Thursday, January 3, 2013

All 3 Tortured Today

I went to my parent's house to visit and my Dad's left eye was blown up and enlarged--distended and bulging from the socket--his entire eyeball.

Then I saw my Mom and when we were talking about a tax matter, she finally turned to look at me and her left eye is the same as my Dad's.

Mine was not this way until after I went into the sauna a second time.  The first 45 minutes, I got out and looked in the mirror and my eyes were fine.  Then I went in again, and added water for steam, but that doesn't make a difference for this, and during about 10 minutes while I was there, by the time I got out, my right eye was bulging from the socket.

Also, my ring finger on my right hand has been targeted even when I'm not on the computer.  A carload of teens/early 20s people passed me as I walked to my house, extending the only fingers on their own hand that were not hurting on my right hand.  Mainly it's been my right ring finger.

Last night I think my Mom's hand hurt because she had it to the side  of her laptop and wasn't hardly touching it, as normal.

This is the second day in a row they've had their hot water turned off.  All day yesterday they had no hot water and all of the breakers were on.  Then this morning, they had no hot water.  Later, they had hot water but it was half pressure.  I had my faucets being shut off.  I had no running water, at 2 different times yesterday and this morning, when the water was not turned off and the pipes are not frozen. 

I asked my Mom to check my head today because I've had some kind of technology targeting spotson my head, every single day, for months now.  It's different places, but every day and at night as well.  It feels like I have severe sunburn to parts of my scalp.  So she checked and said it was pink and red at the parts where I said it hurt.  She said there is some flaking or scaling and it looks like psoiriasis but it's from peeling from sunburn with some kind of technology. On the same spots where it's red and pink, there are raised permanent bumps.  The bumps showed up, not because of psoiriasis.  They showed up because those parts of my head kept swelling after constant targeting of my head.

I have lost about 3/4 of my hair.

Then my mother flipped out when we were talking about taxes and told me to get out.  I wasn't yelling or swearing or anything.  We were discussing tax matters and she asked me some questions and I raised my voice, but I didn't yell.  Someone has been trying to force my parents to force me to be a "dependent".

For whatever reason, some group feels it's in their best interests, and is a point of pride to them, to try to denigrate me and have me be claimed as a dependent, like a kid.  Anything these people can do, to degrade me or discredit me, by making me sound like half of an adult, and not a functional member of society, has been done, and is still being done.  So my mother got upset, and I think she wanted me to see her bulging eyeball, and she freaked out and yelled.  I think it's because she is trying to indicate that this is what is done to her if she doesn't "obey" the group that controls my parents and has been controlling all decision-making regarding my life.  I mean, I look at her bulging eyeball and think, yeah, I'd want my kid to go along with what scumsters and the FBI want too, if this was what was being done to me.  It IS what is done to me, and my Dad and Mom.

All of a sudden, some group attempted to reinforce my parents pushing me to file as a "dependent".  It happened today and possibly last night and they were gone a lot today.  Whoever they were with, was giving them this advice.

A week ago when I said I was filing for myself, they said I couldn't and then smiled and I could tell they were glad I have reason to file as "independent".  Then, over the last several days, they've been getting more and more pressure over it. 
It's the same thing that was done when I was being forced to "plead guilty" to a misdemeanor I didn't commit.  Whoever is part of that group, is the same one that is involved in this now.

I am still hoping that someone is looking into the MKUltra claim because it is true for all of us.

UPDATE: 7:55 p.m.
I just checked my head myself, under the light, using a comb and a compact mirror to see above my head into another mirror.  They are red round dots from laser.  There are a whole bunch of them and there is no scaling or flaking.  It's all just burnt skin.  It's on the parts of my head where it hurts and where permanent bumps have also formed, because of the constant torture.  The size of the dots are the size of the head of a nail.  You know, that round thing, that you hit with a hammer--that's the size of the dots on my head.  It is the same size as the burn I found on my son's body when I took him to the doctor.  It burned his skin to bright red and then it peeled like a sunburn.  It was the same size and shape and was underneath his diaper and I couldn't figure out how he could get this burn under his diaper with his diaper on.  I've lost 3/4 of my total hair since this has been happening every day. 

Also, I think we have a family betrayal problem on my Mom's side of the family as well as my Dad's.  It's not just affected me, but my Mom and my son too.  I believe it has to do with Pat and his connection to both Mexican mafia and police.  I think he's been at family parties and assaulted my son.  He was the one who was upset, along with Rani, that their son was developing as quickly as my son.  And Locklyn and the rest would back them, because those are her kids.  Holly and Pablo too. Pat is connected to the same cops who were stalking me and refusing to rent to me unless I was with "Alvaro" my fiance.  And Valente, my cousin, who is Locklyn's son, knew Alvaro before I'd introduced them to eachother.  I think Pat is a criminal and he's connected to dirty cops that have assaulted my son.  My son was confined to small spaces and strapped down into a carseat.  He was bruised all over from it.  The police did nothing about it, and Michelle Erickson was right there, with her U.S. Navy colors, when my son was throwing up and drugged and smelling of perm solution.  Did you see it?

I put a rubberband around my son's photo and then to this box because it was starting to curve a little because I had it propped upright and it wasn't in a frame. The box says on it, "First Check". This is what people were paid to do to my son. Torture him.

At around 8:30 p.m. The Pentagon assaulted me by several rapid-succession assaults to one side and spot of my head.  They did this to me two times.  They did it with very severe levels of intensity and split seconds apart, and for a total of over 3 minutes each time. 

Also, I have not reported that my Dad's feet which had so-called "arthritis" went from being soft and smooth one day, to hardened, scaled, and red the next.  I saw his feet and saw scars from cuts on his feet.  They were not chaffed or scaley or hardened and red.  Then he said his feet hurt but kept his socks on.  A couple of days later, when I saw his feet, they looked like he'd been forced to walk over hot coals.  Or, like something was put into a pair of boots that didn't fit and were too tight, and it ruined his feet.  His ankle was chaffed and scaling and his feet were.  There is no possible way his feet hurt from arthritis when he went from having smooth skin on his feet one day, to looking like he'd been forced to walk on hot and hard boards that were stuffed into boots that were too tight.

We are being tortured.  My parents are tortured face-to-face with some people, as well as by technology.  I am tortured by technology and I think the reason nothing happens face-to-face is that I wasn't ever blackmailed into keeping MKUltra secrets, or the secrets of a hate crime group that uses MKUltra and Pentagon/CIA connections as an excuse.
I sent a request for assistance in obtaining FOIA regarding MKUltra, to members connected to the Senate, and the same day, my email account was blocked. I have used this account since 2004, when I met the FBI agents,and before, and it was never blocked.

My parents have been restricted from seeing me.

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