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Debbie Sweetwater-Burt and Robin Bechtold Connection

Debbie Burt, the woman my mother works for, is connected to Robin Bechtold.

I just spent 2 days discussing something with my mother and after working out what I wanted to do, my mother had to confer with Debbie Burt about it first and get back to me "from work".

This is where my mother gave me directions about how she wasn't going to assist in any way with getting my appeal for my son overturned.  It was done at Debbie Burt's offices.

Debbie Burt knows Collier, the lawyer who was assigned to me in Wenatchee, WA.

Debbie Burt was also standing there when the police officer who knows Becthold came into her office.  The cop who showed up at Debbie Burt's offices, to defend Debbie and her workplace and intimidate my mother, was an Irish Catholic cop by the name of Sean who knows Nathan Bechtold.  That cop is friends with Debbie Burt, not my mother.

Patty Otterbach is also connected to the local police department.  Her past work has been at a police station, according to her own statement, which I read one day and which was sent to my mother's email address.  Patty Otterbach stated she worked for police.

She made this statement before I arrived in Coquille, WA.  So basically, the same people who I have witnessed torturing my parents, are connected to the cops here who are refusing to make reports about torture and beating them up.

I made a report about Patty.  Well, Patty is a cop.  I made a report about Debbie Burt.  Well, Debbie is friends with cops that are close to Robin Bechtold, who is a rapist and a liar.  While I did try to forgive him, in the past, knowing more about the FBI's participation in concealing evidence from me, has done very little to put him into my good graces.  It has instead confirmed for me that he has done worse things than I even realized.

Not only that, Debbie Burt was attempting to intimidate me through my mother just now, telling me I wasn't going to have any money to do anything.  Basically, the threat was that I was going to be cut off from college and I was going to have nothing, and no money at all, out of retaliation for my reporting Canadians and corrupt U.S. officials to CAT and out of retaliation for saying something about the Bechtolds, Portland FBI, and Portland police.

Robin Bechtold panicked when I said I was reporting Bujanda and Garza, because he KNEW Bujanda and Garza.  BECHTOLD knew the FBI agents.  This is the only reason he didn't want me to report them.  His own brother Nathan probably knew them and I am starting to wonder if Robin was not an FBI agent or working for the FBI himself by then.  Either he knew them, or he was working with them.  I am positive Robin is connected to feds, because of how he took advantage of me through accessing private information about me from others who are with the U.S. federal government.

I have also figured out the doctor who ruined my virginity with the speculum in St. Johns is connected to Robin Bechtold.  I had thought it was Jewish people, and that's not to say a few haven't been involved, but no, now it is looking more like the connection was with Bechtold.  Yes, Jewish and Catholics have been involved, but while I had wondered if it had some reference to CTR, where I worked, I think now, that when I remember what happened and how that woman acted, I believe if she was connected to someone, it was to Robin Bechtold.  I would love to have someone follow that line, because I am very sure, it will lead to this.

First of all, there was a huge thing going on with U.S. federal employees about my virginity.  I really don't know why it was such a big deal to some of them, but I was made into a bet, and when Robin did NOT manage to take my virginity, this female doctor in St. Johns used a speculum to do it.  And then she bent over and wiped up the floor.  How very Bechtold. 

Also, everything was fine for me at first, when I was back in Oregon, until I brought up Bechtold.  Then my parents were being beat up and about that time, I filed the first report to the UN. 

Mark, the truck driver who picked me up in New Mexico, knows Bechtold.  Debbie Burt is also from New Mexico.  Debbie Burt lived in New Mexico for years.  I don't know if she was born and raised there, but this is where she lived for a long time.

So now I'm being threatened again, because I have brought up the federal agency involved in ruining my life and promoting gang rape.

You know what?  God bless Dr. Michael Parnell for 1 split second.  I hate him, because he lied about me, and he entered into medical records, comments to make me sound mentally unstable right after I had reported the FBI agents.  However, the strangest thing about it, is that while he screwed me over, he said one thing that was true.  He said I said I was "raped by the FBI".  I never said this to him, ever.  I didn't even mention anything sexual or that my "misconduct complaint" against the FBI was of a sexual nature.

So he lied.  And he made me sound crazy and it prejudiced my ability to get treated for extreme and severe pain.  However, I have realized later, that what he SAID I said, was not wrong.  I didn't say it--he did.  I was raped by the FBI.

When was the first rape, against me by the FBI?  Was I still a baby?  Maybe several FBI agents raped me, to help the CIA and U.S. Army out with their MKUltra program, when I was a baby.  And then later, they put an FBI psychologist behind my house while I was growing up who was?


Well, if you want to know why SOME of the Mormons have "conflicts of interest" between reporting the truth to the public, and not slandering me and my son, some of them have been working for the U.S. federal government, and some of them, went into business with Robin Bechtold.

Both of the S.S.A.s that the FBI Headquarters sent out to take my report, were connected to Robin Bechtold.  They BOTH had conflicts of interest and they were hand-picked because those who were guilty of harming me, already knew that they could count on their Palo Alto man and their Mormon D.C. military man, to keep up the cover.  Robin's sister was already working next to the FBI agent, as a lawyer in Palo Alto.  The Mormon agent from D.C. was already connected to Mormons who went into business with Robin Bechtold and George and Janet Bechtold, who are connected to the Wiltbanks, who are connected to the Middleton family in the UK.  The Mormon FBI man was also U.S. military, so the U.S. Pentagon felt comfortable and knew between the 2 of these agents, the D.C. military Mormon would slander me.

They slandered me.  It is because of the slander by the FBI, that others felt they could join in and do worse harm to me, and then to my son. 

And the Mormons involved have exploited my parents for their own political reasons and benefit and hoped by stealing my son they can do the same thing with him.

When I first called to talk to my Mom today, she wasn't the only person on the phone either.  Someone else was on the other end or accessing her phone.  It was some kind of weird hollow tin sound in the background,like you have sometimes when someone is listening in.  Then I called again and it wasn't that way, but the first time, someone was on the other end.

My mother even said to me, "You're a big girl."

This is nothing my mother would EVER say.  It is not a phrase she has ever used in my entire life, and she wouldn't use it starting today without reason.  Saying "you're a big girl" to me, was instantly something that was not my mother at all.  So why would she say this or use this expression unless someone was telling her to.  It was basically like someone fed her some lines, and she was having to incorporate them somehow into our conversation.  Like she was reading from a script.

By the way, some of my family's emails even sound this way--like they are being forced to write something a certain way for someone.  Like someone is dictating to them how to "sound" over email.  My brother never sounds like he from "the hood" or uses eubonics in conversation.  He doesn't sound traditionally "black" either, I mean, as popular culture and movies portray, like "white men can't jump".  But all of a sudden, my brother was sending these emails and texts that didn't sound like him at ALL.  Once or twice, when I was in Nashville, I even had a conversation or two that didn't sound like him, and sounded coached.  When I saw him in person over the holidays, in the several days he was here, not ONCE did he sound like that.  So this basically confirmed for me, that if my brother never naturally speaks this way, someone really was coaching him to sound a certain way or write things a certain way.

I have noticed this with my Dad too.  Like my Dad using bad grammar in email when it doens't make sense at all.  If my Dad writes with bad grammar he would speak the same way.  As you think, you speak and write.   It doesn't matter if you're writing to communicate, or speaking, if you put sentences together using bad grammar in your mind, it will come through consistently in both speech and writing.  It's not like my Dad is going to have decent grammar speaking, and then suddenly go off a cliff when he writes.  It's not possible.

I've seen the same thing from my Mom, sometimes, from emails that sound like someone helped her draft them ahead of time and then told her to send them when she was next to me, as if she had just written something.  She usually sounds like herself, but I know if she is using phrases or saying things she doesn't want to say and is being told to say.  Like "you're a big girl"?  That is nothing my mother would EVER say, not if we were fighting, not if she was feeling passive-aggressive...not for any reason.

This is something that the group who has tried to control me my entire life, would have my mother say to me, to upset me and have it sound like it's through my mother. 

The FBI is 100% complicit and I believe they employed Robin Bechtold.

I also believe Mike Nichols' Dad is an FBI agent.  Mike Nichols is the Canadian-born guy who hijacked my car.  His mother and father are Canadian, and he was adopted, and I believe his adoptive family, who lived in Lake Oswego, Oregon, his Dad, is FBI.  The next thing that happened to me is I was being implanted in Salt Lake City Hospital by doctors who know Mormons that work with the Bechtolds.  And then I was raped in Lake Oswego with Lake Oswego cops knowing ahead of time.

Why would Josh Gatov feel confident about raping me unless he knew what the female doctor in St. Johns had already done to me?  He knew ahead of time that even if I went to the police or hospital right away, and said I was a virgin and had been raped, maybe they would say I was a liar.  I mean, I don't know how they measure it all, but maybe they would say then why isn't there tearing or more bleeding?

Josh Gatov knew.  He knew the doctor had deliberately broken my hymen in her office, to set me up for what was going to happen next.  What other reason did she have for doing that to me?  I asked her to stop and she didn't.  I told her it hurt and I changed my mind, and to stop.  But she didn't stop and she broke my hymen.  There was blood that spread out across the floor, about the half the size of a lid on a 9 lb bucket.  It was a large pool of blood on the floor, and running down my legs and then she kept dabbing it up and using paper towels or something to wipe it off of me and I kept bleeding.  It was not like a little bit of bleeding.  It spread across the floor about the width of a lid to a 9 lb. bucket. I am using the 9 lb bucket size bc I was looking around for something to compare it to, and I saw this and it was about the size, more irregular, not perfectly round like a lid, but about that much blood, and then I had to look at the size of the bucket and it says 9 lbs.  It's like a large paint bucket size.  And then, I guess because I bleed easily and I didn't know it at the time, I kept bleeding.  She was wiping me off several times, because I continued to bleed.  I literally lost my "virginity" to her defiant use of the speculum on me when I asked her to stop.  It's great to be raped by both men and women, anyone relate?  Let's make everything look "professional".

These people are all, most likely, U.S. federal employees.

It also appears to be pre-planned and premeditated.  There is no reason for that woman doctor to have done what she did.  It doesn't make sense that she would have done this to me at all.  And then that Josh felt so confident about what he was going to do.

And he wanted to bring red wine.  I had had red wine one other time in my life:  at Robin Bechtold's best friend's Dad's house.  Robin and his family drank red wine.  I tried wine for the first and only time up to Josh, at Erik Lund's house.  Sure, lots of people drink red wine.  But do lots of people have connections to COPS.  U.S. federal employees?


How are Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold connected?  Portland police?  Portland FBI? 

Barbara Greenman.  Tim Greenman likes to play golf almost as much as Robin does.
When I started writing my UN CAT complaint, my mother was told to go to Portland, Oregon.  She was there all day.  I asked why and she said it was to go to 2 places:  to pick up flooring and 1 other place.

Since she has been back, she has been to work and to Bandon, Oregon for a doctor's appointment.  She hasn't been anywhere else, and this limits the people who are ordering her around to just a few people and places.

Portland, Oregon; Bandon, Oregon; and Coquille, Oregon. 

The most recent harassment is from people at one of these places.  In Portland, Oregon, I suspected she was being forced to see FBI, not "flooring" people, but it's not like the FBI can't also run a flooring store.  She didn't have any reason to go to Portland and it was last-minute.  If she had flooring, she would have ordered it sent to Coquille.  So basically, she was told to go to Portland, Oregon after I started blogging about emails that are death threats and Jay's death.  Right after I brought up the death threats, and email, she was forced to go to the Portland FBI.

Then, she came back looking tortured and the only other place she's been is work with Debbie Burt and Bandon, today, to see a doctor. 
Someone she has been around in the last 2 days is responsible for harassment of me.
UPDATED 1/25/2013 6:37 p.m.

I want to add something quickly. I was talking with my parents and it was just on and on like some other group was telling them to say things or ask questions for their own info. I was accused of not being happy and I said that's not true.  I said I am tortured and being blocked from everything, and I'm not happy about that but I'm not an unhappy person. One of them said they heard me crying at night and I said no, I hardly ever cry. I've cried maybe a couple of times in the last few months, and it's always about my son Oliver.  So then I said, "What? some group wants to imagine I'm crying all the time so they can feel satisfied about something? like what? kate middleton? I'm not jealous of her."  Then I was told I'm bitter and I said no, I"m not bitter.  I'm tortured and blocked from things but I am not a bitter person either.  Then they said I was happy as a kid, or some of my childhood was and I said, "Yeah, I remember you guys weren't happy."  I added, "So how long have you been unhappy?" (and I meant in context of being controlled by the U.S. as hostages). My parents admitted they were not happy, or that it was true, during my childhood they were not happy.  I said there was nothing like living under the "Rock Brigade."  Then I said I did think people were controlling them and when my Mom said why can't you just listen to me without thinking someone is putting words in my mouth? and I said because I know sometimes it's not you.  Like Levi, and I explained about Levi and how I knew he wasn't writing things he would write on his own.  I asked where Rosemary was and then they asked why and I said it's because she was saying things (on the christian-feelings topic) that Rosemary say.  They accused me of getting this out of nowhere and that I only met her once and I said no, several times.  It was just sounding like Rosemary West.  So I added, "Who is Rosemary's baby?" and my Dad looked at me and said, "You."  not seriously though.  At some point I said people were trying to control us for decades.  According to you, we're being controlled.  I said, "That's the understatement of the century." because it's true.  Then I brought up even back in Oregon when I was 16 years old, I said, "That guy Rick."  I brought him up because my Mom was telling me not to be vegan and I'd be more healthy and I went off about what group is this, and who is it, that is SO important to, that I NOT be vegan?  I mean, what is the big deal? I'm not going to change this, and what do they have riding on it? why is it SO important to them that I not be vegan?  So then I said this kind of thing has been going on a long time and said, "Like when you guys told me to marry that guy Rick."  It wasn't my parents, there was someone or some group trying to get me to marry a guy named Rick who had his head all banged up in some accident.  My Mom said, "Who is Rick?" and I said, "Rick.  His name was Rick.  That GUY from church, who had his head all banged up in an accident.  He was the first person I went on a date with and it was a double date with Mindy."  They said they hadn't said to date him and I said, "Yes, I was being told not just to date him, but to MARRY him, at age 16."  And I know it wasn't my parent's idea, but whoever was controlling them and thought it was so funny to try to control me.  I said, 'Who is this group that just wanted me to go away, and hoped I'd marry some guy with a banged up head at age 16."  My Mom said you must be having false memories.  I said no I'm not.  She said "We've never told you to get married to some guy named Rick."  (something like that).  I said, "I don't have any false memories" and then my Mom said recovered memories, whatever.  I said, "I don't have any false memories.  Whatever I remember I've always remembered or it comes back to me, but I don't have new ones out of nowhere."

I mean, seriously, my parents were being pressured hard, telling me to date and marry Rick.  I thought even back then that it was very weird, because they weren't the type to be encouraging teenage marriage, I guess it was before I turned 16 even, or right around then, and not of their own daughter.  I was maybe 15 or 16.  My first date was with Rick, from church, and then later it was a formal date with Christian, a classmate from school.  Rick had blond hair.  He was definitely a blond, not just a blond kid.   He had a part of his forehead gouged and a cut scar from a car accident that banged up his head.  It was mainly a puck shaped gouged out hole type of thing on one side of his forehead and then a scar from this down his cheek, I think but I mainly remember there was some scarring.  It wasn't too bad, and that's wasn't a big deal.  He had a chicken pox scar or acne scars too, like John Kaempf.

When it comes to false memories, for example, remembering things about Robin, it's not a false memory. It's that I always had the memory and then when I got information about MKUltra and realizing other things, I can then look back to the exact same memory and realize how it fits into something.  That is not a false or recovered memory. It is making sense of a memory that has always been there.

I tried to ask my Mom how she was and she can't tell me about anything now.  Nothing about doctors or her health or anything.  So I am worried about them.  Both my Mom and Dad do NOT look good right now. Their eyes are sunken in and dark circles around and, not healthy.  So I was told I had to go and that my Dad could only take so much, after I brought up Rick, and I said I wanted to ask my Mom something.  I was given a few seconds and I asked about the doctor or her health and she said she couldn't tell me.  So they said I had to go and I said I have another question.  "What?"  they said and I said my Mom, "Who did YOU see in Portland?  the Devil?"

I think my mother saw the Devil in Portland.

At this they said nothing.  They didn't deny it.

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