Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weird Dream

I had a really long, detailed dream this morning.  I'm working on my CAT report so I haven't been thinking about anything but that.

But it started out that I took a trip to a really small town.  I got there and was looking for work and waited while a woman gave reading directions to someone and thought I could do the same thing.  She did it in an office off of a small kitchen.  So then I got a room somehow, rented my own room in a house and it was a huge room and upstairs with a big window and I could look out on the town.  Very cheerful and sunny, and then I was walking across in a towel at one point and saw a man in a house below looking up.  Something about a light went off or something so I had to grab a towel.  Then the next day he came into the kitchen and said he'd take me to lunch since I was new in town.  I went and his house was right next to the place so I said he didn't have far to go.  Then I went back and said I needed work and the woman said you could probably only get a dishwashing job in that town bc it was so small.  So then she said, I could stack dishes for her. Basically, she washed them, and they had to be stacked on a multi-tiered movable tray.  Then I was outside and looking for additional work.  As I left, a man told me to fill out a form for real estate.  It was an application for employment but it said "Real Estate" at the top.  He was excited about it and it was out of the blue, so I was about to fill it out and then I went back inside for some reason and totally forgot about it and went out the other door.  I just forgot.  So then someone reminded me and I remembered the man who had given me the application for Real Estate and thought oh no, I should have filled it out.  So I didn't see this man again and a different man, a younger one (both of them were blond in the dream) gave me the same application.  He didn't seem as excited as the first one, but he wanted me to fill it out, so I filled it out (I thought) and gave it back to him.  It was the exact same form.

He took it back and then for some reason, I realized I had only filled out the half of it, the first half and I didn't fill out the back.  It was half-done.  So I asked him for it again, to fill out the rest, and he seemed more reluctant.  I was then at a different part of a counter and there was a baby on it. A mexican man's face was there for a minute, who sort of looked like my Uncle Valentine but it was someone else and then he was gone--it was a photo of a man like that, from a newspaper or something...the baby didn't have anything to do with the man and it was a different man, not a relative.  In the dream the impression was that the baby was the baby of the blond man who was having me filling out the application--it was our baby, like in the future.   So it was like I was first filling out an application for a job and then I was realizing it was an application to have a baby with this second man.  In the dream the baby had dark hair.  I don't know if it was a girl or boy because it was under 6 months of age when I saw it, a baby in a bundle.  I was going to fill out the rest, not knowing it included a baby and then after I asked, I then saw it included a baby.  So when I realized it was for a baby and I guess marriage he hesitated and I was given something else at first. I took what I was given and set it on the counter to fill it out and realized it wasn't the application, it was something for filling in name and address and parts to a camera or machine of some kind.  I looked at it wondering why he gave me this other thing, which was unfolded cardboard from a package with red color on the outside and could only find a place where you filled out parts and model numbers and then saw where you fill out your name and address but it wasn't the application. There was also clear stiff plastic from something and I pushed it out of the way so there was room to write.   I was about to fill the other thing out and then he gave me the application.  I set it down and filled out the rest so it was completed front and back and then as I lifted it up, it was covered on one side with what looked like berry juice. It was sort of like a watercolor painting and then I turned it over and the other side turned to the color of berry juice.  The only thing I could see through it was a lampshade and the outline.  For some reason, there was then a lampshade design on it like ^^^ and it was sort of purple.  Then he told me to go with him. 

We were then sitting on a bench and talking.  I met his Mom.  I asked him what he did and he said "Music and I train horses." He said he had a bunch of horses that he rode and trained, and then he did some kind of music.  His Mom left and then we were lying down and I put his head on my chest and I could hear his heart speed up and he had thought about it and he said "If you get at least O levels, I'll get you a job at my Mom's bank."  I said what was that and he said "The Bank of Gena".  I said I hadn't heard of it before and "It's a bank all through the South" or "they have them all through the South" something like that.  So we were under some kind of cover or blanket or something and we moved and his head was on my chest but to the side and we could see eachother and our legs were stretched out and I was thinking about where my legs matched up to his and then we were looking at some design.  He wasn't southern.  He didn't have a southern accent and he looked like a beatnik or alternative or yuppie.  It was just a dream anyway.

I had mentioned the design before I put his head on my chest.  I said I thought maybe I wanted some green foliage or trees or something and then said "Or maybe just a couple of smaller gold vases" and then I said something about velvet curtain in the back but said, "I don't know, that sounds sort of..."and thought it sounded weird so I said, "I think it would be sort of warm and cheery, and I was thinking of a warm library studio idea and said, "Then if it's a cold day or something, you can go in and" and  he looked at me and said, "no, you have no idea" like it was fine.

After he said he was getting me a job at this bank, then I held up the design again and this time you could see it on the left and the right and then a blank space in the middle and I joked that he would want to put an "elk head" there.

I started thinking in my dream, about what he'd told me and I woke up.  Basically wondering how O levels and training horses and the bank of gena had become a dream.  He was wearing sort of young clothes, not cowboy or anything.  He wasn't a cowboy but he said something about riding and training his horses. 

The first man who gave me the Real Estate form was 40s or early 50 and had longer blond hair and the other one had shorter blond hair, styled differently.  In the dream, I at first wondered if there had been some real estate class where they released all the students or agents to go out and sign people up and would get a commission or something.  It came up right as I was about to look for work anyway so I thought it saved time. 

I wasn't being tortured when I had the dream.  It was one time recently I was able to dream or wake up and my body wasn't vibrating or something weird wasn't being done to me that caused pain or felt like an energy charge. 

Anyway, I never really saw his face in the dream.  It was always sort of hidden.  He was younger than me, in the dream, blond, and taller than me-lean type of person but I didn't really see his face.

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