Friday, February 8, 2013

SOS from My Parents Not A Joke: Nuremburg, Geneva, and CAT

When I wrote about my parents using lights as signals for help, I was not joking.  They were not joking.  It was, and is, very serious.

Now my Dad has had his eyeballs obliterated and tortured inside his eyes, hands-on, and my mother probably had the same done but I haven't seen her in the same lighting.

They were not exaggerating.  I am not exaggerating.

I will be looking into Nuremburg Violations as well as Geneva Violations while I work on the rest of the CAT complaint against Canada.

This is professional work that is being done against us.

Every major international law against torture has been violated with regard to my family.
UPDATED 2/9/13

I want to live in a country where my son and I will not be tortured.  If there is a country that will not torture us, that is the most fundamental issue we are dealing with.  My parents might go later or at the same time but they can't say anything right now.  It is not too much to ask.

I was just noticing something new in my son's school photos today.  His kindergarten photo shows all of his teeth going inward and then by 1st grade, someone had been pulling and plying on one of his teeth to push it outward.  You can see it.  So he has one of his eyes, on one side of his face, distended and sticking out (left eye) and then with his teeth, some sadist that works for the U.S. government pried on one of my son's teeth on the right upper side, to cause it to bend and stick out.   You can tell by looking at the kindergarten to 1st grade photo, that this is not a natural or normal thing that happened.

My son is being tortured and the U.S. illegally blocked us from a necessary flight for political asylum on basis of state-sponsored torture.  Canada officials were involved and colluded to prevent our being transfered to another country that would give refuge, and refouled us to the U.S. where we continued to suffer worse and irreparable harm.  If Canada did want to honor my request for political asylum, they had a duty to search for another country to send us to, rather than refoul us to the U.S.

My son's adoption is invalid and the entire process is invalid and has been a fraud.

I would also like to know the names and positions and country affiliation of all the doctors and interns that were in the room when I was being overdosed on Haldol and then injected with other drugs.  Those individuals were there to get satisfaction for revenge purposes and to witness my being tortured as an illegal hostage at a psych ward.  I would like to know if any of those present were Canadian, married to Canadians, or connected to them in any other way.

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