Sunday, January 27, 2013

U.S. Turning Off Electricity Now

Now the United States is turning off my electricity repeatedly.  In the last 30 minutes, I had electricity to my house turned off over 10 times, first every 5 minutes and then about every 2 minutes.

They're tripping the breaker to my place, which is what they've done to my parents with their hot water heater.

So they force me out of my house, in the dark, to switch on a breaker in another place on the property that is away from my house.  I had one light on and one electrical thing running and they kept doing this.

The U.S. has people who are in deep trouble.  Criminals who work for the U.S. who are in deep trouble. 

And when I went to my parent's house to let them know my power was being shut off every 2 minutes, my Mom was doing laundry by the door and looked very scared.  I am not surprised.  It's not like THEY don't know this involves the Middletons and the U.S. government.  My mother would have no reason to look that afraid unless she and my Dad already knew I had written about the Middletons and the Port Orford thing tonight, and they know I'm writing the CAT complaint, so they know there is danger.

I'm tired of the U.S. getting away with doing this to my family.  Stop shutting off my electricity.

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