Tuesday, January 8, 2013

George Sheldon: Adminstration of Children and Family Services

At 11:07 a.m. "Sarah" answered the phone for DHS (ATS hotline).  She was a black woman and I forgot to ask her what call center she was out of.  Maybe there is only one center, I don't know.  She offered the number direct to the Administration for Family and Children.  She then transfered me, and it went to classicial music for 1 minute and then I got a busy signal.

Why would I get a busy signal when they have an answering machine and an answering service.


11:10 a.m. I called again and got another busy signal by pressing a different option.

11:14 a.m. Matt (Nashville, TN call center).  I am talking to a black man who is trying to give me the run-around.  He told me am I sure that I don't want the number "just in case you have an issue?" and I said I want to be transfered and he said, "Alrighty Caller, please hold for the transfer."  He transfered my call at 11:17 a.m. and I am waiting through this classical flute music.

I want statistics on The Department of Children and Families because I believe a case will be made for religious discrimination against Protestant families and their children.  The public has a right to know what kind of demographics are involved when kids are being taken from their parents, most times, by corrupt employees. 

My hypothesis is that it can be proven that this department has practiced discrimination against a religious group.  I knew this, before they ever even started contacting me with CPS in my state.  It was Washington D.C.

It is 11:24 a.m.  I am still listening to the same classical music while on hold.  It sounds like post-baroque period.  I'm surprised I'm not hearing "the Bagpipers from Middlefart." 

And now at 11:28 a.m. the music stopped and there is nothing playing and no one answering the phone.  I am still on the line and the line is not disconnected and it's now 11:31 a.m. and the phone is not being answered.

I got to hear a lot of "bagpipers" playing around me when I was in D.C..  It was really interesting.  Wherever I went, live bagpipers, after I met Chris Dabney from The Post Pub.  It seemed to be a real American tradition over there.  Bagpipers, just a couple of blocks away from the FBI Headquarters in D.C.  I heard more bagpipers playing in D.C., on my way to work to The Post Pub and back, than I have every heard my entire life.  Bagpipers under the bridge, bagpipers by the subway, bagpipers playing on the street corner across from work.  I didn't know who Piper Middleton was then.  I had never heard of the Middletons before.  One day, it was Coldplay music, to bagpipes.  Imagine that.  I thought it was so nice, and then I found out what it was about, after I was tortured further and my unborn babies were murdered.  It's about drug dealers named The Middletons, who work for the CIA and FBI.  Who was paying for the live bagpiping music in D.C.?  It wasn't flutes, or guitar,...it was bagpipes.  ALL the time.  Oh YEAH.  Mike Middleton likes the bagpipes, doesn't he!  Well that sure makes a lot of sense, right next door to FBI Headquarters.

The latest FDA (Federal Drug Administration) attempt to force irrigation laws upon farmers that don't make sense,  are coming from Kathleen Selbeius, who is featured on Department of Health and Human Services site (which oversee the Children and Family Services).  She was appointed to celebrate Katie Middleton, the criminal that takes U.S. hand-outs and tortures children, and helps run the drug industry.  Kathleen was appointed on April 28, just a day before Katie's wedding.  And Kathleen went to Trinity University, a Roman Catholic Notre Dame University for women.

It's 11:36 a.m and I hung up because I was being forced to wait on a phone that was deliberately not going through.

Now I'm told to please hold and the call may be monitored for training and quality assurance, and it's Matt again and he said, "There may be a brief moment of silence while I look that up for you," and now for a second time he has repeated this statement above.  He said the exact same thing.  "There may be a BRIEF moment of silence while I look that up for you."

That was at about 11:43 a.m.  It's flutes again.  The exact same flute music and nothing new.

Tell me something NEW Pippa.
In 2009, Middleton took up tobogganing on the Cresta Run at St Moritz, with the multi-millionaire Trevor Baines as her instructor.She also participates in hunt-shoots. For several years on Burns Night, accompanied by bagpipes, Middleton has carried the haggis into a pub called the Old Boot Inn at Stanford Dingley in Berkshire.

This is something she's wanted broadcast.  How the Middleton family has a "tradition" of going, Pippa and Mike Middleton, to a pub called "Old Boot Inn" playing bagpipes and with bagpipe players.

My parents live next to The Four Seasons Inn.

The FBI Headquarters seemed to really love the constant bagpiping.  It seemed to be a year-round tradition for the few blocks between their Headquarters and The Post Pub, to have loud live bagpipes playing, many times when I went out to walk, along the path I usually took to work.

Were they playing the bagpipes around Katie Middleton the same time they were playing the bagpipes around me in D.C.?  I'm sure. 

11:51 a.m. Oh.  They now cut off the music in the middle of the flute song for Administration for Children and Family Services.  The last time they waited until the end of the song and then left it to silence and this time, they cut it off in the middle of the song and then let it go to silence.  Because no one is manning the phones for D.C. obviously.

It's being done because this is something Chris Dabney, used to do all the time.  He'd have music playing as usual and then just decide to turn it off, and have total silence, with no explanation.

Just silence.  So now the D.C. phone people cater to Dabney with the "Post Pub"?

I called the number to be connected again, and the same man answered, this time addressing himself as "James".  I said, "No, you're the same person I was just talking to, Matt.  Unless your real name is James and you were just telling me it's Matt."  I said, "Can I speak to a woman please."  He said just a moment and I got flute music again. 

I guess it would be too conspicuous to play bagpipes for the Department.  So they play the U.S. version for Katiekins.  The flute.  The only kind of "pipes" that wouldn't be too obvious.  It's totally obnoxious--some swirling Spring style music.  It's fine in general, light and optimistic, but given the circumstances, and Middleton nod, it's obnoxious.

"Tamara" (11:59 a.m.) answered the phone and I asked her to transfer me over.  So this time she said she'd get them on the phone and transfer.

1-202-671-4200.  D.C.

Mrs. Nash answered and I got a woman who says I reached the Director's office for Department of Human Services.  This is not where I asked to be transfered.  The woman answering is from a Commonwealth country.  Her accent was Commonwealth.  I asked her to please explain why I was on a conference call and she wouldn't answer. 

Basically, this went nowhere.  Tamara did try to connect me but it didn't go anywhere.

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