, before it was. 

I want my son returned and we have a right to not be tortured in this country.  It is not too much to ask, and with the kind of asking I've done, to so many groups, to ignore this, endangers an entire nation.  I am not the danger, and my speech is not the danger--it is the actions by the U.S. that are the danger and which created this danger.  So muffle other countries, and talk about human rights and kids all you want, and all of it, ends up sounding like nothingness.

You have to have a backbone. If you don't have that, you're a jellyfish.  The U.S. can't "stand" and be respectable, as a blob of stingers.

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