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First Torture To Son's Eyes At Pat the Cops House

I was with my son all the time so I know he doesn't have one eye larger than the other. However, I looked through some photos and the first incidence of the bulging eye occurs when he is at a cops house in Wenatchee.

It was my cousin Rani Guzman's house, after she invited me there for the first time, so our sons could play. We had talked over the phone a few times and talked about child development and I told her what Oliver was doing and she told me what her son Austin was doing. He wasn't doing very much compared to Oliver but I didn't say anything, I was just talking about Oliver not noticing and then she was quiet.

Her husband, who is father to her kid that was behind Oliver, is a police officer, or his brother is a police officer.

I remember sometime after our conversation, Rani invited me to their house. While there, they played and a couple of times my son Oliver would cry out in pain but I didn't know why. It was just me, Rani, and our kids and her husband wasn't around.

The thing I thought was strange was that she wanted them to play together one time, and then my son acted like something was hurting him a few times, and then she never invited us over again.

When they were together, Oliver was talking and chattering and Austin didn't say anything, and Austin was crawling and Oliver was walking. He was able to walk around furniture and take a step or two but Austin wasn't even crawling that much.

So I noticed in the photos, my son has one eye bulging, the one featured in his school photos, on picture day, but it's not like this any other time or in other photos.

I believe Pat, Rani's husband, is involved in torture of my son Oliver.

When I look back on the photos now, I think what is odd is that my son has this one eye bulging for the first time, and then even though they had fun playing together, Rani never wanted my son over again. It was sort of to get him there and then nothing after that, and it's not like Austin had tons of other kids to play with.

I don't trust ev3ryone in my family. Some of them have done drug deals and been connected to dirty cops and Pat is one of them.

Because the dirty cops got married into the family, they gang up against other family members.

I remember Rani didn't even play with them really. She stood off to the side and took photos after awhile, but she didn't play with them at all. She sort of watched from the side and took photos and then I never saw her again. My son and I visited them one time, and in that one time, he was tortured and she was documenting the effects of what was done to my son.

She is friends with a cocaine slinging stripper from Seattle, Washington, who she left me with, and this was the night I was set up to be sexually assaulted/date raped by the Italian guy who knew cops. It was police all around, and they are connected to Rani through Pat, her husband. The woman's name, she's blond, and sort of larger structure and pretty, is "Francie".

Around that time, Locklyn's kids were not very nice to me and my son. Her daughter Alita had spit into my face...I literally wiped saliva off of my cheek. It was over something very insignificant and they had anger management problems and didn't know how to control their anger. They got mad over very small things and then acted out on it.

I mean, torture to my son by technology was done to him at 7 months of age, with a cop there at the house. That was also after I had been raped with cops knowing and then later was pregnant with my son (not same incident).

After my son was born though,the first documentation of torture to my son was made at Pat's house by his wife Rani, who is my cousin. Her sister had spit into my face, and her son Valente knew who Alvaro Pardo was. Rani is married to the guy who is either a cop in Cashmere, for the Chelan police, or his brother is.

I do believe Rani is capaable of doing something like documenting torture of my son. I know she has it in her to do something like this. Especially is she was made or jealous over her own firstborn not seeming to be doing as much as my son.

The way I put it here, it sounds like yeah, I could have made her upset by my comments, but I wasn't "in your face" or even thinking about comparing at that time. I was just sharing what he was doing and then I could tell over the phone she got upset. And Austin wasn't doing very much and they were about the same age. So it was after that, she wanted Oliver at her house, one time. She left and went down the hall to the bathroom once with a phone I think, but I don't remembrer anything unusual except that she didn't seem to be enjoying the kids' visit as much as she wanted to document it.

Yes, mothers take photos. But it was different. Something was different about it. Then I remember she was sitting at her computer, uploading things, more interested in putting things onto her computer than playing with the kids or talking to me.

I was cheerful and didn't talk about my son the whole time, mainly asked what she had been up to.

Then that was the only time she called and it was shortly after that, that Oliver was then being tortured all the time with me in the house too. I would have to think about whether we visited Rani before our trip to Seattle for Stephanie Maier's wedding shower, or after.

I have plenty of other photos of my son and his eye is not naturally that way.

I have no doubt that Pat would be violent against my son, because I was shocked enough to see how some of these family members acted towards me and my son.

I have reason to believe even my mother has been betrayed by her own family members. I used to think Holly was my mother's best friend, but I'm not so sure about that. And as for Locklyn, I am not so sure about their relationship either.

I think some of our family married people that became a conflict of interest and turned other family members against eachother, and I think this is true with some of my Dad's family too. Not all perhaps, but some of them, yes.

Rani was the one who told me to meet her friend Francie and then we'd meet up together. Then I was supposed to go home with Rani but Rani said Francie was fine, she trusted her. I didn't even know this woman, but I relied on what my cousin told me. Francie told me herself, later, that she had worked in Seattle as a stripper. Valente told me later, not really me, but talking to others, that Francie was a cokehead.

Well all the Wenatchee cops LIKED Francie, and she was a known cokehead. I know the cops liked her, because she wanted to smoke outside so we left the club (where we dancing) and she smoked and then she was looking for someone. The cop was right there. He gave a knowing smile to Francie and she smiled back at him. I didn't know why she kept going up to people to whisper or talk to them quietly and sort of privately. So she did this for awhile, from one person to the next. Then we were back in the club, and she already knew she was the one to take me home. Her boyfriend or whatever was the designated driver.

I never drank without ensuring there was a designated driver. Which means, I wasn't an impulsive drinker. If I thought I might go out to have more to drink than usual, I made sure ahead of time, that there was a designated driver.

So she knew this and they ditched me, after she knew I was seriously intoxicated.

Then a bunch of cops were around me. I couldn't drive home myself. And it was cops and then an Italian guy showed up with the cops smiling at him. I was taken not to my house as promised but to his house, which was in the same neighborhood that Francie lived in. It was near Central Washington Hospital, up in Wenatchee on that end.

A cop drove ito the driveway, to ask the Italian guy if he was okay and then drove off.

I was raped.

This played into who had motive against me later.

For one thing, Rani was involved in what happened to me, and so were cops, and her husband Pat is connected to cops. So then there were different people who were willing to lie about me and torture both me and my son and even create documentation for others.

I was never introduced to Pat. I never met him.

I only found out later that he is related to a cop who is part of the Chelan County police department and 3 of the officers from that department are the ones who falsely arrested me the first time of my life. It was in 2005. This was when the woman spat at me, so close I could literally feel spittle, and said "WE KNOW YOU'RE SMART. You're known by police from Oregon to Washington state."

Being smart is a crime in America.

Apparently, my crime is that people believed I was smart. And my son's crime, was that he is smart.

I'm not psychic, which is too bad. I'm just smart.

I know that when I was with Francie that night, who, by the way, looks like Chelsey whatshername (sort of), Harry Wales' ex, she had some kind of relationship with cops. I brought up Chelsey thinking of how to describe her.

Sort of the same "type" of face, and pretty, and a little bit larger, big boobs (D probably) but Francie had the flashy devilish grin. Francie has her own magic, and I have no idea how she figured out how to do what she does so well, but it must be something like what people wonder over about Camilla (Charles' wife). Camilla and Francie both have a knack for tapping into what some men psychologically need, to feel desirable and protective and powerful, and then they are able to use this power to their own good or advantage. Francie ordered her way around, and cops seemed to want to be ordered around BY her. Maybe it's the big boobs too, and the fantasy idea of Francie dancing naked, but if someone knew how to get what she wanted, Francie did.

What I saw, in the exchange between Francie and Wenatchee cops on the sidewalk outside of the clubs, is that they were on the same team, whatever team that is. Dirty or not, they had a thing for Francie.

I say "they" because even if it was only 1 or 2 male cops that were doing the wink-eye and smile with Francie on the sidewalk (before she ditched me), later it was even more cops around me.

I intuitively knew Francie was working with the cops I saw, or that they all did cocaine together, or something. There was a different kind of relationship there. I do believe it was possibly for cops that Francie ditched me that night. There was no one else, hardly, at the club.

Her boyfriend was the D.J. so he had to break down his equipment and put it in the van. I watched him do some of that. I was in the car when she wanted to get something and then we were back at the club and they were gone.

Michelle Erickson knows Francie.

So basically, Michelle Erickson was connected to the cocaine user who set me up with her boyfriend to be assaulted by police. And Erickson is friends with them. I have even seen some of the guys that were in the car with me when the assaulter was there, later with Michelle.

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