Saturday, January 12, 2013

We Are Hostages (video clips)

My family is being held hostage by the U.S. government and is torturing us. They kidnapped us when we tried to leave. My parents have even tried to leave and they were kidnapped.

My son and I were kidnapped from another country where I was making a Political Asylum petition.

I attempted to report the US to the UN and all of our power and electricity and computers and telephones were shut down by the U.S. My brothers, my parents, and mine.

I filed a petition for habeas corpus, for both me and my son, which is a last resort legal measure for discovery and trial of illegal hostage-taking and false imprisonment and the petition was not heard. It was routed to a corrupt Judge with a conflict of interest and he deleted information from my petition, to include only my name and not even address my son's name, who I still have a legal right to, and at that time, whose appeals were not over at that point.

My parents are forced into slave labor for the U.S. as psychic spies for the government.

Our family members and babies have been assassinated by the U.S. government as a reminder to do what they say, "or else".

Our talents and gifts are exploited for U.S. profit and for other private group's profit while we are prevented from using our own gifts to open up our own businesses and profit ourselves.

My bank account and email accounts have been blocked by corporations working with the FBI out of anti-competition and the first time the U.S. knew I was about to start my own business was in 2002. I had a smaller for-profit business, but the FBI and U.S. knew I was about to open a legal non-profit and they obstructed me from business.

The U.S. has forced me to work as a nanny for their FBI and CIA employees and then kidnapped my son; otherwise, I've been forced to work for below normal wages for the federal governments, but blocked from making normal salary at other businesses or opening our own.

We have been raped. More than just me. My mother has been raped repeatedly. The U.S. government knows about all of this and has used their own employees to rape us.

The United States has stolen all of my diaries and personal belongings, including clothing and shoes, and boxes of legal records. They have taken professional papers and documents from my house, and entered bank security deposit boxes without permission, they have obstructed me from my own records in email files, by recently encouraging Microsoft to block me from my account as an excuse, the same night I requested an open public investigation by The Senate.

My mother has been raped repeatedly, I have been raped repeatedly, my son has been raped, and my son has been hypnotized and cut up and tortured by NASA.

NASA is currently run and operated by the administrator Charles Bolden.

Before him it was Michael Griffin.

UPDATE: 1/14/13. I made the clips on the 12th and I uploaded 2 of them already. The third one I uploaded on the 13th and had some tampering with my computer. In the meantime, the torture from NASA was less than it has been until 11:30 or 12 p.m. or so. Then I was being targeted repeatedly by NASA on the head again, and to the heart. I describe my interactions with the Pentagon, CIA, and NASA involvement in the following clips but it will be sometime today that I am able to upload them.

Also, I confirmed the woman I made a police report about, 1 year ago, worked for a police department. So the only reason the local police refused to contact me about her, and treat my report like any other criminal report, is because she has worked for a police department before. I did not know this but found it confirmed otherwise. This is the woman who brought my mother back to our house tortured, beat up and drugged.

We are being tortured and held hostage. All of us. I will have the rest of the clips up today.

This is an extremely small point to make, when torture is the most serious honest allegation I am able to make, but my mother is not even allowed to have her hair the way she wants.

My mother has beautiful thick blond hair. When she was younger, any photo of her that showed how beautiful it was, left down, was stolen. There was one of her by the Christmas tree with platinum (naturally) blond hair as thick as a cord of wood, that fell all the way to the floor when she sat. I could put my hands around it and it was thicker than a horse tail. Soft, shiny, really beautiful. Then growing up she always had it long bc it looked good on her. Since I've been here, someone has been chopping her hair shorter and shorter and shorter and she doesn't like "older woman looking" hair styles. She also HATED the bangs she was forced to have cut. They cut her hair like linda hartley's with blunt bangs, how my mother had her hair when she was 8. It was degrading and she acted like she was completely embarrassed by it.

She is not even given control over how she wants her hair done. She had some nice highlighting done last time, but her hair and the BANGS are NOT what she wants. They gave her her 8 year old girl hair cut, where she looks like Princess Diana when Diana was a girl. They could be twins they looked that much alike. Well, it's not my mother's wish, to have linda hartley hair. I think it's very odd that when she had the most beautiful hair anyone could imagine seeing, no photos exist of it. I'm really tired of people stealing from us.

Not only that, some of the worst and most extreme torture committed against me, my brother, parents, and son especially, was done the year up to Kate Middleton's wedding. They made sure all of us were so out of our minds with torture we couldn't say anything or didn't dare try to help one another. My son looks extremely ill as well.

As for the "due date" for Middleton, whose children all should die for what she and William and some of their friends and Middleton's friends have done to us, being "due" in July, that is a lie. The due date is in June. Someone decided to broadcast this lie after I came across email suggestive of rape of my son in June and including William and Kate Middleton nods. I don't think Kate wanted me to think she planned for it to happen in June, to celebrate the occasion of death and sodomy threats and retaliation.

All of her children should die, and I hope they do by God's ability, not violence. I hope they die natural deaths from God's own hand after her thugs have tortured my family, killed many of our family members, and stolen from us.

Kate Middleton will be divorced.

By the time I am through exposing who her family is connected to, it is over for her and her family and those in the U.S. CIA that killed over her.

Like CIA's Morocco man who knows the Middleton and who deals heroin and cocaine. The one I lived with when my unborn were being assaulted by NASA and Pentagon to die. He is Middleton's friend and he is the one who called me insane for her family. My unborn were tortured because of her and others who had a motive to retaliate.

She is in the drug business and her entire family are drug whores. I would not at all be surprised to find out she stripped for money while in college, literally. She takes her clothes off in public to flash people before getting pregnant as some kind of vanity bid before her body is distorted from pregnancy and she flashed her body on the runway. All she is, is a display model who snorts coke while William is "capturing the coke castle" off in Colombia.

Very hypocritical, but very CIA.

What William should have been featured splitting, instead of a tree trunk in Chile, was profits from a coke deal for Katie.

So William captures the coke castle so they can all snort with Gary. What was he capturing? the dummy vessel? Maybe he and the FBI and dirty DEA who work for Middleton CIA decided to send out a decoy to "capture" while the serious cocaine shipments went by unnoticed. Throw the rock over to the one side to make a big splash to make it sound like something is moving in the other direction.

I hope Katie has a strong supply of Fleet laxatives because it gets harder to run when you're adding iron supplements on top of the cocaine habit. It's a different kind of constipation.

Morrocco is her "rock", not William. Her "rock" is a chunk of change from crack cocaine. More rock please. Morocco. OH ! and guess who Dirty DEA agent Brad Uhl's wife has connections to?


Which is why he RAN...I mean Nashville after I moved there, just in case I started blogging about something that became a "problem" he or the FBI wanted to take care of.

His wife has a tab open for Morocco.

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