Saturday, January 26, 2013

Revenge Threat: Count of Monte Christo & Bailey

It was bad enough that I was not able to get work.  I worked for one temporary agency that was connected to Canada and I was assigned me to work for a company in Portland where the woman supervising me told me to put labels on a bunch of folders.  She said to me, out of nowhere, that someone I thought was dead was not really dead, and that some people knew how to get revenge.  She was clearly implying revenge against me.   Then she asked me if I had read the book “The Count of Monte Christo” (by Alexander Dumas) and quizzed me about whether I knew who had written it.  Then she fired me the same day without explanation.  The first time I felt alarmed by a coworker was on this occasion.  I had no idea what she was referring to and she was suggesting to me that someone was going to get revenge against me for something.  After this job, I could not get work anywhere in Portland, Oregon.  I was blacklisted.

I later looked up the title for Count of Monte Christo and it was about revenge taken by a man others assumed was dead.

So why was I the one being threatened?


I think someone thought I had forgotten the threat was directed to me, because I haven't written about this before. I have refered to the question she posed about the book and its author, but I never wrote that I remembered the context.  I do remember.  And I remember it was a threat that was then carried out.

I have no idea who she thought I had offended.  The Thebault brother who I was told died?  did he not die?  I didn't do anything against him.  Mike Nichols?  I knew of 2 people who I was told died, whose families I worked for or knew and it was only Mike Nichols and The Thebault family.  Brian Thebault's brother, and one of his daughter's name was Christy.  The only other Christine I came into contact with was Christa Schneider.

So we have the "Count of Monte Christo",
Brian Thebault telling me "If you want to punch in and out on a time card, I can give you a job in my factory",
and the Roses telling me they were "most disappointed with times" and then Josh Gatov raping me and taking me to "Clockwork Orange".

Because I told the IRS I wanted to file my taxes after I worked for the Thebaults?  are you KIDDING me?

It was a job at a Property Management company.  I remember I worked for them and wondered why they had even hired me because all I got from them was a bad vibe.  I was given the job after I told someone the worst thing I could imagine doing for work was something boring and repetitive all day, like sticking lables on folders.  So then I was selected for this temp job and the woman brought out a huge stack of folders and labels and told me they needed labels on everything.  I spent all day, over 8 hours, sticking labels on folders.

She had dark brown hair and there was a man there who kept looking at me like he hated me too.  So I had wondered why they even hired me when they acted so hateful. 

She brought up the Count of Monte Christo and then fired me after I stuck labels on things the entire time. After that, I couldn't get work in Portland and I had several different professionals tell me, directly, "You've been blacklisted." I said, "What do you mean?" and I was even told that an actual email had gone around about me, and to not hire me.

So it wasn't just a quiz about whether I actually read books or not, and knew something about literature.  I was threatened.  That temp job was through, I believe, Boly-Welch.

The address is 625 Broadway in Portland, Oregon.  Bullivant Houser Bailey is 2 blocks away if you cross through by foot.  If you stay on the sidewalk and make an L, it's 4 blocks away if you don't cut corners.  Two blocks from eachother.  Bullivants address is 888 SW 5th.  However, I don't remember yet where the Property Management company that I worked for is located.  It was downtown Portland.  Bullivant is across the street from a place called Pizza Schmizza.  My son is receiving Smencils from his teacher in Dryden, WA.  If he does a good job on something, she gives him a "smencil".  I asked what that was and I'm told it's a pencil that smells.

So it's not like Bullivant Houser Bailey isn't taking credit for the torture and kidnapping of my son at all.  It's sort of a nice nod to them.  My son Oliver gets to sniff a "smencil" in school while John Kaempf and Dick Whittemore are eating their Schmizza.

So lets see.  Bill McCann, who is now Fr. Joachim McCann, threatens me about reporting Santogrossi, telling me I will be in "danger dire" if I do.

John Kaempf threatens my grandparents with harm on Bullivant Houser letterhead.  Then threats go against him again, by emails sent to my parents, and Jay Baird, the man who was witness to the threat, is killed.

I was threatened by this woman in property management, about how revenge was going to be worked against me.  That is after I met Christa Schneider, who was connected to the Department of Justice and to Dick Whittemore. 

I can't say the bosses for the temp agency had anything to do with it, from Boly-Welch, but the owners, just for the record, are educated from University of Oregon (where Parker and Rose-Lewis went) and Boston University.  They travel in Europe.  One of them, Diane Boly, was on a Governor's Employee Advisory Board and I don't know if it has anything to do with Kitzhaber, but Christa's friend's mother dated Kitzhaber, and Christa's other friend's mother dated Dick Whittemore.

I think Bullivant owes my son Oliver a lot more than "smencils".  They owe him billions.

Maybe Rob, Dani, and Christa Schneider should have a schmizza with Bullivant or a schmear with Roses and work out some figures with their smencils.

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