Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Get Out Of Here! Parents Have No Hot Water & Other

My parents have had no hot water since I was preparing most recently to file for CAT against Canada (which includes the U.S.). Basically, around the time I wrote Senate-connected people about MKUltra.

I went to their house this early morning and my Dad's hair was sticking straight up and that's when I found out.

He has huge black circles around his eyes and it's from something being pressed into them. You can tell by looking.

So he said get of here, because I was there so early, but he was extremely grumpy and then I saw him and his hair, and asked about hot water and he said they didn't have any.

He said the water was cold.

I said what do you mean you don't have any hot water.

He said he is having to reset the button every single morning. It's being turned off and then every morning, in the freezing cold, he has to go outside and reset the button.

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