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I wrote about this in my last post.

I saw the blond guy putting money or something on a table, on the table in front of me. I was taller or I guess, after he bent over to set the money down I was, because I saw the top of his hair.

Blond man or young man. Not balding at all. Slender build or lean build.

He wasn't a kid. It was a young man or a man with medium hair cut. Like, not a buzz cut and not long in a ponytail. Straight, fine, hair.

It was NOT Chris Rozollo.

The gesture was hurried "like" Chris Dabney but I couldn't see anyone's face. Maybe I sort of saw it with him leaning right, slightly to the side. It was in front of me but maybe he was at a slight angle.

I also didn't see actually what it was. I didn't see actual coins but that's what I thought it was at first. I knew it was something of value, they were valuable. There wasn't anything else on the surface. I didn't hear anything, not words with it, or see communications with it, or anything. Suddenly out of nowhere this man appeared and put something of value on the table in a hurried way. That was it. Not professionally dressed. No suit and tie. All lighter colors. I didn't see any dark contrast. I don't know what kind of shirt, it happened too fast. It was loose, as in not in packages, or bound or wrapped up or contained.

I really don't care and this kind of thing is usually U.S. government.

I want my son returned.

A different day before that, weeks ago, I saw some other blond man with spikier hair brushed up bangs and blond and it was a different man. I am positive it is Catholics because then this Catholic man came into the library where I was. I saw half of his face over a board or paper, looking over. So from the eyes up to the hair with a paper blocking off the rest of his face.

Then this young man came into the library when I hadn't told anyone and I knew it was because someone told him to. He kept looking at me and maybe expecting me to say something and I said nothing and he looked surely, not my friend, and left.

I don't believe it is "friends" that are tortuing my family and trying to use us still.

The young man looked like a younger non-acne version of John Kaempf.

I know the Heintz man I met, referred to in my previous post, is connected to Mark, the Irish-Catholic truckdriver. I know because he was carrying that porn around with him and it was after I saw a non-porn cream or custard pie. I mean, I saw it being eaten like normal in a non-sexual way. So what was the point? Just to bring a copy cat of what I saw and mix it up with sex instead?

None of this has any point. During all of this, I have been tortured and prevented from opening a business, and targeted to be raped and assaulted.

I don't want to be married. I then get pushed to be married with Alvaro and that was when NASA quit torturing me, after they first murdered my unborn babies.

I want my son returned. I don't appreciate having people try to force me into certain positions that work for them.

My rights are my rights. I have a right to not be tortured by NASA. That right has been violated. I do not have to answer or "cooperate with" CPS, or marry an FBI/CIA agent, or go to counseling or do anything else that is besides the point.

The point is that our rights are being violated. We cannot fight in court. We can't own houses. We can't own credit cards (some of us). We can't be entrepreneurs. We can't be successful in college. We can't "sound normal". We cannot do ANY of these things when we are being TORTURED BY NASA.

We can't "look good" or "stay healthy" either.

TORTURE has obstructed us from our most fundamental rights.

It is NOT my fault. I do NOT take responsibility for this country's crimes.

MY SON is to be returned and NASA is to cease and desist its crimes or it will cease and desist to survive at all because I do know God will allow another country to take over, and it won't just be by infiltration as has already occured. It will be through violence.

This is not even a country that has any moral basis when we are tortured by NASA.

THAT is being held hostage.

Jon Hammar complains about being threatened with having his head cut off, and I wish someone had done it. What are they doing to my family?

Hammar knows very well what is happening to my family, specifically. Being assaulted by NASA every single day, to the head, and heart, through technology, and being medicated.

I am not leaving this country without my entire family and the U.S. knows this. They are holding us hostage here to be tortured.

We want Oliver returned to me in Oregon, and I hope Mr. Obama is thinking of how to make that happen.

Mueller III should be in jail for life along with his "pal" and NASA employees.
What is wrong with this country, that they allow torture of me by NASA?

Of anyone. No one who is a U.S. citizen should be tortured this way.

It is actual slavery that is occuring to us. It is not outright slavery, but removal of all of our rights, and application of torture every single day as well.

That is slavery. It is not slavery we brought upon ourselves. There is no code or law that says it is okay to obstruct competition or torture citizens for any reason.

The U.S. wants me to work for THEM, but doesn't want me to open up my own business.

So when CPS first took my son, they started talking about my working for THEM (CPS). Literally. It's not something I mention bc out of all the things to write about, that was something that was suggested and then not mentioned again after I said no, are you kidding me.

Then the U.S. wanted me to work for them in D.C.

Next, I was forced to work for them in bad situations and while being tortured, at Logans and the Deli.

Next, I was told I could probably have my son back if I am going to be an elementary school teacher.

So again, working for the U.S. All the kids around here are military and government kids.

So I worked for federal employees since I was 11 years old. Every single year, PT or FT until about 2002 when I was then focusing on lawsuits and wanted to go to law school but was obstructed from this.

I had my own child and the U.S. has a problem with it. They attempted to have me give him up for adoption. Then they tortured us.

But after torturing me and finalizing an illegal adoption, this country tried to get me to work for them again.

So it's great if I work for federal employees, but I can't work for myself and start a non-profit or other business on my own to help people.

It's great if I babysit and work as a nanny for federal employees, but I can't raise my own son.

That is slavery.

Then, I was pushed to marry someone because what? it's not okay for me to be a single mother? This country just had groups of people who have wanted to control me and hoped a husband would do that.

I have a right to not be tortured.

My right is to raise my son and not be lied about with regard to torture.

My right is to be free to open business for myself.

My right is to be free to travel where I choose to travel.

My right is to be free to be a single mother. If I want to add marriage to that later, that's fine. But this country doesn't have a right to force something upon me.

I should not have to "cooperate with CPS", "forgive rapists", "get married", and "work for the United States" to have my son with me and not be tortured.

Having my son and not being tortured are not "conditional rights" that are available only if I join some "group".

Why should I be forced to even acknowledge CPS when they know they are guilty of fraud.

I was good enough to babysit and nanny federal employees' kids for decades. I was good enough to have people want me to get married and work for the FBI and CIA. I was good enough to have people want me to be a school teacher for more federal kids.

So I'm only not "good enough" if I'm not under someone's thumb.

This is what the U.S. has done to my parents their whole lives and what they have tried to force me to do.

I do not have to "forgive" anyone to have the right to my son.

Forgiveness is not a requirement for being a parent, and neither is "promise you won't sue us!"

I promise I won't sue you?

Then every time I'm starting a new college term, I have Catholics shutting something down to traumatize me or cause a major disruption in my life.

Microsoft chose to do this.

Google chose to do this while I was trying to upload evidence of scans, until I quit. Only after I quit did they repair the Blogger functions. Google, as a corporation, chose to attempt to block me from uploading evidence. This is a massive corporation that deliberately did this to me. Then they passed the baton to Microsoft and had Microsoft block me from my own primary account which I need.

Before this, it was getting books to me late, or ruining my computer programs. Anything possible to have me deliberately prompted away from college or distressed and forced to address a major problem, has been done.

It is major corporations and the people at the top of these corporations are working with the federal government and being rewarded for it. They have people who work in corporations and corporations have people who work in government.

The FBI is doing WHAT about this?

Why don't you marry our Colombian CIA friend? who is nothing more than a Middleton set up?

What about the Maiers. I mean, I visit Stephanie in Seattle one day and the next day I'm being tortured with my son in Wenatchee.

I was being tortured before that, by constant use of migraine. However, the prenatal torture to my back was at a cop and U.S. Army BBQ. Then there was no problem until we got back from Seattle.

After we got back from Seattle, from that wedding shower, my son and I were tortured.

It was right after I met Karin, and found out she knew Christa Schneider. It was the first personal government connection I made. That this person who moved to Moses Lake from Canada was connected.

Who was it that saw me in Seattle, Washington that decided to torture me and my son.

It was someone from Seattle or connected to someone there at the wedding shower that was in Seattle.

That includes the U.S., Canada, Australia. These were the nationalities represented at the shower. Stephanie was marrying an Australian and Karin is Canadian.

Others outside of this group were in Seattle, WA. So who was it that decided to torture me and my son 24/7 with other forms of technology that almost killed us.


It didn't happen until we got back from Seattle, WA.

So who was it.

It was bad enough after 2005. It was migraines to the point of torture. But who decided to torture not just me, but my son as well, and to target both us with extreme pain to the point of almost dying.

Who would do that?

It was after my son and I were in Seattle, WA.

The wedding shower was held near Pike Market, near the water.

One other nationality was represented. Japan. Stephanies former roommate and best friend was Tasha, who is Japanese.

U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan.

The United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan were all represented at that wedding shower through Stephanie's family and friends. Potentially France as Karin is French Canadian.

U.S., Australia, Canada, Japan, and France.

Karin was connected to the FBI, the Canadian government, and The Department of Justice. Maiers were connected to the U.S. federal government through a proposed business contract to build a federal prison.

Aside from this, I don't know who else there was connected to the government. Oh, Stephanie's friend from a restaurant, who was a Social Worker. She was a Seattle, WA social worker.

What happened? after I said something about the prison, thinking it wasn't a big deal (when Joy freaked out), she told someone to make a false report about me?

I had zero reports against me to CPS until we got back from Seattle, WA. We were not tortured before that point, and no CPS complaints were made.

Mary Ann McIntosh works for Seattle, WA. She works for police and Seattle.

Christa called me up, after that wedding shower and asked me how I wanted to die or how I didn't want to die. Then,my son and I were tortured.

Seattle, WA.


Seattle was the place where Gannon was assassinated. It is where my Uncle Howard was shot down while working as a test pilot for Boeing. It is the last place my son and I went before being targeted for full-blown torture against both of us.

They sized me up in Seattle. Sized up my son. And then we were being tortured.

Karin: French-Canadian
Tasha: Japanese-American
Stephanie's husband: Australian

(known government connections)

Maiers: contract to build massive federal prison, requiring FBI background checks on all personnel.

Karin: Dick Whittemore (court, Department of Justice), Whittemore (NY FBI), and Canadian Prime Minister (her parents).

Tasha: Japan, U.S. federal government (FBI), possibly Judge Alicia Nakata.

Skye: London, England (I think. This is Joy's daughter and I think she went to boarding school in Canada and then college in England).

unknown name: Seattle social worker

I find a Cheryl Corliss who is connected to a Jed Corliss (possibly), who works for Coos Bay DHS.

The Portland FBI told me to contact them months ago, when I asked for an investigation into Judges in Washington state.

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