Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kate Middleton Works For CIA (Prostitute Plus)

She works for the CIA.

I saw my Dad for the first time in 2 days and his eyes are indented by something and blackened and glassy. 

I asked him if I could ask a quick question and he said it depended and I asked about his eyes and then I thought one of his toes looked larger than usual.  So he told me I had to leave.  He told me I had to go out now, and I said he just said I could ask a question.

So it's been 2 days that I haven't seen him and I was forced to leave for no reason.  I went around the corner to get my shoes and then went back around the corner with them in my hand and my Dad acted jumpy.  I said, "Why are you acting jumpy around me?  It's not like I'm doing anything wrong." and then I sat down in a chair and said I was putting my shoes on.

He said I don't know know when to stop. I said, no, this country doesn't know when to stop.  He said I can't keep my mouth shut and I said, "No, I'm tortured.  This country is out of control."  And then I repeated, "This country is totally out of control and it is out of control because they lost the controls."

I finished tying my shoes and said, "You insert someone like Kate Middleton into the CIA and what do you expect."

She is CIA.  The U.S. pulled out all the stops for her because of it.

She was about to transfer to the U.S. and move to NY but Queen Elizabeth wouldn't let her (supposedly, if you believe reporters--who, like me, are sometimes right and sometimes wrong).  Why not?  They should have let her go.  It sounds much more like something her mother told her not to do, not Elizabeth.

Kate Middleton is used for government psychic work.  It must be nice.  It must be nice to be one of "them"--"those people" who can forsee things in the future and then plot and think of ways to circumvent what might really happen.

I am not one of them.

I'm not talented like Katie Kooch.  The CIA doesn't want people like me--activists who stand for something.  They don't want anyone who might interpret things the wrong way and they like what Carol's done for the place, so now Katie Kooch gets her own brush.  Kate Middleton showed her true colors were by torturing my son and overseeing his torture.

She has also had people spying on her behalf in Coquille for a long time.  Since at least 2002.  Her mother did it before that and then she began handing over some of the reins to Katie.

I'd like to know which man, who slept with me or had me incapacitated to sleep with me, also slept with Kate Middleton.  I mean, which CIA operative.

It's not like she's the type to keep her skirts clean.  Even I don't parade around in public, naked. I'm not perfect, but I don't stage opportunities to show off my naked body after working out, knowing that it's my last chance to look the best I ever have, and then get pregnant.

Ooops.  A photographer saw me.

I've taken photos for fun and mooned people when I was 11, but that was age 11.  It's something the CIA might like to have on her resume though.  Especially when they have her working with the Cocaine Crew.  It helps her to look like a fun party girl, and directs some attention to her body to distract attention from how they put me in a psych ward for insulting her and her Daddy.  Held me hostage, stripped me, and assaulted me.  While glamour nude shots are made for her for the CIA and Europe's titillation, I was being degraded.

Being photographed naked, standing on a boat in the middle of the ocean, doing whatever she was doing (I haven't seen the photos and I don't care to), after she's been working out with a personal trainer, is a far cry from being held hostage in a psych ward, with a lie that you're mentally ill and you are only going there, by police transport, to be "evaluated", and then being violently assaulted.  There was no evaluation, there was a violent assault.  So for me to be stripped naked, in front of 4 women, and then injected with a long needle by a male doctor, and shown a Queen size mattress they could strap me to if I protested, was, on a scale of humiliation and degradation, with 1 being highest and 10 being lowest, a 1.  Kate Middleton's photo, might rank at a 9.

This is what my country did to me, over Kate Middleton, the Rat.  The CIA's Rat.

There is no comparison. There is no comparison at all, between any small slight or "imagined suffering" that woman has gone through, compared to what my country has done to me.  This was done to me after I got back from a surrogacy clinic where I was planning to be a surrogate, after I was next assaulted at an American Red Cross station where a U.S. military man was at the front desk watching.

I had people trying to pay me tens of thousands of dollars to give up my eggs.  That was from New York, where Katie was going to go.  A psychiatrist who most likely worked for the CIA, who was gay and wanted to have a baby with his gay partner, one being Jewish they said, and the other being Catholic.  They didn't want someone to just carry their baby, they wanted me to give up my personal eggs--they wanted MY DNA.

So then the U.S. tried again, to get their hands on my eggs.  In 2009, it was the East Coast.  In 2010, it was the West Coast.  In Wenatchee, Wa, a Seattle fertility clinic offered me money for eggs and then I was being run out of housing over it.  I refused.

So on a degradation scale, being forced to sleep outside, as a normal person with talents and quick mind and things to offer, that was at a 1 again.  What was Katie doing?  Blow Jobs?

I specified I was willing to be a Gestational Surrogate--someone who carries a pregnancy that is put together by someone else's sperm and eggs.  I was NOT willing to use my own eggs.  But what the U.S. wanted and kept trying to take from me, was MY eggs.  They didn't care that entire banks were full of eggs.  Eggs can be had for a dime a dozen.  The U.S. tried to extort me out of MY eggs.

After the U.S. did not get their hands on my eggs in 2009, by trying to offer me tens of thousands of dollars, and after they didn't get their hands on my eggs in 2010 by forcing me out of housing to literally be tortured and sleep in the dirt, they then held me hostage in Middleton, in 2011.

That's what Kate's dress design is about.  It's like a sick joke between Carol and CIA and Mueller, with his arrow facial creases, and my being tortured to give up my DNA and eggs from the > <  West Coast to the East Coast until they dumped me into the sewer in Middleton.  I was held hostage and assaulted with Haldol right after I went, for a third time, to a surrogacy clinic about being a gestational surrogate (not a traditional one).

So that makes:
1.  2009
2.  2010
3.  2011

times that I seriously inquired and was trying to be a gestational surrogate.  Then, later in 2011, once back in Oregon, I tried again.

4.  2011.  That makes 4 times I have seriously tried to be a surrogate, where I was assaulted or obstructed by the U.S. from doing so, because Katie HAD to get pregnant and seal their deal tighter with the public pregnancy.  I would never doubt that she already has a child in the U.S., which was conceived before the wedding date.  I think it's why they got engaged.  I can't prove it, but my parents were definitely tortured when I suggested such a thing, and why should they be tortured unless someone was worried they, the psychics, or government people, told me something?  No one told me anything.  I guessed and put 2 and 2 together and if I'm wrong that's fine.  It's just a guess.  There is maybe more than one as well.

The fourth time I tried to be a surrogate, I had waiting parents who were actually interested.  And then the minute it looked serious, like something might work out, I was being tortured again.  The U.S. held off, and did not torture me until I looked into being a gestational surrogate.  Why?

Because this country is not only out-of-control with its habit of child abductions and the kidnapping of my son, and of torturing me and raping me, this country is out-of-control with its attempt to use my DNA for government reasons.

Looking back now, at what the U.S. has done to me, over trying to obtain my DNA and eggs, is it a surprise to anyone that I might be correct when I say in 2000, a female OBGYN wanted to put me under anasthesia and do a "biopsy" of my cervix?  It was totally unnecessary.  The only thing this would have done is given her proximity to my eggs.  They insert something into the womb, through the cervix, and take an egg.  It's that simple.

If I was the type of person to take money "for any reason" I could have been a traditional surrogate in 2009.  I said no.  I did not call them back later.  I talked to them several times and they were professional, but even later when I wanted a lawyer for my son and needed money and was being tortured, held hostage in the U.S., and forced to see torture of my son, I said no.

I did not prostitute myself.

Kate Middleton on the other hand...Well, the CIA likes their prosties.  Maybe Katie will study for her doctoral degree and write a prost-thesis.

I have never prostituted myself, in any way.  If anyone could have felt forced to do something they didn't want to do or wouldn't do normally, it might be me--trapped by the U.S., unable to leave, passport stolen, cars stolen, several assassination attempts, housing taken, everything I owned stolen, and most of all, tortured every single day.  But I never sold drugs, took money for sex or bribes or favors or other things in exchange for sex, and I never sold out my values, one which is that my eggs belong to me.

The U.S. would rather support prostitutes.  They are supporting a Prostitute named Kate Middleton.  She even had a contract to be a prostitute.  It wasn't a contract for engagement, it was for prostitution.  And what urgent need did she have to be a prostitute?  She wasn't being tortured, and she didn't need money because she was a victim of corruption or crimes.  She chose to be a prostitute with nothing pushing her to it.  She chose to not even take independent job offers, to make it on her own, in exchange for remaining a hooker.  It isn't as though she never had opportunities to do something for herself, on her own--she wasn't frozen out of business or work or tortured out of it.  She willfully chose to stay at home with mom and dad and be a prostitute.

If she wants a nice place in Nevada, we can help make arrrangements for her at a local whorehouse.  If Katie knows how to be a prostitute for the CIA, she knows how to be a prostitute for anyone.  Once she lowered the bar for her own life, and chose prostitution over legitimate job offers, she chose her destiny.


I can understand women who get pushed to it, out of horrific circumstances, but that's not how it was for Katie.  She had plenty of opportunities, legitimate opportunities to make it on her own.  No one was stopping her.  Torture wasn't stopping her, and there was no family crisis or need to feed a child or some other pressing issue stopping her.

Katie embraced prostitution with all her heart.

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