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Pixies and Mary Stuart Masterson in "Some Kind Of Wonderful"

Gouge Away  (I ended up listening to this song later and really like it tonight.  Played it many times.  I am in a Pixie's mood for those drums and lyrics.  I Love The Pixies. Heart Heart. I listen to this song and I really want my own drumset all of a sudden. I suddenly want to be that 80s blond with the pixie cut and the white tank top who gets her own drums. I'm not a dummie, I'm a drummie.  This is Miracle Music.  This is where, I think, it's not gospel music, but it glorifies God in its own way.
It's this one.  I used to pretend all the time that I was like the blond drummer.  I kept asking about getting a drum set after I saw the movie.  And then I played fake drums in my bedroom.  I loved that role and how she got into her music and did what she wanted to do.  Mary Stuart Masterson. 

I loved the music in this movie and I couldn't get the impression that Watts made with me, out of my mind.  She was a tomboy, or did things her own way, but she was straight.  I identified with Watts, not Leah.

I think drumming must run in the family.  Music in general of course, but I was seriously wanting to get a drum set.  I asked about it all the time, because of this movie, and the impression Watts made with me, and the music.  My parents said no, they wouldn't be able to stand hearing it all the time.  We didn't have a basement or anything, to block off sound.  One of our neighbors was a drummer.  But my Uncle Howard was a drummer, and I guess my Uncle Tom likes to drum, and his son does as well.

I liked all musical instruments, but after I saw this movie, I didn't want piano or guitar--GIMME SUM DRUMS.

I think she wore a tanktop, I can't remember, but she also had cut-off jeans I think. That role was one I wanted to emulate when I was a kid or pre-teen. I can't remember who I saw the movie with. Maybe Anitra. No, actually I think I saw it with my family. We all watched it. So I grabbed some pencils and used to try to practice, for pretend. I wanted to have a drum set, and ear phones, and play loud.

I need to get a laptop that plays music louder too. It's driving me nuts. Too quiet.

I must have written about this on my blog a long time ago, but this song by Pixies reminded me.

I sang "Cry Like This" by Blue Room, all the time in my room.

Listen to the fucking drums. I used to try practice that drum riff.


You must be out of your brilliant mind!!!!! I remember singing this around the house too. I remember my parents had this little smile on the corner of their mouths when I sang it.

And I loved "I Go Crazy" by Flesh for Lulu. It was the first movie I saw where I remember feeling inspired by the music. New Wave.

I didn't like "Do Anything" by Pete Shelley as much. It wasn't my favorite one the soundtrack.

I have not seen that movie for over 2 decades but I think I still remember what Mary Stuart was doing when some of these songs played. I think "Cry Like This" she was feeling sadness over something, maybe the guy she liked, and she goes into this room and drums. Then I Go Crazy I think she is excited over something. But I don't remember as much.

She Loves Me. Yes. I sang this one too.

Oh wait. This was one I rocked out to. The HARDEST WALK. Hello Reginaldo Roma. (UPDATE 1/6/13. I just played this again and found the ghost on the neck of the guitar. It's a Gibson guitar, and if you pause it as the camera scans down the length, right at the beginning you can see the ghost shape, or Bell shape. I used to practice drums to this song. I kept trying to get the rhythm on it right. I don't know what he's saying at the end. Bored? Board?) fretboard?

I mean, how can anyone watch this movie and hear this music, and watch Mary Stuart Masterson and NOT want to be a drummer? I think I still want it. I want it. I want the drums.

I didn't care for The Shyest Time by The Apartments then. I wasn't into "The Shyest Time" song. I never sang it at home or in my room.

Miss Amanda Jones by the March Violets...I didn't sing this song either. I think I liked the drive, in general, but it wasn't one of my favorite songs.

I sang "I Can't Help Falling In Love" by Lick the Tins. Of course. Well, of course. Listen to it. Can you not sing?

I even sang it with a British accent.

I sang this one all the time, in "Britishish"

Turn to the Sky by March Violets, wasn't a favorite. Wait, I think I sang this one sometimes, just the chorus.

My favorites were "You Must Be Out of Your Brilliant Mind". It stuck in my mind, along with "Cry Like This" and then the I Can't Help Falling In Love I already knew but I sang it with the british accent. Some of the songs I practiced pretend drums too, like The Hardest Walk. I do remember singing "Cry Like This" soulfully. Ohohohwhoa.

I need more Furniture right now, and I can't find more songs besides "You Must Be Out of Your Brilliant Mind".

With these songs, I guess I had the tape cassette. It's weird, because I don't actually remember having that cassette, but I remember practing to specific songs from the Soundtrack, all the time. It's weird bc I remember we mainly had christian worship and 50s-60s music in the house. So this was a New Wave exception, and I seriously cannot remember how I had access to that music to practice to it. I mean, I remember walking through the house singing the same verse, "You must be out of your brilliant mind" over and over. I couldn't remember the lyrics so I sang this refrain all the time, and I remember walking out of my room and into the living room singing it. I remember practicing drums to the other songs, and more than once, but I don't remember what the tape looked like. I know I played it in my bedroom. Maybe I bought it myself. I had a paper route at age 11 and money, and I bought some of my own things. I possibly bought it.

Anyway, I saw different movies, from Breakfast Club (1/2 of it) to Pretty In Pink, Sweet Sixteen, and other stories, and the one that impressed me was Some Kind of Wonderful. I didn't care for the other movies or the other heroines or characters that women played. They all seemed to be the same thing.

I had the cassette tape. I remember to harmonizing with the songs too. And then one day my cassette tape disappeared. I remember wondering what happened to it, because it was missing. I don't even think I had it very long and it was gone. I remember watching the movie more than once too, which was unusual for me, because I didn't like to repeat things after I already knew the plot.

And then I got the crazy pants with the headband for Christmas and my brother got the Army costume with the Army hat. It was probably an indication of CIA and U.S. Army. Hmm, I think we got these earlier, before the movie. I can't remember when I got which, but I ended up having tons of headbands. Some were solid color and stretchy material and sort of wider, and then other ones had some kind of bow or something on the side and I wore it to the side of my head instead of the top of my head. They weren't hard headbands, all of them were soft fabric. Stephanie Maiers, who I later met, wore hard headbands, and I wore soft ones. I only had a few colors. I had black and white checkered, I think plain black and plain white, brown, and hot pink. And then I used to put this black velvet choker with a green emerald-like stone in the center, across my forehead after I saw the movie "Never Ending Story". I didn't go out in public that way though, just tried it on like that in my room. I never had a green, red, yellow, or purple headband. I maybe had blue but I don't remember if I wore it much, and I maybe had orange. I definitely remember the hot pink one, and the black and white checkered one. I was thinking I wore the pink one with the crazy outfit but I think it came with a black and white checkered headband and then I just wore other colors that went with it too. There was some kind of bow or something on one of them. Like a bow tie style that was flat against the rest of the headband. It sort of stood out a little, I guess, but it was not a loopy bow. I wore soft headbands and then I didn't wear them as much and started wearing hard headbands later, but I liked the wider ones, not the thin ones and I liked tortoise style color, to blend with my hair, and not stand out in a contrasting color.

I was just telling my mother tonight, "Mom, Granny must have been trying to tell you something to name you Dicksie-Dael." She said what are you talking about and I said, "Deal? Dicksie-DEAL?" She said, "It's Dicksie-Dael." I said, "Mom, I know, that's how we pronounce it, but linguistically it's pronounced "deal"." I added, "So what was the Dicksie Deal? I think someone made a deal over you when you were a kid and your Mom was smart enough to try to name you this to tell you something." My Mom said, "Deal is spelled d-e-a-l" and I said, "Yeah, I know, but there is more than one way to spell it to sound like deal, and it's Dickise-deal."

I think the government forced her parents to give my mother to them for research or something and then tried to reinforce it by killing Madonna.

I also think Josh Gatov was making a sick allusion to the song "Cry Like This", which I sang all the time as a preteen, when he said, "What would your Dad think to know you were 'taken' by a Jew?" It was premeditated hate crime.

The Blue Room.

What have the police and FBI done about it? NOTHING. It's the thin blue line, like the Canadian movie where everyone knows and no one says anything.

No, this American government did nothing. They freaked out over First and wanted to push me to snap (and welfare) and jamming my electronics, computer, ruining my cases, implanting me???! with microchips?

I mean, what were they afraid of? A gold earring? I was 13 years old when that movie came out. I saw it on VHS, and my entire family watched it.

I do remember. I had that tape and then it disappeared and I was wondering where it went. I remember looking through my room, all over the place, wondering how it could just disappear. I cannot believe how much this country steals from me. There was another song too, "Some Kind of Wonderful" and it's not mentioned on the songlist for the movie.

Anyway. A week ago or more, I put gold thread through my earring holes. I wanted to make sure I could still put an earring in if I wanted to, so I took a needle and this gold thread I got at a thrift store recently. I am looking at the spool right now and it's Belding Corticelli, and Bel-Waxed Mercerized Cotton (fast to boiling). I didn't really know what I was going to do...make little studs with knots at the end or hoops and I ended up making medium size hoops about the size of a quarter. You couldn't see any knots at all, just hoops. I looked up Corticelli and I don't know exactly what it means in Italian. I found one reference to Cort as "court" and "i" as "little" and "Celli" as "blind" or "altar of the sky". All put together, I am not sure how latins or Italians would describe the meaning. Little blind court? little altar of the sky court? I've just found something now that says celli is an Italian surname meaning "bird", from ucello. ? little bird court? Another site says cello or celli means "small" so "small court"? little court? I don't know. The Italians do.

And then after one day, I wore them to bed overnight, and when I woke up, one of them had come undone. Actually, I think it was the first night, one of them came undone and I saw it before I went to bed. Yes, I remember that was it. What was weird was that I accidentally pulled on one of them but it didn't come undone, and then that night as I brushed my teeth and looked in the mirror I surprised to see the other one came undone. The right one stayed in a hoop and the left one was in two strands hanging from my ear.

I remembered feeling weirded out about it. I thought about Diana for some reason, and her one missing earring and then I thought about my Mom, giving me one gold hoop to wear as a ghost (maybe a spook). I thought, now THAT is super-psychic. Or prophetic.

So the left earring hung down in two straight lines from my left ear, with one line a little shorter than the other and then my right ear was a round hoop.

I went to bed and left them, didn't touch them at all. When I woke up, the right one was in a sort of figure 8 because it twisted while I slept. It was into a figure 8 and then the bottom loop sort of lifted up a little. The left ear still had the two straight lines, hanging in sort of a ^ but closer together. And like I said, one was longer than the other line, just a little. It hung from my ear lobe to the middle of my neck. I went through my earring hole with the thread once and then repeated and went through twice so it was a double threaded hoop. Hoops. Double threaded hoops. (So I guess it made 4 thin threads for each hoop, but they stuck together looking like one hoop until one of them came undone).

I remember my mother was shocked and looked really pleased when she saw this. I went to the front door for something and my Mom was looking almost shy and winsome and I saw her noticing my "earrings" and she got this light in her eyes and smiled.

I went to the shoe store this way, with the earrings the same way as they turned out to be--went to The Big 5. Some of the store clerks noticed, because I saw them noticing, but I forgot about it. People who saw them were freaking out over it. The first day I had the hoops, even with people passing by driving, they were freaking out, before one of them even came undone somehow. I mean, sort of resentful looks and astonishment. I don't know why and I'd love to have someone fill me in. Maybe they were shocked because of my mother's ability to predict something, decades ago...I don't know.

I also don't exactly know how a hoop turned into just 2 straight lines hanging down, without any knots or anything. After the second day, the night after I got the shoes, I pulled them out.

I thought about taking a photo but why? take my word for it. If I wanted to fabricate such a thing, I could try to figure out how to recreate the look, but I don't need to do that.

I guess when it happened though, naturally, it made me wonder about some things.

I know my mother was really happy and surprised to see it, for some reason. She had this quiet happiness and amazement and said nothing to me, but I saw why she had this.

I believe it was First grade when I went to school as a ghost. I had a white sheet over me with eyes cut out of the sheet, and my mother gave me one gold hoop earring to wear, in my right ear. We didn't have a lot of money, not to buy a costume, and it was going to be costume day at school, for Halloween. So I kept pestering my mother about it and she finally got out a white sheet, and cut eyes out for it and I said, "What's that?" and she put it over my head and said I could go as a ghost. Then she gave me one gold hoop earring to wear in my right ear and I said "What about the other one?" and said, "Why would ghosts wear this?" and she said, cheerfully, "You're a gypsy ghost." Or something like, "Tell them you're a gypsy ghost" when I said what do I do when kids ask questions. I think I wore lots of necklaces too, and maybe bangles for my wrists. I mostly remember the one gold hoop.

I remember all of the other kids had their faces showing in class, and I had my face covered the entire day. That was sort of a thrill. I was totally undercover. The teacher didn't make me take it off because it was my costume and it was my clothing for the day. I had long johns or something underneath, don't remember. So I wore the sheet over my head, with only my eyes showing through the holes, for one full day. I possibly had a hole cut out for my nose, under my nose, so I could breathe but I know there wasn't one for my mouth.

Imagine that!

It was very exciting. I don't remember what I did for lunch, but maybe it was a half day of school that day. I can't remember. I just know I wore it in class all day, with this huge sheet that went to the ground and covered me from head-to-toe. I do remember kids asking me what I was, and I said proudly, "I'm a Gypsy Ghost!" After that, not one of them had anything else to say or add. No one asked me what a gypsy was.
I just looked at the video of "Brilliant Mind" again, and the earrings of Maya Gilder are like the gold thread hoops I had in my ears just a few days ago, with one coming undone in strands. Some of the people in that band must have a gift or know people that do. Also, the locket necklace around the male singer "Irvin"?(James/Jim Irvin) is like the locket I had that disappeared. It's the same size and shape, length, and the same type of chain. It's the one where my baby photo was on one side, and then a photo was missing from the other side. I don't know if I possibly saw it one time and saw my cousin Rory's photo there, when he was a kid, or not. I know my brothers photo wasn't there. I just vaguely remember another photo and then no photo and then no locket. I know for absolute certain there was a locket with my photo at least, on a side.

I just looked up John Hughes bio and I think he was probably murdered. I don't believe his heart attack was natural. Maybe so, but possibly not. Possibly, he had information The Kate Crew didn't want to get out. He died in 2009. Have you noticed how many people died that year? and in 2010?

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