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UPDATE: Judge John Bridges & Canadian-FBI Torture of Oliver

UPDATE:  I have been thinking and thinking about this, and if it was Judge Bridges or not.  When someone suggested this first, I wondered why they were trying to suggest Bridges.  Even now, I see other photos that look much more like the man I saw, but if I saw other photos of another man, it might be possible to find someone who was even closer in appearance.  I would have to see Bridges in a casual jacket, standing where I could see him, to know for sure.  I can't imagine who else it would be, and I would say I'm 80% sure with the other photos, but something is different too.  If it wasn't him, and I'd have to look and remember with more time, it was someone trying to frame him, or frame me into giving a hasty reply as to who I thought it was.

The man who was on the property that my son and I lived on, looks like photos of Judge John Bridges that I have just seen tonight.

Someone once told me he wore a single diamond earring on occasion but when I saw him in a photo or in person much later, his appearance had changed.

I just now looked at photos of him from 2005, and they look like the man who was on my property.  The hair and beard thing was the same and there is an earring.  I remember the earring as a single white diamond and I thought it was larger than the court photo shows, but maybe not. 

He was at the back of our property with a metal detector.  I had never seen a metal thing like that, and I didn't know what it was so I thought it was some kind of metal detector.  It had several prongs to it and a long handle.  I thought he was a scientist of some kind, because who would be carrying something like that?

He looked like a yuppie scientist.  He was wearing a regular jacket, and pants and he was tall and not broad, and had this one diamond earring. 

It was snowing.  It was Winter of 2007 and I was living there with my son and we were being tortured.  One day I had a feeling or, I don't know why I went to the back of the property at the time I did.  It wasn't a usual time for us to go out.  I went to the back and saw this man, poking around on our property.  He was moving this metal thing around and touching the snow with it and looking.  He didn't expect to see me and when he did, he straightened up and I said "hi" in a casual way.  He said it was a nice day for a walk or something like that.

But he wasn't on a walk.  He was poking around OUR property with some kind of a weird instrument. 

I remember the earring being larger.  Like, not this teeny spec in his ear but a slightly larger size.  I got Alvaro an earring pad for his daughter, that had different sizes of zircon earrings so they could choose.  I remember he acted weird about it.  Well, maybe this is why.  He didn't even want to look at it. 

Some of the photos of the Judge, I would never match him to the same person on our property, but the ones from 2005 when he was in court, it looks like the same man. 

I don't know where Judge John Bridges lives.  Did he LIVE out there? Did he and Mary live out on St. Route 2?

You know, this is very disgusting. My son has been kidnapped, and he had food taken from him, along with his mother. He's been tortured. But that wasn't all. He had food stolen from him. There were people even making fun of the fact that I gave him organic food. So now he's at Dryden, getting "gourmet smencils" which are #2 pencils that have a scent.

That's what my son gets for being repeatedly assaulted, tortured, and isolated, and starved.

My son has no future in this country.  He is being mocked and made fun of, and what has been done to him is belittled to this degree. 

Why was Judge Bridges on MY property when we were being tortured, poking around with a weird metal thing that had 3 prongs.  It was like a pitchfork.  A long narrow stick that was a handle and 3 prongs at the end, like a pitchfork. It wasn't totally smooth like that though.   It wasn't a "grabber" like Granny has.  It didn't look like any kind of metal or coin detector I've seen either. 

His wife Mary made an offer to me through Tina Thornton, a social worker. It was to leave the State of Washington. 

Brett McDonald was most likely FBI.  She worked at a counseling center that was funded with federal money, under Malcolm Butler.  She let me talk about anything except the FBI.  Why should she care if I talked about the FBI?  The only reason she would care, is if she was FBI herself.  Someone who was FBI wouldn't want me to create counseling records of "damages" from the FBI.  Then I found out her best friend was my social worker, "Tina Thornton".  I gave my misconduct report about FBI agents to a "Julie Thornton".  Tina's husband was a cop.

It was Judge John Bridges on our property.  The photos match and that's without seeing the earring.  So the question is why he was on private property poking around.

There are so many conflicts of interest it's not even funny. 

My son wasn't a U.S. citizen when we left the U.S.  He didn't have a social security number.  I had it revoked.  Not rescinded, revoked.  He was a citizen because of his birth in the U.S. and a member of the State of Washington, but not after we left the country.  As soon as we crossed the border with the intention of leaving for good, he was no longer a citizen.  The citizenship of a child goes with the parent, and the jurisdiction does as well.

Canada illegally returned us.  It was set up ahead of time.  It is against international law to refoul persons to a country where they know there will be harm.  Canada already knew.  By law, it was illegal for Canada to return us to the U.S.  They could have sent us somewhere else, after a hearing for political asylum, but they first ignored the law and didn't give us a hearing for political asylum.

They cooperated in a kidnapping.

Even if the hearing had been lost, Canada could have made us leave the country, but they could not legally force us to return to the U.S.  It had to be a different country or our choice. 

When my son was kidnapped, it was an outright kidnapping.  Then the U.S. illegally obtained a social security number for him, knowing I had said no, and knowing I had legal guardianship still.  They had no legal right to do this.  The only reason they did was because there was no federal connectual nexus or agency and there still isn't.

The adoption is invalid.

No country has a legal authority to adopt out a child they know had left their country for political asylum and who no longer had citizenship with that country.  The U.S. tortured Oliver.  How DARE they claim HE is THEIRs.

The United States "plan" for Oliver's life is jail.

Canada has no citizenship rights to Oliver, because they violated the law, and the U.S. has no right to Oliver because they kidnapped him and set it up with Canadians and FBI working in Canada. 

Any attempt to remove my son back to a country where he was tortured and his mother was tortured, when a clear petition for political asylum was made, is outright kidnapping.

It doesn't matter how long the U.S. kept a kidnapped child here, and their lies about "CPS".  The fact remains Oliver is kidnapped and the U.S. has no legal authority to have court over a kidnapped child THEY kidnapped.

Canada is guilty of crimes of kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping.  They are also guilty of violating their own domestic and international laws.  They are guilty of torture of a child in Canada.  Canada tortured Oliver.  They are as guilty as the U.S. of using technology against my son to torture him.  And they deliberately tried to scare me by having electronics go off in their house and play music and do weird things, while my son and I were still tortured.  Bruce and Karin, from Penticton B.C., are criminals.  My son was tortured at their house, in Penticton, and they knew it.

We were also tortured while driving on Canadian freeways and in a Canadian grocery store and at the only shelter we stayed at.  Some shelter. 


Canada participates in MKUltra and they had records about me and my son already.  They also had records about my Mom and Dad and my Grandpa Garrett.  They knew what they were doing all along and they are guilty of crimes.  They also let Mike Middleton get a joyride out of it.

I was even tortured in the Canadian jail.

Locations of torture in Canada:

1. Canadian freeway.
2.  Bruce and Karin's house.
3.  Penticton jail.
4.  Penticton shelter. 
5.  Canadian grocery store.
6.  Vancouver immigration center.

Six places where I was tortured for Katie Middleton.  I can confirm my son Oliver, as a baby, was tortured at 4 of those locations.

Alvaro?  knows Karin who moved to Moses Lake from Canada.  I saw his reaction when I showed him her photo.  He knows her and he didn't like the fact I had gone to Ephrata to get photocopies of her photo.  Karin is NY FBI.  Oh ding ding ding.  NY FBI and Canadian team. 

God damn Canada.

It's not the first time Canadians worked with the FBI to try to kill me, torture me, or ruin my life. How about Mike Nichols?  He was born a Canadian and grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  After HE hijacked my car, police refused to take a criminal report.  I've tried 4 different times to have it documented and police refused.  They say it's because "He's dead."

If someone breaks into your house and kidnaps you and then accidentally shoots himself, do the police say, "No need to make a report.  He's dead."?  No.  BOY LOOK AT HOW RABID the U.S. is over hauling in a case about dead Middle Eastern hijackers of planes.  Some Middle Eastern men hijacked planes and died.  So is the "He's dead" excuse what the victims got?

No, they got a fancy pants war.  No one from 9-11 was told, "Well, no point in making a report because the guys are dead."

So Mike Nichols is DEAD.  Well THANK GOD. 

Thank God that the hijacker of MY car died for his crimes.  That doesn't mean a report doesn't need to be made.  It means you MAKE the report.

While the U.S. was eagerly looking for "connections" to the Middle Eastern men who hijacked planes, what kind of investigation has been made into Mike Nichols' connections?  None.  And yet I am the one who has been stalked by a dozen different individuals from Lake Oswego, where Mike Nichols went to school and lived.  I've had crimes committed and plotted against me, by Mike Nichols' associates, after he died, and the FBI has done nothing.  Why is that?  Is that because Mike Nichols' Dad works for the FBI?

Halea Meyers, from Lake Owego, showed up at my church, after I started going there, after 1995.  Her mother works for a U.S. prison.  She is a federal employee.  Halea sought me out, and I remember the day she showed up at my church.  She watched me for a long time, more than one week, before approaching me.  Then she told me she wanted to be friends, and after hearing me talk to someone about joining the youth group, from a distance, she then walked up and said she had been wanting to be on staff too.  She got proximity to me and she is from Lake Oswego and federally connected.  Not only that, her best friend is a model that worked in France, where Middleton's family is from.  Hilary.  Then Halea got money after I was raped by Josh Gatov in Lake Oswego, with Lake Oswego cops around first.  She took two trips:  France and Israel.  She was working for Scott and Laura Rose-Lewis who have the England connection.  Halea bought a brand new car.  A Jetta.  She wanted, of course, a VW Jetta.  Then she bought cherrywood furniture including a Queen or King size bed, and decorated her room in red and yellow and hung a giant star lamp at the top.  She decided to go to college too, after she bought her car and new furniture.

The next Lake Oswego person to stalk me at a church was Christa Schneider.   Her whole family started going to my next church, after I was there.  She was the same age as Halea and went to Lake Oswego High, just like Mike Nichols.  Oh, and Christa's Dad worked for the Department of Justice as  a Prosecuting Attorney (federal employee).  Turns out, Christa knows another Canadian too..Karin, whose family moved to Moses Lake when my family was moving out in 1990.  Karin is connected to Whittemore by marriage and to the NY FBI.

I was then set up for multiple assaults by Schneider.  Christa's boyfriend was from Lake Oswego (Ryan Barnes), Devin (FBI) from Lake Oswego, and all of the people at the last supper she wanted to have for me in Oregon before she knew I was going to be tortured in Washington--all of them were from Lake Oswego and had both U.S. federal and Canadian connections.

But of course.  Let's pretend Mike Nichols didn't hijack my car and doesn't have criminal friends who are still alive.  And who, by the way, have harmed me and my son and destroyed evidence.

I want a criminal report made about the crime that occured in 1995, of the hijacking of my car by Canadian-born Mike Nichols.

The U.S. has no problem making a "report" about dead hijackers from 9-11 but they refuse to make a report about a dead hijacker from Lake Oswego.

Dead means nothing.  You make a report and you will do this, and you are going to give me a case number, but since you have waited this long, it is going to the United Nations.

My son is NOT a U.S. citizen and Canada and the U.S. have zero say at this point.   I mean, go ahead and talk.  But it's not like your credit is any good.
UPDATE:  1/28/2013 I am pretty sure Debbie Sweetwater-Burt is also connected to Judge John Bridges and his wife.  I know she is connected to the justice system in Wenatchee, WA and this came into play after I showed up and was going through court of appeals for my son. 

It was impossible, because I was being tortured.  But the other thing that was happening, was I found Debbie is connected to California and New Mexico, to Bechtolds through some of the local cops, and then possibly to Miller, who is a prominent lawyer in Wenatchee and who made a case against me.  He knows Justin Collier and the man working with Collier at the time, was, I believe, a Mexican man who might know Debbie through her trips to Mexico, or it's possible the other one.  I am not totally sure yet.  I know someone got spooked from Wenatchee when I connected Debbie to people there and all of a sudden, the lawyers were calling me and willing to negotiate, along with Judges.  Before I said anything about Debbie, there was nothing.

So something is seriously wrong.

I also know I had a feeling Debbie was laundering money through her business and taking more of my mother's money than she said she was taking, from commissions.  I didn't know who she was laundering the money to.  My thought was that it was the Middletons but I don't know for sure.  I do know, she has laundered money and taken more of my mother's money than she claims to take. 

Over Christmas she made a big scene about trimming the office with greenery but the way she did it was exactly how they asked me to do it in Nashville, TN at the Episcopal church there which was across the street from the DEAs offices.

There is some kind of very bad connection between Debbie and people in the justice system, possibly both Judge Wasson and also Wenatchee people.  At first, I thought she was just connected to corrupt cops here locally but then I realized she is doing weird things with people from Wenatchee or connected to them.

The fact that Judge John Bridges was actually on my property and I finally found photos that match him, makes all of this even more bizarre.  I never thought it was a "judge" snooping around back there.  Why would a Wenatchee judge be on my property where me and my son were?  Of course he didn't look like a judge-type to me either.  I thought the earring and the metal thing he had were signs of some kind of artistic or eclectic scientist.

Also, I had personal ID stolen from that house.  Did Judge John Bridges have a key?  Maybe John Bridges just happens to know Rick Baken, FBI, who lives next to my grandparents.  There were a couple of Mexican men on my property, and Debbie is connected to Mexicans through New Mexico and Mexico (not sure which ones).  There was Judge John Bridges.  And then there was a car full of men from the Russian-Ukraine church.  The torture was from NASA, not anything else, but I saw Judge John Bridges looking around for something at the back of our house, and the a car of other guys pulling over and looking for something inside a pipe in front of our house.

Maybe they were just trying to remind me about Bridges.

Debbie also lied and has wanted to make a big point about being protestant christian.  She's not.  My mother told me, before it mattered or anyone thought it mattered to me, she was Catholic.  Debbie Sweetwater-Burt was suddenly "protestant christian" after she thought it mattered.

Judge Bridges wife Mary was the one telling me to leave Washington state, through Tina Thornton.  And I had a cop threaten me and tell me if I didn't like vandalism of my property, to move out of state.  Judge Bridges is U.S. Army, and so was Mark, the U.S. Army truck driver who picked me up from New Mexico (where Debbie Burt is from) and then thought it was funny to go to a copper mine (Debbie's business is coppertree realty).  They are all connected.
UPDATE 1/31/13

I should add, the 3 pronged metal thing was not a ski pole.  The man told me it was a metal detector when I asked.  I thought it was totally strange. Who would be looking for coins out there?  I mean, that's how I associate it.  But it wasn't a ski pole.  It had sort of the breadth of 2 feet across and around.  It wasn't tiny, and I think the prongs had some kind of hinge of something.  It was a very weird looking thing and didn't even look like metal detectors I've seen before. 

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