Thursday, January 24, 2013

Police Harming My Son (Oliver Is "Just Old")

The excuse for marks of torture on my son is what?

The local cop here, "Sean", excused evidence of abuse and torture to my mother and Dad, saying, "They're just old."

No one has contacted me yet about that police report about my mother, which I made over 1 year ago.  The only thing I've found out is that Patty Otterbach is a cop herself.

So I guess as long as cops can harm others, the excuse for evidence of torture and beatings is that "they're just old".

Is that what they say to excuse what is done to Oliver?

He's just "old"?

No, for Oliver it was "he's just a kid."

Police over here, torture my parents and then dismiss reports about it, saying, "They're just old".

Police in Wenatchee and Leavenworth, torture my son, and dismiss reports about it, saying, "He's just a kid."

I think Police over here know Police over there.

And I think we have a massive corruption problem on our hands and crimes committed BY cops.

So basically, my parents are just "old", my son is "just a kid" and I'm supposedly just "nuts" since I can't be either "old" or "just a kid".

My son's injuries are blown off as "kids get hurt, he's just an active kid."  The police are blowing off my parent's injuries, committed in part BY police as just "a sign they're getting old".

Since the police can't sexually assault me or date rape me anymore, they have decided I know too much about them and I am just "nuts".


It works out really well for them.

What I'm finding out, is that some of the ones who are literally committing the physical assault, not just the NASA stuff, but the face-to-face assaults, are cops and FBI.

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