Monday, January 7, 2013

My Mom was Cut With A Knife & "Arthritis In Feet" and Cuts To Eyes: Torture of My Dad

My mother made a point to announce she did not cut her own face, but I need to write about my Dad first:

This afternoon I saw my Dad and his face was totally different.  His face was suddenly wrinkled, the way only one of my mother's hands had been the other day, and how only one side of her face was suddenly wrinkled.

I saw my Dad's face today and it was totally different and wrinkled the way half of my mother's face is and one of her hands is (the opposite side of her body from the side of her face). 

Then I noticed there was a cut mark in the inside of one of his eyes.  It wasn't bleeding, it was a defined line as if something had been pressed down so hard it burst blood vessels and made a purple line on the inside corner of his eye, at the skin near the bridge of the nose.  There were all of these unnatural grooves around his eyes. 

He went from having these odd dented marks like circles all the way around his eyeballs, as if he'd had on swimming goggles super tight, or shot glasses pushed into the area around his eyes, to looking like someone decided to instead push something with lines and grooves around his eyes and to his eyelids.

I have seen this with my Mom and my Dad.  Something odd being done to the upper eyelids.  It looks like someone had a tiny hairclip, with a bunch of small teeth, forcing the tops of his eyelids open to stick up to his eyebrows.  After awhile, it goes away and you can't see it as much, but this has been done to my Dad many times.

Then today I saw my Dad, and it was more dramatic and all around his eyes.  Basically like a sun rays going all the way around the sun if you draw it.  So, if you were a kid and you drew a circle and then a bunch of lines like spikes going all the way around it, for rays, that is what is being done to my Dad's eyes with some kind of instrument.

This was done to him after I brought up Yvonne Bauer, whose photo I included, where she is wearing stick straight silver lines with little hard balls at the end with sharp corners all the way around them.  Basically, like a burr, from a thistle, but out of rock or a hard material.

I don't know where my Dad was today, but wherever it was, he was tortured.

Then today my mother said to me, "Nothing is really wrong with us."

She said, "I'm not going to slit my wrists and bleed all over." 

My mother has never in her life even brought up anything like this.  But she made a point of telling me that I don't need to be concerned because, she said, "I would never cut myself." After she said, "I would never cut myself" she added, "It's not like I would slit my wrists and bleed all over."

She made a point of stating she did not harm herself, which was a public statement to me, to confirm she did not and would not have ever cut herself.  I believe she knows I write in a blog and she knew I would affirm this publicly, in case anyone is looking into torture of my family.

My mother did not cut herself.

Then she went on to say, "There is nothing really wrong with Dad either, except that his feet hurt." She then added, "People get arthritis in their feet."

She knew how bizarre that sounded.  People get arthritis in their feet.  No, my Dad is being tortured.  I saw my Dad's feet and I saw that there was something wrong with them--scars from cuts on them and after I wrote about this, all of sudden he was then showing up with his feet bright red and hardened looking.  A day later.

The other possible reason his feet could hurt, is if he's tortured at night the way my son and I were, to the point that our feets curled up and were cramping into hard knots.

And like I said, something really horrific is being done to my Dad's eyes.

That's aside from all of us having our eyes bulge out from pressure after being targeted in the head with technology.

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