Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kari, Who Is She?

I am wondering if the Kari that married Will Wagler is the same Kari that I met in Wenatchee.  I am hoping not.

I'm hoping they are totally different people.  Because if Will married a "Kari" that is someone I haven't met, that's great--I have no opinion to form. 

If Will is married to the "Kari" that I met in Wenatchee, I think there is a problem.

The one that I met was friends with the guy who went to the Assemblies and had some kind of connection to Canada.  I seriously had something weird happen when I stayed there.  He had me then meet a woman named "Kari" at Mykal Holt's brother's club in Wenatchee and all she wanted was for me to make a fool out of myself.  When she thought I'd had too much to drink, her demeanor completely changed.

In the bathroom, she was telling me she was married to a younger man and she was thinking of getting pregnant to keep him.

There are other things.  But I seriously hope he is not married "THAT" Kari.

Oh, and the lights went on in my parents house and then off.  Big lights.

Like, a big main light in the kitchen and then above the dining room table (requires different switches) so the whole section of the house was lit up, and then they were turned off, and then a few minutes later turned on, and then off, a second time.

Now, it's a third time.

Will, if you are seriously married to that same Kari, you must be in huge trouble.

And then there was someone pacing back and forth.  I don't know, maybe 3 lights off and on is SOS.

I remember a long time ago, about a year ago or more, when I first brought it up, either my Mom or Dad strongly agreed.  But I don't know if it's the same one. If it is, she is not good.

I had a feeling later, and I might be wrong, but I wondered if she was connected to the FBI in some way too.  But I might be wrong about that.

That man who she was friends with, gave me something that was drugged one night and I don't remember anything. I remember going to bed because I was tired, on the floor.  The next morning, something was different about my body and then right after that, he suddenly thought he would tell me I could stay in his bed and I said no thank you.  Then my son's face was cut by someone and this man left all these knives out on the counter, for me to see after I saw my son. 

I left.  I felt freaked out by seeing all those knives and why would he do this?  It was almost like he was threatening me, that if I said something, maybe about something he thought I knew, my son was going to be hurt.  I don't know that he is the one who cut my son's face, but he put out knives after it happened.  He laid a pocketknife out on the counter, with extended blades, and other knives.

The people who knew him at the Assemblies in Wenatchee were all U.S. military.  I think the idea that he was protestant was possibly a lie. Whether or not he was protestant, there was something wrong with him.

The Kari he knew, who wanted to meet me, was petite, about 5'2"-5'4" I think, and told me she had breast implants.  She was maybe a D.  I don't know. 

She kept asking me to have shots with her, or drinks and I didn't realize the strength of one of them.  She was supposedly there to dance but she didn't dance at all.  She sat there with this guy and talked about me when I danced and I saw her mocking me and looking jubilant and hostile.  It was this kind of thing where she meets you when you're sober and she's even-faced and friendly and then when she thinks you're drunk, her eyes narrow and she is laughing at you in a self-satisfied mean way.  That was how she was.  Then she wanted this guy to drive behind her car that night back to the house. 

It was sort of strange. 

I do remember she said she was thinking of having a baby to keep her man, in the bathroom.  It wasn't out at the table or anything.  I felt shocked, because I had never heard any woman actually say something like that before.

If it's not her, I'm sure Will is fine.  If that IS the same Kari, ...?  I don't think she is who he thinks she is.

I wondered later because then I found out the Kari Will is married to, got pregnant.  So I thought, "Oh my gosh.  Is this the same Kari who said she was thinking of getting pregnant to keep her husband?"  I mean, as a strategy.  Will Wagler's "Kari's" pregnancy was not too long after I met that other Kari (if it's a different one) so I seriously wondered.

I never had anything to do with that man I went there with, ever.  I never kissed him or touched him in any way, and if he did something to me, I was drugged with some kind of knock-out drug where I went to bed and then remembered zero.  It wouldn't have been like being incapacitated with drinking too much, it would be like a serious drug.

Well, it was 3 lights off and on total.

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