Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Greg (new postmaster) and MS Revenge for Chris Dabney

I am being retaliated at for losing Chris Dabney's key to some place when I was in D.C.

It's not the first time.  It is not the first time I've been retaliated against, on his behalf and by people he knows.  Microsoft blocked me from my email account for this reason.

My mother went to the post office today and I went elsewhere.  I decided to go back and see if there was mail for me and my mother was standing in line looking miserable and afraid.

There is a new postmaster for the Coquille Post Office and there is something wrong with him.  Our dog is afraid of his voice and his voice matches (somewhat) Rick Baken's speaking voice.  Not exact, but when I heard a man on the O'Reilly show (U.S. military man) who had the same voice and tone, our dog freaked out and got worried and started shaking.

I didn't have a good feeling about this new man, "Greg", from the first day he was there.  I don't know how he's had access to my Mom or Dad, but he has.

Also, when I got there and stood in line, there was a woman in front of my mother, wearing black and orange colors like OSU colors, with an OSU shirt, and a flat butt like Chris Dabney.  Her butt was exactly like Dabney's and she wore the same kind of tight jeans and had on sunglasses with a huge white star on the frames, about the size of the head of Ben Franklin on a bill.  She was saying she was moving to town and asking for instructions about mail.  Then she walked past me and grinned with her mouth open, exposing a gap between her teeth like my son has.  There was also a man standing there who looked like someone connected to Mt. Angel Abbey.

I know she was there and standing there, to remind me mother about why Microsoft was retaliating against me.  Like I said, it's not the first time.  When I tried to get unemployment, for my work in D.C., I was retaliated against by D.C. offices and Washington state offices.  I also had a lock-out done to me by Mykal Holt, who told me and Alvaro she was jewish.

Greg, this new man, somehow knows Chris Dabney.  I don't know how, but he does.  The new "pastor" of my parent's church, Kevin Bolls, also knows Dabney and he's from Chicago, where Dabney worked for some time at one point.

I could tell my mother was nervous about this postmaster Greg, and Caroline hasn't been much better (another post office worker there). My mother's hands were shaking when she asked him a question and pushed an envelope toward him. She was asking about moving to a new place and address information.  Then, I was looking away for a minute and I saw the look on Greg's face, to my mother:  hate.  Not a little hate.  Serious hatred. This man Greg hates my mother but I don't know why.  I felt it was because possibly he was feeling angry and hateful that I stayed by my mother's side when she was there, so he worried I knew he'd done something bad to my Mom or Dad (if this is true).

When we got to the car, my mother said, "Oh, I forgot my keys."  This is something I used to say when working at the Post Pub, but it was my cell phone I forgot, and sometimes keys.  She mentioned the keys thing because I knew she knew the little staged thing in that post office was another way to rub in Chris Dabney, whose keys to one of his apartments I lost.   My Mom knew what this retaliation was about, just as I do.

I am starting to wonder if Chris Dabney knows someone from Mt. Angel Abbey. I know Amy Roe has something to do with him, her mother in Seattle does, but I don't know how he is otherwise connected to someone involved with Mt. Angel Abbey.

When we left the post office, someone was parked there with New Jersey plates.  But I don't know what New Jersey has to do with Chris Dabney.

The other day, I caught Caroline with outright hatred, towards me, but behind my back.  I was at a counter with my back turned and when I turned around, she was staring at the back of my head and with hate.  It was like she was mad about the way I'd done my hair that day, which sounds odd, but it's true.  I had french-braided it backwards, from the nape up, and then turned it into a french roll.  So it was part french-braided.  She didn't act like she hated me as much around the time Kate Middleton was getting pregnant, however. 

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