Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jennifer Godfrey & Poison History

Jennifer Godfrey, supervisor for the CPS "case" involving my son, may be related to other Godfreys that are in a litigious position against my mother.

One of the law firms that represented clients found guilty of infecting persons with chromium, who then had chromium poisoning, is Susman Godfrey.

Two attorneys work for Susman Godfrey by the Godfrey name:

Lee Godfrey
Lindsey Godfrey Eccles

Lee Godfrey is connected to the U.S. military by U.S. Air Force. He is working out of Texas and is partner to the firm. He went to University of Texas and then to Yale for Far Eastern languages.

Lindsey Godfrey Eccles works for the Seattle, Washington branch. She went to Yale, like Lee Godfrey, and University of Texas, like Lee. She clerked for Judge Coughner in Washington state.

She represents music clients primarily, or did so when she slipped out of Susman Godfrey for a few years until she apparently felt it was safe to slip back in. She worked for REAL networks from 2004-2009 which is the same time I told FBI I was moving to Wenatchee, Washington.

Which is where Jennifer Godfrey lives.

I commuted from 2004-2005 and then I had my vehicle stolen from me by a false report. From thereon I was stuck in Wenatchee, and my son taken from me.

In 2009 CPS had decided they could terminate my rights and hope no one figured out anything between people asaulting my parents and assaulting me and my son.

Godfreys are involved.

There is Jennifer Godfrey with CPS in Wenatchee, WA, and then there is Lindsey from Seattle, WA, and then Lee in Texas, where Bujanda, Garza, one of the Schneiders, and Bechtold are from. Jeff Godfrey is her husband and he is from Santa Rosa, California while she spent some time in Spokane, Washington.

They had a son on October 24, 2007, and named him Nolan Charles.

Charlie Company of the Oregon National Guard is the lead plaintiff in the case for hexavalent chromium poisoning.

It's really not like Jeff and Jennie decided "Charlie" was just a cute name. They are criminals. They wanted to mark and celebrate their own participation in crimes against my family, which were ongoing at the time Jennifer Godfrey got involved with my son's case.

She had a conflict of interest from Day 1.

The attorney that last handled the case to close, from Susman Godfrey was Jordan Conners. Conners attended Stanford University at the same time Amy Roe (Willamette Week infamy) attended Stanford ('03) . He then went to Columbia Law School. He chose to be licensed in Texas as well and his clerkship was under Judge Walker in Northern California. He won some awards:

•Harlan Fiske Stone Moot Court Finalist (2008)
•Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar (2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008)

I still haven't heard why my son's current 1st grade teacher wanted her class to make "Stone Soup" a few months ago. His teacher wanted the entire class to spend the day cooking, and when I asked what it was they were making, I was told it was "Stone Soup." I said, "What is that?" and no one ever got back to me on it. I guess no one knows what "Stone Soup" is supposed to mean, other than my son's 1st grade school teacher.

I don't know which woman teaches my son. The U.S. kidnapped my son from me, while torturing and poisoning my family members. Then they make sure I have no information about who is doing what horrible thing and who is trying to rub it in to my parents. The teachers for first grade at his school are:

Melissa Carvitto
Staci Bain
Mary DePaz
Kay Scott

This is just a small part of the Jennifer Godfrey thread.

Santa Rosa is about 1 hour from San Francisco and Stanford University is part of Palo Alto.

My mother's first diagnosis was in Portland, Oregon by a woman with an Italian last name, who diagnosed chrome sores as verrucha (wart). It's chromium poisoning.

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