Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Judge Dennis Hotchkiss: Criminal

After I discovered the Motion for Change of Venue was missing, I asked for my legal file from Paul Cassle.  I sent multiple emails and he ignored all of them.  I told him if I was representing myself Pro Se, I needed the file that contained whatever the Prosecuting Attorney sent him.  For 30 days he ignored my emails.  I contacted the Judge Hotchkiss and his clerk, and asked them if I was Pro Se or not, and let them know I had been asking for my file from Cassle.  The Judge and clerk also ignored me.  I didn’t receive one reply from either my public defender Cassle, or Judge Hotchkiss and the court.  1 month later, I was told to appear by teleconference.

I fled to the East Coast after the CPS Judge, Judge Dennis Hotchkiss, had a hearing to decide if my son would be returned to me, or the U.S. government would take guardianship of my son.  It was the most important hearing for me and my son and this was the hearing I was asking for my file for.  The Judge got me on the telephone and at the beginning of the hearing he told me no lawyer was representing me and that I was representing myself.

I had a right to discovery from the state (government) and to my legal file for that case, if I was representing myself, and by law, this is something I should have had at least 1 month prior to a hearing.  During that entire month, the Judge and lawyer had ignored me.  I protested over the phone saying, “I don’t have the case file or discovery and I demand the right to an attorney.”  The Judge said, “No, you are going to represent yourself now.”  I objected, saying I had no file or discovery and he said, “You are on your own.”  Anyone, including the Judge, knew there was no possible way for me to be prepared to defend myself against state accusations without seeing what they had filed, and having the discovery and my case file.  They were telling me to represent myself blind, with nothing, knowing I would lose. 

I objected at least 3 times and then the Judge hung up on me.  I was in shock.  I called the court back and asked his clerk if the phone conference was disconnected by mistake or if he had hung up on me.  She said, “He hung up on you.”  I asked her if I could get back into the hearing, and she sent an email to him with me waiting on the other line.  After a few minutes she read the email that the Judge had sent to her and the message was:  “Let Ms. Garrett know the hearing is proceeding without her.”

Paul Cassel went on to be awarded head of the Public Defenders group in Wenatchee.  An Appeals lawyer from Seattle, WA later mocked me to my face over this specific hearing, and sneered that I hadn’t filed an Appeal for it.

I needed court documents before I could file an appeal or Notice of Appeal.  I again made a request for the record and it was not sent to me when I requested it.  The AG and attorneys didn’t send me the record, or part of it, until 1 ½ months later, which was past the time allowed for filing a Notice of Appeal.  By stalling, they caused further damage to my son and deliberately prejudiced my parental rights.  The Attorney General is a federal lawyer.  There was a state-paid, county lawyer on the case against me, and a federal lawyer.  The Attorney General attorneys are part of the Attorney General offices in Seattle, WA, which is the state office for the federal headquarters of Attorney General in Washington D.C.

The United States illegally colluded with Canada to keep my son hostage, and broke the law in even trying to create an impression of legal proceedings.
(Tomas Caballero's next-door neighbor and good friend was Canadian and his best friend Michael worked at a uranium processing plant in Canada)

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