Saturday, January 26, 2013

please don't come back--most disappointed with times

This was what Lorraine Rose wrote on the back of an empty checkbook.

That's how she fired me.  She didn't want me to enroll in college or to work for anyone else, saying she needed me on-call "for parties".

She didn't call me first, didn't see me, nothing.  She just wrote a note about "disappointed with times" and that was how she fired me.  I had saved that empty checkbook with her writing on it until it was stolen from me.

I was raped a few months later by Jew Josh Gatov, who then wanted to take me to The Egyptian Theatre to see "A Clockwork Orange".

A clockwork orange.

So if an employee offends a Rabbi's wife, in any way, I guess, over "times" or "times and dates" about work, it's off you go to rape and a movie to rub it in for everyone.

How in the world are these God's "chosen people"?  After what they've done to me, and my son, I seriously cannot understand what idea crosses minds.

So first it was Brian Thebault telling me, when I quietly had asked Lisa for unpaid wages, that "if you want to clock in and out, you can work in a factory".

First him, about clocking in and out.  Then, the next time it was Lorraine with "most disappointed with times and dates". 

I get raped and then I get sent off to see "Clockwork Orange" at, of course, with Jews sniggering, The Egyptian Theatre.  It wasn't just Jewish people in Oregon.  I remember there was a whole crowd there and I knew something was very seriously wrong.

So class, can you tell me how the Roses are connected to the Thebaults?

And Robin Bechtold.

Oh, is it really federal.

How long was that movie playing?  I mean, how long did it take for someone in Portland,Oregon, to order that movie and have it playing when it was playing, and have Josh ask me out on a date?

Lorraine Roses bedsheets were all 100% Egyptian cotton.  It was the only kind she had or used and I saw the tags everyday I worked for them.  I used to think about it while I worked, why Egyptian cotton?  I even did a google search on it, at my house, to find out what Egyptian cotton was.

I just checked.  Maybe it wasn't the Egyptian Theatre. I thought it was but I will look at location and title again.  There is a Egyptian Theatre that was incorporated into the church I went to, called Graeper's Egyptian Theatre.

I'll have to look it up later.  If I see a photo I'll know which one it was.

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