Monday, February 11, 2013

For Oliver

I made a card for my son for Valentine's Day and was taping things together and cutting them up and there was a scene with animals and I decided to include a couple of the animals but not all for some reason.  I left 2 buffalo in the one for him, and saved a section that I thought was just an igloo and sea lion scene.

Well, I cracked up laughing when I got back to my house and decided to look at it again. I thought, "I guess I might save this as part of what I gave him," like a locket idea in a way, and then I noticed there was paper inside of it.  So I opened it up and it was a baby. 

It was the face of a baby boy with a star over it.

Which is totally weird, because I didn't put it there on purpose.  I actually have no idea how it ended up like that, because I was basically just putting cut out magazine stuff over plain white paper and taping it down.  So somehow, a star got stuck inside and it's the face of a baby boy on the other side of the animal scene I saved. 

So it has this saying next to the baby: "I was lying in my crib deciding whether or not to go to sleep or to have fun.  I thought "why not have some fun?"  I always sleep."

I started laughing because my Mom was just saying, "I'm sleepy".  And I picked this up next to a business card of my Mom's so for some reason it hit my funny bone.

Then, I had just put some coffee liners over vents in the ceiling tonight and I was taking some photos of this, and I realized they look like clam shells.  And then the little card I had left looked like a clam shell.

I'll show you.

(it's actually a grandkid of Martha Stewart's or something, featured in one of her magazines, but it came across to me as more of 'any baby' kind of thing)

I look at it again and the star got stuck there somehow by the tape, but I didn't put it there or arrange it.  Things were just sticking to things as I had scraps and pieces all over the table and was making the card.

On the other side of the star, which is green on one side, it is sort of beige-sand colored.
I discovered the baby after I first looked at the front with the animal scene, wondering how to make a keepsake from what I saved after making a card for my son.  So then I turned it over and it was white on that side and I noticed it opened, and when I opened it up, there was a BABY face there!
Imagine my shock.
Then on of the filters I put over a vent started to hang down and that's what that is.  I don't know why I thought it was all so funny, but I was laughing almost hysterically for a moment.  I had just finished singing some psalsm and was in a serious mood and I don't laugh much anymore, and then I saw that.
I guess it is surprising to realize what is cut out is in an oyster shell or clam shell shape too, which I didn't notice until I saw the filter hanging down and thought it looked like a shell and starfish.  I guess it's a pearl idea.   Baby as a pearl.  Since I was thinking of my son Oliver, I guess him?  I don't know.  A lot of weird things (like this) have been happening lately.  Weird coincidences.  If there is any meaning in it, or good sign, I guess I opened it up with the baby's face rightside up at me, not upside down, so maybe that's good.
This is the other weird thing.  I opened this up and had it on the table, same day.
We need political asylum.  And I might need a crib.

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