Friday, February 1, 2013

UPDATED:Oregon State-FBI Complicity In Rapes

Oregon state colluded with the FBI to conceal evidence of rapes against me.

I had records with the Oregon Health Plan, that proved I was raped. 

It is involving both Jewish and Catholic groups because Josh Gatov was Jewish Robin Bechtold was Roman Catholic (and his brother is a cop).

I made an official records request to Oregon Health Plan and they refused to provide me with the records, and now when I make the request, they tell me they only keep the records 7 years.

That means the records were kept until 2008.

So I was held "at bay" until 2008, by Alvaro Pardo and various other individuals who tortured and terrorized my son, until 2008 and then a large group of people thought they were home-free.

I made official records requests to the Oregon Department of Health, more than once, for these records.  I made official records requests to the counseling place where I received counseling and they refused to process the request and then told me they have no record of my having ever gone there.  I made official records requests later to the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, before CPS was ever involved, for records that would prove Washington state owed me $1,000 for non-payment of reimbursement of medical travel expenses they ordered for me and my son.

The counseling place receives most of its funding through the U.S. federal government.

I told the Portland police where the counseling records were when I made my report against Josh Gatov and Detective Grose refused to investigate and obtain those records. 

The FBI is involved in both rape matters.

After I was raped by Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold, I was raped by Portland lawyer Vincent Bernabei (Italian-American).  He did not live far from Raul Bujanda.  His law offices were across the street from a golfcourse that was inbetween his offices and Bujanda.  This was when I cut all of my hair off of my head.  It wasn't to try a "pixie cut", it was because I was distraught.

There is no possible way these men are not connected to eachother.

Oregon State is complicit in concealing evidence of rape and records that refered to the rapes.  If they were not complicit, they would have processed my records requests and they did not.

So this means Kathleen Sebelius is responsible.  She and another man, I think by the name of Michael, are at the head of the Washington D.C. Headquarters for Department of Health and Social Services. 

The same department that conspired to conceal evidence of rape, by preventing my access to my own health records, then used a different branch of the same department to kidnap my son from me.

So The Department of Social and Health Services owed me $1,000, tried to discriminate against me for refusing to assign my son with a Social Security Number, concealed evidence of rape by refusing to give me my own medical records, and then kidnapped my son and lied about it.

Their employees were involved in refusing to process records requests in two different states:  Oregon and Washington. 

In Oregon, I made more than one records request for my Oregon Health Plan records from 1999-2002.  They refused to process my request.

In Washington, I made more than one records request for my entire file with Social and Health Services in Washington State, prior to even the 1st complaint against me from Child Protective Services.  They refused to process the request, and instead, went after my child.

Both Oregon Health Plan and Social and Health Services department in Washington have D.C. Department of Health and Human Services.  Kathleen Sebelius is Roman Catholic.  At the time I was being refused my Oregon Health Plan records, the director of Health and Human Services was Roman Catholic Tommy G. Thompson.  The religion isn't specified on wiki but I found it here...His wife was a nun. She left the nunnery at age 24.  My Oregon Health Plan from 1999-2002 included services at a counseling center, and at Catholic-dominated clinics.  So refusing to give me records at that time, benefited a Jewish man (Josh Gatov) and a Catholic man (Robin Bechtold) and monks at a monastery after their clergy decided to hire lawyers to go after me.  They had a nun on their side, with the Department of Health and Human Services.  Then it was a Mormon man, and the only reason to withhold records then would be out of business deals with Bechtolds.  Then it was Kathleen.  Here's the nun-marries-top dog story:  So CPS and CASA in Wenatchee, thought it was really funny to have Sue Ann as my son's visitation monitor for CPS visits.  A woman named Sue Ann.  Just a little fun reminder for them, of how big and powerful they are.  Tommy Thompson is Irish Catholic.  You can tell from his photos, because his eyes are Irish.  That's how I knew to look further about religion when I noticed wiki didn't have that listed.  He wasn't just Irish Catholic, he married a NUN.

I gave my records request to Oregon in 2002 and in 2006.  I believe I also made one in either 2003 or 2004.  I made a written records request to the counseling center I went to, which got paid through Oregon Health Plan, at their offices, in 2002.  I went in person after trying to mail the request.  They refused to process my request.  I gave even more records requests to Wenatchee, for my Washington Health and Social Services records, in writing.  I submitted them to the Wenatchee social services offices, and one by mail.  Then I made 2 or 3 requests again, for full records, after the first CPS complaint, at the CPS offices.  I made another one, in writing, in 2009.

When Washington never sent me records, Wenatchee told me they just send the requests to Spokane, and that Spokane processes the requests.  The woman who I was told was in charge of it, was the Roman Catholic woman, "Barbara", who I was told was the regional director.  I don't know how much of this is true, but all of my written requests were through Wenatchee.

The FBI is involved in this.  Detective Grose had more than one conflict of interest.  He pretended to take the complaint against Josh, but didn't want me to even mention Robin Bechtold.

I am not sure if Portland Chief of police Tom Potter is related to Jason Potter, but if so, Robin was friends with Jason Potter, from Sherwood High School.  I also worked at a company where Jason Potter was the supervisor and he fired me when I asked why my company computer was being monitored (sometime in 1999-2001).  Detective Grose also had  a cop partner by the name of John W. Anderson.  I don't know if he was related to Sharon Anderson, who was my roommate at an apartment in Tualatin, Oregon where a bunch of my clothing was stolen.  The other person is a man Grose may be connected to, I think Tom Nelson, with Portland police, who worked as a Detective in assault and homocide.  Robin's first sexual girlfriend was Amy Nelson.  I don't know if they are related.  Not to mention, Robin's brother Nathan was a cop by then--an Oregon state cop I believe.  When Rich Austria took orders from Portland FBI to throw out a criminal complaint against FBI agents Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza, (who Robin Bechtold was probably connected to), they promoted Sgt. Austria to the Homocide (assaults) department where Nelson was working already as a detective.

Bujanda and Garza were from Texas, which is where Robin Bechtold was then working and which is where Danielle Schneider (Christa's sister) was living.

The people later stealing all of my records, to make sure they had any copies of legal documents or diaries or evidence against them, are FBI, cops, and a Canadian (Shannon Borg's husband).

One of the first diaries I had stolen from me was stolen from Catherine Meyers house and it was either Catherine (who worked at a Juvenile Jail for Oregon state), Halea (who worked for Scott and Laura Rose-Lewis and whose friend was Hilary, who modled in France and lived in California), or Terri, who worked as a private housekeeper.  I can't imagine why Terri would steal one of my diaries.  It is more likely that Catherine or Halea stole it and gave it to someone.  The one that was stolen was one that refered to my being raped. 

Catherine worked with cops, and Halea worked with Lorraine and Rabbi Rose's daughter.  It was stolen after Robin Bechtold visited the house and saw where I lived and after I had counseling with Western Psychological in Tigard, Oregon.

After my diary was stolen by one of the Meyers, at the Meyers residence (no one else was in the house and had access to my bedroom and I didn't take it out of the house), about a week or two before I was moving (I had given them my notice that I was moving in with Sharon Anderson), my clothing was stolen from Anderson's apartment (which I shared) in the week before I was moving out of that apartment.
Updated 4:04 p.m.

I think it was Halea that stole my diary.

While I might think it was Catherine, since she worked with cops and might have known someone who knew Nathan or Robin, the person who was jumpy was Halea.  She went from being very open and normal, to being really jumpy and guilty looking.  She changed after she bought all the furniture and redecorated her room.  I never gave her a reason to be this way so I think it was possibly Halea.

I also notice now, that at one point while I was living here in Oregon, after the first few months, someone told my mother to buy me sweaters that had weird stitching and looked like pajamas Halea used to wear everyday.  She would come home, change into these pajamas, and then wear that the rest of the day.  No one knew what they looked like except someone who knew or lived with Halea.

That would be her Mom, Terri, her friend Anne (who married Leland), or her best friend from Lake Oswego, Hilary (who married Ragnar, the man from Denmark).  I also remember my mother didn't really want to buy them, and it was like she got it for me because someone else told her to. 

If Halea stole that diary, she had no one to give to besides her best friend Hilary, or Scott and Laura Rose-Lewis (her employers).  The only other group she could have given anything of mine to, would have been the FBI, if she was an informant for the FBI.  I have no idea what she would inform about, but I did invite her on a double-date with Middle Eastern men, and maybe she was approached.  I never went to the FBI about anyone from other countries, or who I tutored, and no one ever approached me either.

The one time someone asked me to "spy" for them, I felt so uncomfortable I said no.  The one time I was asked to "spy" and that word was even used, was when I lived at Halea's house, in Lake Oswego, and went to Athey Creek Christian Fellowship.  Brett Meader asked me to spy on a youth group and report back to him.  He used the word "spy" even.  It was supposed to be spying on some people I already knew, and new people, and then give him a run-down after meetings.  I told him I didn't feel comfortable doing that.  That is the only time in my life someone asked me to "spy" for them, and I said "no".  So most likely, the FBI knew I wasn't the type to jump into spying on people.  I was in other people's houses all the time and I never snooped.  I could have, and I think once or twice I was curious and looked in a drawer, but in general, if I opened drawers or cupboards, it was in the kitchen, when I was looking for something to make for kids I watched.  I never spied on anyone.

I know that after awhile, I thought it was strange that some of the people who lived with me, always got a brand new car after living with me.  It was usually about the time they or I were moving out, but new cars.  And I noticed this with a guy I dated.  Same thing.  Jan (nurse--bought a brand new Subaru station wagon in 1997) one month before moving out; Halea (new used-Jetta) in 2001; Jonathan (brand new car).

I had my diaries and clothing stolen by others.  I never stole anything from any of them.

I guess I would add, in the diary that was stolen, I think I had also written about Robin Bechtold.  I don't know.  I think I had written more about Bechtold in it.  I had the one poem allusion but I think the rest was about Bechtold, out in the open, not poems.  The diary wasn't all about him, but refered to him a few times.  But I don't think it was important at all.  The most important part was the poem and I did write about Josh.  So I remember when it was gone I instantly believed it was stolen evidence, and stolen with the knowledge that it was evidence.  It is possible it was stolen right after I first contacted police to report it.  I believe I had either reported it to Tigard police already or had reported to both Tigard and Portland police by the time it was stolen. 
UPDATED 2/2/2013.  I still have a group trying to interfere with my medical records request.  I was told to fill out a form and then information was deleted from it.  I had to guess that it was the line for the Social Security number, which is how that kind of record documented me at the time, by my SS#.

Then everytime I tried to open the original, which was through a link, it was changed and the same thing showed up.

I'm very tired of games.

I have been stuck with a Social Security number, and I'm old enough now, that it affects several things.  My son is to be free of a Social Security number.  These are my wishes now and those were my wishes then.

I revoked his number after I was threatened to have my son taken from me if I didn't sign up for a number for him.

Wenatchee forced me to sign a document under coercion and the next time I was forced to sign a document, which was actually a false confession, was in Canada at the border.

It was not required for my son to have a Social Security number and I made that change legally.  The United States illegally signed up for one for him again.  They had no legal authority to do it, because my son was not under guardianship of the U.S. and my parental rights had not been terminated.

It is against the law for the U.S. to apply for legal documents to a child that attach a child to themselves, when they know the child is legally the parent's.  Basically, the U.S. signed Oliver up for dog tags.  This country sold my son.

If my son was with me today, the first thing I would do is have the Social Security number removed.  I mean, the first legal process I would make, would be to have his number removed.

He is not a citizen of the United States.  The U.S. tortured him and still tortures him just as they torture me, and my parents, and I think my brother.  My son was a citizen of the Republic of Washington state, but that means nothing.  He was born in the U.S., but I removed agency.

I removed my son from this country, and asked for POLITICAL ASYLUM.

That means, his U.S. citizenship, to me, was worthless.  It means, I REVOKE the United States.  It does not mean "I rescind my citizenship", it means, if I am serious enough to apply for political asylum, I am serious enough to say, "The U.S. proved to me that they have no honor.  They proved to me that they torture innocent babies and mothers.  The U.S. proved to me my citizenship was worth nothing.  My birth certificate is not worth the paper it is printed on.  My son's birth certificate is not worth the paper it is printed on.  Why?  The U.S. violated and dishonored their contract.  The U.S. has a contractual obligation to ME and to MY SON, OLIVER, to NOT torture us.  The U.S. broke their promises--all of them.  They lied to me.  They lied to Oliver.  They stole from me.  They raped me.  After lying to me and breaking legal promises, this country put me in jail on false arrest.  So they're not the liars, and criminals--they wanted to make me out to be the liar and criminal. 

I asked for a divorce from the U.S. and fled the country because of spousal abuse.  The U.S. promised not to torture me.  It was the least they could do.  It was the very least my country could do--to NOT torture me or my son.  They are the ones who claimed we were citizens.

You can't have it both ways.  You can't claim rights to me and my son, through "citizenship" when you broke the contract yourselves, by violating the barest minimum of decency, to not torture us.  You violate that contract?  You then, are responsible for making that contract null and void.

So what RIGHT do YOU have to harass me and my son in another country, defame us, and conspire against us before we ever arrived?

We left.  Sorry it broke your U.S. Pentagon Heart.  We left you and we tried to file for divorce.  What right did you have to try to block us from that legal process?  haul us back, and torture us again?  And put your ugly stamp and brand on my son.  Your cattle card.

So when you try to come back at me, with excuses for why you are stealing from me, torturing me, blocking my travel, kidnapping my son, and arresting me and refusing to provide me with records, and then DEFAME me to everyone...You have lost any and all national agency or nexus to us.

It's OVER.  It was OVER a long time ago and you didn't want to hear me.  So you blocked me and lied to your friends, saying, "She's crazy" and locked me up so you could rape me more.  You just happened to have, you said, a piece of property, this woman, who was really just crazy, so you went slave hunting in Canada.

OOOoooowwweeeeeee!  Look at her Go!  Look at that white trash little nigga running now!  OOOooooooweeeee.  She thinks she's something.  She thinks she's special.  We'll show her.  Look at the little nigga runnin'


How many times did you bitch-slap my mother.  And humiliate my father.  And degrade my son.  LOOK AT THAT LITTLE CHICANO NIGGA RUNNnninning.
Oh yeah, let's show them some black pride, jew pride, jesuit pride...all you groups who thought someone slighted you somewhere when no one cared or was even paying attention or trying to slight you...look at the little white trash nigga run. 

I couldn't get a divorce because I was arrested on charges of being a runaway slave.  I'm not. I'm supposedly a free person, and a U.S. citizen, but the Pentagon and NASA consider me to be their slave, for purposes of degrading me for the pleasure of white suits.

My son is not a citizen of the U.S.  He is a hostage of the United States of America and Canada contributed to an illegal kidnapping.

I never changed my mind, from the time I asked for political asylum.  I didn't say, "Oh, okay guys.  It's okay now.  Just keep torturing me and everything is fine."

My son does not belong to this country and he is not a United States citizen.

1.  I left the U.S. legally and I legally asked for political asylum in Canada.
2.  Canada refouled us to the U.S., which is why someone thought it was funny to assign "Agent Fowler" to the Portland FBI.  Just a funny reminder of how cool the FBI is.
3.  I asked for political asylum, again.  I asked for political asylum at an Iranian embassy.  That's 2 marks against the U.S.  So no, let's be very clear, I never had sex and "changed my mind".  Why did I ask for political asylum from Iran?  Because the opposite of a U.S. friend, "Canada", is Iran.  If Canada and the U.S. were going to torture us on their own territory and in their own countries, and falsely arrest me, defame me, and force me to sign statements, then obviously my son and I were not safe with U.S. "friends", like Canada.  What does "Canada" even mean, anyway?  Land of the Pocanows?  What a great country.  And the Queen of England must be proud.  Torture, just like in the old days.  What? Cat got her tongue?  Tell Katie to fucking BACK off.

I didn't go to the Iranian embassy to "spy" for them, or find a hook-up, or do something illegal.  I didn't snoop around at the Russian embassy next door.  I went to Iran, with a request for POLITICAL ASYLUM.  I sobbed.  I cried and I couldn't stop crying, and I told them about my SON.  Oliver.

So the U.S. got nervous.  They weren't nervous that I was going to be a spy.  Give me a break.  The U.S. got nervous because the 2nd time I went to another country, and asked for political asylum, it meant this was not going to be covered up or "go away".  It meant, "Wow, people might really think she's being tortured if she wants to go to Iran."  It meant, this is not a "impulsive" reaction, it meant, this is serious, and establishes a further massive legal claim against the U.S. for torture and false imprisonment.

1.  I asked for political asylum in Canada.
2.  I asked for political asylum in Iran, through the Iranian embassy.

Guess what?  A lot of people met me in D.C. and they all saw I wasn't mentally ill. 

So did I change my mind later?  Never.  I never changed my mind. 

3.  I asked about political asylum in Israel, to a Jewish man, because some people told me it was too dangerous in Iran and I didn't know how to get my son there.  I just asked him, but it wasn't a formal request.  He said no, they have conflicts of interest against me.  Really.  I hadn't been told until then.

The reason U.S. federal/state Attorney General Maryann McIntosh (may she die tomorrow or soon) and Tomas Caballero refused to send me my legal records, was to illegally keep my son a hostage.

I hope that you find some convenient way to die quickly Ms. McIntosh, which would be far more merciful than the years of torture you put me and my son through.  In the name of God may you die soon.  Dear Jesus, let her die.

When the U.S. found out I went to Iran for political asylum, they knew if I got my son Oliver, we were leaving.  So the U.S. federal government and Washington State deliberately withheld my records and court file, to prevent me from appealing.  If I had been able to file an appeal, within 1 month, it could have been overturned. 

But no, the U.S. held my son hostage. 

They refused to mail me any documents and then they tried to drug me and torture me further in D.C.  God damn every single one of you who was involved. I always pray for the good and blessings on the families of those who have done good for my son and I and my family, but in the name of God, you are damned who interfered with my son's safety to keep him trapped in this HellHole.

This is where Satan lives--the U.S.  Satan doesn't have a house in other countries.  He is far too comfortable here.

When the U.S. blocked my son to force him to stay in this country, as a HOSTAGE, and a piece of property owned by the U.S., they knew they would have their ugly tentacles around me, as I tried to fight to get my son back.  In vain, because everything is a lie and a sham.

This country is a lie.  It is a living lie.

The people that the U.S. put around me were cons.  They were decoys to try to distract me from getting myself and my son out of the U.S.  After torturing me further, they kept me here longer, greedily imagining that if I was going to go to Iran, how great it would be to try to read my mind over there.  They could try to use me as a spy without my participation at all.  And in the meantime, ruin my life permanently, which is the ONLY thing this country has done.

I thank God the Russian orphans are blocked from being adopted in this country.  Do you think it didn't cost Russia something?  It cost them.  They got money for each child that was adopted away, and it was one less mouth to feed and house.  It made Russia richer, to allow their orphans to be adopted by U.S. people. 

Really different from the CPS baby marketers who make money off selling babies.  So while the U.S. claims this action was a "reaction against sanctions against Russia" they're wrong.  That's what the U.S. wants the rest of the world to think...Russia feels rejected and now they are retaliating by begrudging others the happiness of a child.

Russia wasn't retaliating. 

The U.S. put ECONOMIC sanctions on Russia.  What did Russia do?  something to hurt the U.S. economically?  With more pressure and less money, imposed by U.S. restrictions, Russia did something for their own kids, that wasn't a matter of money. 

So they proved that they are better than the U.S.

The U.S. and Canada think they have a "great human rights record"?

Russia proved they are better and Russia is pointing a finger at the U.S. and Canada and calling them criminals and cowards.  Baby killers.  1.  Russia didn't play stupid with their people and pretend technology that harms and is "invisible" doesn't exist.  They acknowledged new technology and created laws to protect their citizens, not just police.  They're not calling people crazy who talk about the existence of this technology.  2.  Russia turned down money and the relief that would come economically, by sending some of their kids away, and said to the buyers, "No."

Besides, when there is war in the U.S., Russia doesn't want their kids to get hurt.  If there is a ground invasion by some country, well, at least the Russian kids will be safe!


This is what you reap when you sow seeds of torture.  Just wait, because this is where it's headed.  What are you going to call it America?  "Oliver's War"?  You want to get nuked for causing your own kids to puke.

Was it really worth it, to do these things to me and my son?  It's not just us, it's other kids too, but you picked the wrong woman to mess with.  This is why the CIA and Canada have tried to assassinate me multiple times.  You're dead meat. 

So either you let me and my son go, and relieve yourselves of the curse you brought upon yourselves, or you will suffer.

I have been a U.S. hostage since I left the country, and asked for political asylum.  I proved I was serious by going to Iran and then asking for political asylum there.

So you see, when Canada lies and says I was arrested for "insufficient funds" they are liars.  I asked for political asylum.  I didn't go there to be an "immigrant" or with "insufficient funds".  I went there as a refugee and I asked for political asylum.  They did not give me and my son a hearing for political asylum and instead, they lied to everyone.

When I went to Iran, then, Canada knew they were toast.  Why would I go to IRAN for political asylum if it is not true that I went to Canada, specifically for political asylum.  If I wanted to be an "immigrant" I'd teach English abroad or do a work-study program.  I asked for political asylum because me and my son (and parents I later discovered) are TORTURED every single day in this God-damned country.

When I went to Iran, both the U.S. and The Commonwealth tried to scrap together a plan.  Why? because they are guilty of treason and violation of international and domestic law and of conspiracy against a U.S. citizen to falsely imprison and thwart a request for asylum. 

This is the only reason the Washington state AG and Paul Cassle refused to send me my legal file when I asked for it.  They trapped my son here to trap me and then they illegally adopted my son from me.  Then they falsely arrested me to force me to stay in Washington state for one year.  Then they refused to process my passport for 9 months.  2 years went by, as I was held hostage in this country and my son was tortured.

It is an illegal adoption.

Then it was another year, as I was tortured at extreme levels again, with my parents, and forced to hope for appeal of the case with my son when it was impossible.  It is impossible to go to court when the U.S.  federal government is torturing you, and keeping you out of college, which is now the only way they know you would have any kind of living expenses covered.

I filed for habeas corpus and it was blocked.  So then the U.S. decided they'd let the financial aid money come in, and see if I wasted it on pointless appeals when I was tortured, or if I'd leave the country with my parents being tortured.  Or maybe, they hoped, I'd just stay here, and they could say I can leave if I want to.

First they tortured my son and held him hostage and then they used my parents and tortured them to keep me here.  The U.S. is holding my parents hostage.  I am forced to see them being tortured, as a way to keep me from leaving them, out of fear worse would happen.  The U.S. is criminal and the U.S. is setting an entire country up for World War.

Oh the richest will be okay.  They're not worried at all.  Maybe they and a few Pentagon and NASA people think they can go to bomb shelters designed to prevent exposure to nukes.  Some of them get vaccinations and equipment and shelters, and if anything happens, maybe they'll just go underground for awhile.

Until the enemy finds them.  So what will they do then?  try to negotiate?  "You can have all the states if you just give me one state."  Like a conqueror needs to negotiate at all.  The only people who will be "safe" will be the ones who started this war, who are working for the other country(ies) already.

NASA.  How ya doin'.  You feeling neglected and like you need a raise or something?  how about that Pentagon job.  It's sure tough managing those satellites and long-range weapons....

The only U.S. group that would torture its own citizens is the group that is spying for another country.  Those who sell-out to commit acts of cruelty and torture are the ones who are working for other countries.  You got some names of the individuals who are in control of torturing my family?  I will show you to the anti-American spies.  Only the lowest of the low-lifes torture innocent babies who are their citizens. 

Who shot me up with Haldol in Tennessee?  Who were the Americans responsible?  They are not working for the U.S.  So that includes a white U.S. Army man, 4 black women who forced me to strip naked in front of them (one was maybe white or latina), and a few doctors who had just got contracts from Leon Panetta, all three of them Eastern Indian.  This includes the doctor who sent me there in the first place, a white man, and the other males nurses who were with him.  Then, they got to show a bunch of white doctors, a whole roomful of white doctors and interns who worked for the federal government, how it's "done".  Of course, let's mention the FBI with the FBI agent IN the room at that moment.

Did it feel good Agent?

Let's bring up the FBI, to make it seem impossible that FBI were in the room at that time, getting kicks out of torture and degrading and cruel treatment.  If the doctor is mentioning FBI and saying the documentation was sent to him by the FBI, and sits there, showing me a stack of paper that was excerpts from my BLOG, what do you think the FBI's role in this is?

They don't like my blog much, some of them.  This is what the U.S. FBI gave me, for "free speech"--Haldol to ruin my life for good.  They watched me, as I tried to talk, with my tongue contorted.  That's what I get for reporting FBI misconduct, rape, and for my "freedom of speech".


One of the men there was a housemate of Chris Dabney's.  FBI's Diane Harsha was married to an Eastern Indian man.

The people I name are not U.S. employees, they are working for other countries and against the U.S.   Brad Uhl.

By the way, I noticed my son's teeth look like someone has forced a stick into his mouth to force his teeth back, like having an "underbite".

You know, there is such thing as an "overbite".  So some disgusting group wanted to torture my son and give him an "underbite".  Why?  Was it to mock how my Dad said once he roots for the "underdog"?  Was it because I said about Tony Roos's sister, to put a stick in her mouth? (I had read somewhere that's what you do for epileptic seizures but I didn't know any better).

I would think it's sort of to mock my son and give him an "underdog" "underbite".

Or maybe it's over the TMJ and mouth guard that Robin used to wear at night for "grinding teeth" in high school.

So guess what? after I noticed this about my son, and the thought came immediately to my mind that my son was tortured in some way by having a stick or something pushing against his teeth.  Then I found an email that was sent to my Mom and Dad, with a man from Florida, where Brad Uhl is from.  From "theremodelingguy", with a big photo of a lion with it's mouth open and a metal rod across it's teeth.  It said, "I like big knockers".

Not only were my son's teeth tipping inwards, like something was pushing against them a long time, all of them, he had teeth chipped and knocked out while the United States was his "Dad".  The U.S. claimed to be Oliver's Dad and Mom, through CPS and the military and this is what they did to my son.

So my parents get little "reminders" of what these people have done to my son.

Federal employees.

The remodelingguy is from Florida, just like Brad Uhl, our nice dirty DEA man.  He's as rotten as his wife.    The remodeling guy's name is Tim Layton.  This couple that took me to the grocery store, up until they knew Kate Middleton was pregnant, bought Lays potato chips and nothing else, as she smirked to people there on her way out.  Two bags of Lays.  The woman who told me they were nice people, was Jewish.  She worked at the 7th Day Adventist church and was the one to go on and on about "brownies" as she wanted to load me up with tofu. I knew, when she was talking to me about brownies, and by her interest, that she is somehow connected to Kate Middleton.  The couple that took me out or wanted to take me, were the ones who names and number I posted.  Fred and his wife.
Layton is from Punta Gorda, Florida.  He is in the construction business, like Chris Rozollo, from Florida, was/is.  His website service is from Provo, Utah.

The men in charge of Bluehost, the computer service company, are Dan Handy and Matt Heaton.  Bluehost is in Miami, Florida and also in Provo, Utah.  Matt went to BYU, which is where Erica Wiltbank went to college.  Provo, is of course, where I had the surgery in 1995, when Wiltbanks and Bechtolds were in business together, supporting the Middletons.

They were in the construction business.

So hmmm.  Does Brad Uhl, in the Miami, Florida drug business, possibly know Bechtolds and Dabney.  "Here's another one in the hole" Dabney.  Another one in the hole.  I really was so shocked that I thought, first, the obvious, he is calling me a hole, as in, he is feeling triumphant and saying this horrible thing out loud (where others could hear if he knew someone was listening), "Here's another the hole."  He knew exactly what he was saying and he meant it exactly as I thought and as anyone would think.  Like Niki for example.  She's a real winner.  But I was so shocked, and incapacitated, I thought, in disbelief, "No, he must mean another notch in the belt or something".  So that wasn't quite as bad.  Another notch in the belt is a personal conquest comment.  Another one in the hole, is a reference to gang rape.  Another man in the hole (me).  And what kind of man?  Another one, so another man, but what kind of man?  Oh, federal employee perhaps?

I'm sure that's what he said to the woman he later made his "girlfriend", the Jewish woman.  "Here's another one in the hole."  Oh.  In the bulls-eye or the triangle or the sacred red thread hand.  So she was with him why?  to help celebrate gang rape?  Let's talk about menus.  Not forgiven.  Niki, who set me up to be raped from the bar...Not forgiven.  Who does she know?  Oh, just a guy from Texas. 

Which long arm of the law was it?  Dabney's long arm?  Or Nathan Bechtold the cop.

Oh yeah, and Bujanda and Garza are from Texas and Bujanda worked out of Miami, like Rozollo.

The long arm of the law.  Wow.  Stretching across all those states. 

I can forgive a doctor, if I know who the doctor is that wants my forgiveness, and is showing they are really regretful by testifying as a witness or confirming something, somehow, safely.  I wouldn't know who would really want that forgiveness or be sorry for my son.  But yes, I'm capable of that.   I am not capable of dispensing "forgiveness" like pez candy or oxycontins--as if I would just blindly forgive everyone, even those who torture us.

They know what they're doing.  It's not like they don't know. 

So let's put something inside of Oliver's mouth to torture him and keep anyone from talking.  And then we'll joke about it.


My parents act like my son can be okay here but how is that possible?  Are the framed "criminals", the ones framed by the traitors I've mentioned, going to be released as the real criminals are put in jail? I would bet there is at least one man who is in jail because those responsible for all of these crimes thought he was going to talk.

That's what the U.S. does.  Hold people hostage in psych wards and inject them with Haldol, or hold them hostage in regular jail.  And who is going to believe you, now that you've been found guilty of a crime?  I am sure there is at least one person in jail who federal employees made sure went to jail, to protect themselves.

I was in my right mind when I asked for political asylum from Iran, at the Iranian embassy.  So most U.S. citizens, when thinking about Iran, they would rather go to jail.  Or they're afraid.   I chose Iran for one reason:

Q.  Which country has the least diplomatic relations with the U.S. and is trying to be independent of the U.S.? 

A.  Oh.  Iran?  Hmm.  Okay.

When your own country and "peacenik pot luvey" Canada turn out to be monsters, I mean Monsters, and you finally realize the worst terrorists in the world are Americans, and that they are the ones torturing a baby, it looks like the "friends" and the "home country" are a bunch of baloney.  So if Canada wants to be Top Guy and Big Man On Campus by bullying and torturing babies, for their U.S. friends, then maybe the exact opposite of THAT, the "friend" is the group that going to help you and your child.

Supposedly, it could be someone neutral in some way too, but the reaction of a logical person, who is tortured by the U.S. and Canada, and whose SON is tortured by the U.S. and Canada, is to think, "These are enemies".

How did the U.S. get away with stealing an innocent victim back into their enemy hands?  The enemies of my son, the ones who tortured him, are the ones who held him hostage and denied him justice, by colluding with others.  These enemies, who are enemies of my son, control his life.  They want total control of my son's life which is why they forced him back to the U.S.  Then the enemy, who tortured my son, and kidnapped him, and traumatized him and held him hostage, they think they adopted him to someone else.

The enemy has no rights to my son.  The enemy declared themselves to be "enemies of the state" by violating all domestic and international laws.  Your courts and officials are worthless.  Your FBI red and white stripes are stripes of terrorists. 

The FBI watched me being drugged with Haldol.  Then I was supposed to think no one in that room was FBI, watching, because the doctor motioned to a stack of paper that was exactly as tall and high as the stack of paper was in the Canadian immigration courthouse, and said it was from the FBI.  "This is what the FBI sent us" he said, as if no FBI were in the room at that moment.  Oh look.  A stack of paper exactly the same height as the stack of paper that the Canadian immigration lawyer had, who was representing Canada.  It had The Willamette Week article about me on the top.  And no one there was FBI.  What did they do?  videotape it and send it over?  If not, who was the FBI countersurveillance?  My court-appointed lawyer who wanted me to have another man speak for me so I could sound more nuts than ever?  Probably not, if he let me see that the U.S. "officials" and "authorities" had defamed me as being "paranoid schitzophrenic", but who knows.

So the FBI really wanted that "paranoid schitzophrenia" lie to work for them.  They used it, with the Department of State, and other cops (I believe from Spokane, who were Catholic) in that hearing and then they really wanted something to ruin me with, after I went to FBI and DEA offices in TN.  They told me it was Washington D.C.

OH!  The HOLE people.  The guys who try to get into the hole, and who refer to my vagina and rape of me, as "another one in the hole".  Another FBI penis in the hole?  Another CIA penis in the hole? another military penis in the hole?  Here's another federal employee penis in the hole.  Oh yeah, federal penises who know Mike Middleton.  The federal premeditated gang bang.  The line up.  You rape her, and then we'll set her up for him.  Then we'll set her up to be raped by him.  And no one will believe her because we all have government connections.  Oh, guys, my girlfriend hates her so let's do something good.  Oh yeah? your mother hates her?  Okay, here's my idea.

FBI countersurveillance work must pay big.  You get head from little boys or something?

You have zero rights to Oliver.

Oliver is not a U.S. citizen.  A refugee cannot be adopted through an enemy process.  Your processes are totally corrupt and you have done nothing to correct it.



Mormons are working with the Middletons, by the way.  The ones who have government jobs and connections are working for the Middletons, not me or my son.  Nice rubberband missionary.  It's always fun to have someone come to visit, "Mormons", to observe effects of torture while I'm being tortured at Steve Mays house.

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