Saturday, January 5, 2013

Torture of U.S. Citizens as U.S. Government Repression of Free Speech

I have been tortured most severely as a response to my right to free speech.

The times that torture, through use of aerospace defense technoloogy, has been the worst is when I have blogged something a group didn't like, or filed lawsuits, or attempted to access court.

This is still true today.

If I write about the U.S. Navy and other groups who are connected to eachother (potentially, and I'd have to confirm because I don't think all the information last night was accurate as some of it was changing while I even read through it all), in response, I am tortured.

If I write about the Middleton's drug connections, and relationship to the U.S., and children born in the U.S. that are connected to them, I am tortured.

If I attempt to find work anymore, a group that involved with these things, for the last few years, seeks me out and hires me to prevent my being hired by decent people, and then I've been tortured in their workplace and my employment used as an opportunity to exploit me and discredit me--to ruin my employment history to prevent my employment by normal people later.

If I ever have an opportunity to be a surrogate or do something that would allow me to help others while actually making honest money faster than is possible for me any other way (when I've been blacklisted), to help my son or my own life, I've been tortured to force me out of it.

The torture has been directly responsive to blocking me from making money.

Blocking me from making money has been used against me, in retaliation for my right to free speech, for making reports about individuals in the U.S. who have committed crimes or misdemeanors, and as a direct attempt to obstruct justice.

I have been blocked from making money and tortured, first as a response of retaliation for my report about others. In 1998, when I reported rape to doctors, I was tortured by U.S. technology that triggered migraines, which suggests those in charge were either Jewish or Josh Gatov was doing a favor for some group. In response to my report and later filing lawsuits, I was tortured and my vehicles and mode of transportation disrupted from 1998-present. Vandalism of my vehicles, and slashed tires, began in 1998. This first appeared to be private citizens acting on their own. Then in 2003, my vehicles were being blocked from traveling, by the United States government. Unless it was local cops, there is no possible way private citizens were draining the power from 3 different cars that I owned, which shut my car down when I was en route to court and to filing documents in court. Something like this, is state-sponsored, which means the U.S. government (called a "state") was using employees paid by the federal government to obstruct justice and impede my ability to travel freely.

My cars were not stick-shift cars, and they were not stalling. The battery was being drained of energy to shut down the power to my car instantly. I had to then use the momentum of the speed I was already at, to steer to the shoulder of the road. This happened almost every single day, until I was hit in a planned hit-and-run and my car was totalled and I was injured.

When I was able to continue with my lawsuits and college, even injured, to some degree, the FBI used a Judge in Wenatchee, Judge Warren, to issue an illegal citation that was a false citation, to tow my car away from me and take my keys.

By 4 different methods my travel was blocked by the U.S. government, and this is in addition to use of technology to trigger migraine to harm me. Only one of these methods is possibly work of a private party and that is of vandalism.
1. Vandalism
2. U.S. Government Shutting Power To My Cars Down By Remote Access
3. Planned Hit-and-Run
4. Confiscation of Vehicle Using False Reports Known To Be False

I did not lose any of the lawsuits. I was forced to fail by torture and the illegal confiscation of my car.

From that point forward, I was tortured and jailed illegally to prevent me from getting $50,000 in personal injury money that all knew I could apply to getting my car back, and as a safety net in case this kind of thing happened again; and would have provided my living expenses and given me a larger amount of money for legal costs of maintaining my lawsuits or appealing. With money, unless they tortured me every day, I could win against them in court.

I was tortured and jailed illegally and blocked from access to my legal materials by cops. When I was then pregnant and had a torturous childbirth with my son, and all knew that I had grounds for a major lawsuit for both me and my son, which could be won, this was another possibility that I could come into money all of sudden, as compensation for horrible damages to me and my son.

If I had that kind of money, they already knew I would then be in a positition to file lawsuits for newer forms of civil and criminal actions against me, and continued improper use of police for private parties.

With this constant form of oppression, and torture, they prevented me from filing those lawsuits. They decided it was mutually beneficial to criminals that colluded to obstruct justice, to call me mentally ill and deny me painkillers for migraine, and then to deny me sufficient painkillers when I was tortured. When I began to blog about what was being done, I was then told if I did not quit blogging, this would continue to occur against me--torture.

One woman telling me to quit writing in my blog when my son and I were colluded against in Canada, was Michelle Erickson, who is a U.S. Navy employee as well as a state worker. She was also found to be colluding with U.S. Army.

Since this time, I have been tortured as a continued effort to prevent me from being able to make money, or do well enough in college to have the grades to go to colleges that might allow for better salaries. I have also been tortured in retaliation for free speech and as a response to punish me at various time, for things I write.

I would add one more form of impeding me ability to travel freely:

5. Blocking Me From Public Access To Buses To Leave Towns (twice--once in Walla Walla, WA, and once in Nashville, TN)

And one more,

6. Withholding My U.S. Passport

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