Tuesday, January 1, 2013

FBI Extorting Money From Parents

I believe the FBI is extorting money from my parents. 

I know someone is forcing them to make payments to them and I think it's the FBI.  I know the FBI has been involved in our lives for a long time, and has concealed the MKUltra program from the public.

Almost every single person involved in my son's case was U.S. military.  All of them, except for a couple of state "witnesses", were federal or state employees who got paid by taxpayer's money, through the goverment.  Of these government employees, about 80% of them were Roman Catholic and of the entire 100%, including Catholics and non-Catholics, 100% were connected to the U.S. military.  Their connections to U.S. military were/are active service, retired service, and having worked at U.S. military facilities prior to CPS work. 

I've grown up my entire life, surrounded by U.S. military (Army mainly) and then behind us was an FBI psychologist who was Mormon.  Some of the Mormons who have thought using my parents to their own advantage was profitable, are the same ones who attempted to take my son from me before he was ever born, because they hoped to abuse him and train him to do for them what my parents have done for them, and for Roman Catholics, and Jewish, and others who have had knowledge of the program.

While it sounds unbelievable, it is likely that the FBI is actually party to forcing my parents to make payments to them.  They've laundered money to the Middletons, and I believe that they've abused their authority by letting my parents know they know about the program and they are not going to help, or prevent torture of my family, unless my family works for them.

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