Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Son Tortured In School

I think my son is being tortured by the U.S. when he's in school.  I thought about it, and maybe that's not the case.  It might be true, or it might not be true.

However, you can't trust them.

How does one trust ANYTHING the U.S. has oversight over, including federal airways and electronics and technology for torture, when one has already seen torture against a child by the state?

If the U.S. tortured my son before he was even born, in the womb, at 7 months of age, had I known that's what was happening, what should a rational person think?

1.  U.S. tortures my child.  Choose the best match for this statement:

a.  U.S. will not torture child in the future.
b.  U.S. will torture child in the future.
c.  U.S. may or may not torture child in the future.

What we know, is that the U.S. is capable of torturing children, their own children.

So then I witnessed actual torture of my son, as a baby, at our Wenatchee house, with his entire body convulsing under what was like living under a giant TENS machine umbrella.  Oh, add a little microwaving to the TENS effect on all of our small muscles under the skin, and pulses that were occasional and would wake us up from pain.

2.  U.S. tortures my child a second time.  Choose the best match for this statement:

a.  U.S. will not torture child in the future.
b.  U.S. will torture child in the future.
c.  U.S. may or may not torture child in the future.

At this point, there are additional questions.  How long of a period did the U.S. torture the child the first time, compared to the second time, and at what levels?

Then we moved to East Wenatchee, and our car was forced out of commission so we were trapped there.  It was snowing outside and I took him tobagganing or sledding but we stayed indoors more whereas usually we went out.  During that time, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, we were tortured at severe levels.  My son was screaming, the cat was screeching through the house with diarrhea everywhere, and I was having near blackouts.  The cat was litter trained.  The only reason there were diarrhea messes (which I cleaned all the time) was because the cat would try to go to the litterbox and didn't get there in time.  It was being targeted with torture that caused swelling of the head and internal organs and blood vessels, just like me and my son, and she tried to get there and couldn't.  My son's toenails and other calcium deposits were warped and undulated from another form of torture at night.  The cat, once it was out of the environment, had a tail that was warped and bent up and it's legs became permanently crippled.  This was because while my toes and feet were curling under and cramping, and my son and I had our nails affected with permanent damage (that went away as it grew out), the cat's body that was heated under those conditions, which was developing still as a kitten, solidifed and the bones set into the warped way that the muscles were cramping and contracting. 

3.  U.S. tortures my child a third time.  Choose the best statement to match:

a.  U.S. will not torture child in the future
b.  U.S. will torture child in the future
c.  U.S. may or may not torture child in the future

That was just the first 3 times and that was before they then decided to torture him psychologically by violently separating him from his mother.  Canada took part in that.  And Canada took part in torturing my son in Canada as well.

So skipping past the additional times of torture against my son which occured from 2008-present, when he is in school, is it possible he is being tortured in school?

Why would the U.S. torture him in CPS state offices, and by federal employees, and almost kill him and then continue to torture him, and then quit when he is in school?

If the U.S. tortures kids that are innocent babies, what about school age? 

I mention this because I was told my son was "disruptive in class" at the beginning of the year. So I asked what does disruptive mean?  being a jokester or something else?  I was told he was getting up and doing other things when they were supposed to do homework.

I was told now it doesn't happen because he goes around and helps kids with their work.

So this is what comes to MY mind, as a victim of torture who has seen her son tortured...

The U.S. is torturing my son in school, to the point that he can't sit through it and try's to get up to move away.  When he does, he gets in trouble.  So now, if he "helps other kids" and is right next to the other child, he is not tortured because the U.S. doesn't torture all kids.

The U.S. chooses to torture Oliver.

I see the possibility as "My son has to be right next to another kid to avoid being singled out and targeted for torture."  So, that's great if the excuse is he's helping other kids or they're working together or whatever.  However, my son is being essentially forced to "help other kids" because if he doesn't, and is on his own at his desk trying to do his work, he gets tortured.

It's kind of like me, being forced to be in bed with Alvaro Pardo.  Or allowing myself to be sexually assaulted by U.S. military and federal employees.  If I'm "helping them" with their "needs" the U.S. Army and CIA tell NASA and Pentagon not to torture me.  So basically, they want me to be in a potato sack race with one of their employees.  ALL the time, because they can't the idea of my working on my own or having the same rights as anyone else.

I wasn't tortured by U.S. technology when I stayed with Alvaro, until I moved out of his bed and said I was sleeping on the sofa couch for the night.  I was tortured by the United States of America.  As soon as I moved to my own sleeping arrangement, the U.S. tortured me, and at levels high enough I was going to the Emergency Room.

With, of course, Alvaro acting like the good guy and helper at my side.  "Oh no, what's wrong?" and putting on the Good Shepherd Act when he already knew what was wrong.  I was tortured with the same technology on that occasion as my son and I were tortured in Wenatchee.  I had blood drawn, and was given painkillers and who knows what else.

I was forced to sleep in the same bed with him.  I was forced into that position, by the United States Pentagon and NASA.

So when I am being forced to be up next to someone, to avoid being tortured, I notice it is always about sex with U.S. government employees. 

So with my son, when I hear he's getting up (or was, and I'm glad he's not anymore) to do other things when he's supposed to do homework, I know how I feel when the U.S. is torturing me, like tonight.  There is not one single day the U.S. hasn't tortured me.

I visited my parents tonight and my mother looked upset and they had things being done to them right there and were trying not to react.

My Dad said it was time to go out and then I saw he was trying not to cry.  He had tears in his eyes and one of his eyes was bulged out from torture.  They did this to his left eye.

The U.S. quit torturing me when I made a CAT complaint against them, until they heard nothing would be done about it.  They quit torturing all of us, for a short time.  But if I'm writing a CAT complaint about Canada, they think they have no obligation.

My parents are blackmailed to stay here.  There is no possible way they are free to leave.

The other thing, is that when I stayed at an apartment in Arlington, Virginia, with a view of The Pentagon, I wasn't tortured at first there.  I was pregnant and it was known I was pregnant.  I was tortured only after I wasn't intimate with the man from Morroco who had the other room in the house.  And then the CIA began disruption of my telecommunications again.  I was basically being tortured if I didn't have a sexual relationship with a U.S. employee. 

Oh.  Did I say the Moroccan man was a U.S. employee? 

Also, the telecommunication problems I experienced were to make me sound mentally ill and crazy.  It doesn't happen to most people (I don't think) unless the world is changing for the worst.  So doing this to me, made me sound mentally ill, to allow further torture of me for anti-competitive reasons.  It was the only way to discredit me.

I notice the U.S. has been most interested in discrediting me after they and Canada tried to kill me in 1995 when Mike Nichols hijacked my car.  Or maybe it was a combination of this and the assasination attempt against me in 1992 when I was run off the road. Who is the U.S. trying to kill me for?

No one has that many weird telecommunication problems either.  It was done when I had no way of buying something to make documentation or recordings of what happened.  Every effort to keep me from having money was for this goal:  to prevent me from making evidence of the crimes.

The only person who I noticed had a lot of "activity" with their telephone or computer, but not in a negative way, a positive way, was Alvaro Pardo.  There were all kinds of bells and whistles and things going for Pardo.  Tons of songs being played, and picked out for him, when I didn't pick anything out and he didn't either...messages on email,...all kinds of things.

I was later spending time with someone else and it went from 70 mph to 10 mph with "extra U.S. government activity"

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