Monday, January 28, 2013

U.S. Hijacker Hypocrisy

See my last post.

The U.S. and Canada are hypocrites all the way through.

They make a case out of hijackers who died, but tell me they can't take a report or make a case when the hijacker of my car died.

Their excuse? "He's dead.  I'm not going to make a report about a dead man."

Right.  But look at the reports about several dead men who hijacked planes.

So the U.S. thinks they can spend money investigating associates and connections to the men who committed the crime of hijacking.

When it comes to investigating associates and connections to men who hijacked my vehicle, nothing.

In the meantime, I've been stalked and harmed by dozens of individuals who are connected to the hijacker of my car.  And more and more it's looking like federal crime.  It is even starting to look like the U.S. tried to assassinate me through Nichols.

The U.S. is illegally holding my family hostage and has held me hostage, by various tactics, for over 8 years.  They kidnapped my son, with Canada's involvement, and my son is a hostage.  He wasn't "up for adoption".

When it was already established my life was in danger in the U.S., my son and I had a right to political asylum.  Canada didn't even give me a hearing and kidnapped my son instead, because they are involved in trying to kill me.

Mike Nichols wasn't thinking of "marrying me".  That was a cover story created by his family later.  If he thought of marrying me, he wouldn't have told me he was going to move to Canada.  HIs entire story, to me and to everyone, was that he was going to Nashville, TN with us and then he was thinking of moving on up to Canada to "find my biological parents".


I'm so sure.  No, what he planned, was to have this as his story, and then hijack my car and try to kill us, and if he lived, go on up to Canada to collect his money in Toronto.

Who was in Toronto?  Oh, just his parent he thought, and Middletons people.  That's where Mike Middleton's grandfather trained pilots afterall, and where Kate visited for her honeymoon.  Who was going to send the money?  The U.S.?  Wire the cash over?

1992: someone ran me off the road from behind to kill me.
1994:  my property is stolen repeatedly
1995: Mike hijacked my car and rolled it to kill me.
1995:  I have microchips implanted to make me suffer and then I'm forced under observation.
1996:  Lake Oswego people who knew Mike and federal employees begin stalking me.
1998:  Raped, won't list how many times
1998: car vandalisms to engine to cause crash and antifreeze explosion
2003: car ignition turned off repeatedly on 3 cars while driving on freeway, to cause crash
2003:  planned hit-and-run by Mike Nichols' friends  (Schneider & associates)
2004: assault by FBI, car stolen by cops and FBI
2005:  constant torture through Griffin (NASA appointment) and Pentagon
2006: torture of my son
2007: kidnapping
2008: murders of james river and twin, unborn.
2009: torture, poison, and assault; defamation and multiple false arrests

All of these people know Kate Middleton.  Karin is connected to NY FBI and Whittemores who are connected to Canada.  Meyers is connected to federal employees and Josh Gatov through Roses, and was connected to Mike Nichols through Lake Oswego.  Roses are connected to Middletons through England.  Bechtold is connected through Carter, Wiltbanks, and mormons in business with them and through CIA.  Bechtold is also connected to Karin from Canada through Stephanie Maiers and her australian husband.  So that makes a full circle.  Then just throw in the Thebaults, Fallons, Del Balzos.  A real stew.  Sandbergs.  McGuires.  Otterbach. 

And what future does my son have? None.  He has nothing to live for in this country and they have already caused irreparable harm.  They will do no more for him than they have for me.  They have jail set aside for my son--that's what kind of future Oliver has in the U.S. or Canada.

My son has a chance, outside  of this country.  He will never make it if he is living here.  The U.S. has ruined his life and they praised Canada for their part. 

While they laugh at stickers on my wall as I make videoclips about being a hostage, and joke about 'scratch and sniff stickers' I was given in school, they give my son scratch and sniff pencils in school and plot out how to put my son in jail.

My son is a hostage of the U.S. government and Canada conspired with the U.S. to kidnap him.

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