Friday, January 25, 2013

Torture Now, Interference With CAT Report

I am being tortured now, and it is 8:07 p.m.  This is the same thing that has been done 2 nights in a row while I have tried to write the report about Canada violations of CAT.

If the U.S. doesn't care, why are they interfering with a report that is about Canada.

Not only has my heart been targeted, several times, to where it is flipping over and feeling compressed and then like it stops and starts, at the same time, there is vibrating in the entire area where I sit next to the computer.

NASA is tapping into something that is connected to the laptop.  Basically, they use a form of energy to super charge the area somehow to where the laptop is vibrating and the floor, table, laptop, and my entire body are vibrating and are heated up.

My parents know things are bad.  They recommended I try to get this done tonight, and it is bad enough that I have to stop and publish the torture as interference with making a complaint to the United Nations.

Every single time I've tried to report either the U.S. or Canada, we have all been tortured or our computer systems and communications shut down.  Last night I couldn't work on this and had to turn off my computer because of the high level of torture.  As soon as the power was off to the laptop and it was disconnected, the extreme vibrating, which feels manipulated by some kind of generator or something, quit.

I do not even have all of my medical records yet but I don't know if possibly someone DID put something metal near my heart, because this is targeted and my heart reacts and I can feel it.  I don't mean "heart" as in emotionally--I mean, literally, the muscle of my heart is being forced into contractions by NASA and the Pentagon.

I do not have heart problems and no one in my family does, except for one relative.  One relative died of a heart attack, and it is the U.S. military relative who was forced into working for the U.S. and who was blackmailed by the Pentagon when he went AWOL.  So the only "heart attack" or heart condition, has been leveled against my Grandpa Garrett.

My diet is vegan and exceptionally healthy.  I eat more healthfully than most non-vegans.  There is nothing wrong with my diet or what I eat.  What is wrong, is my family is being tortured.

After talking with my parents tonight (which I wrote about in the last post), this was started up again. So basically, if I am taking classes in college, the U.S. does not torture me as much, but still tortures me, because I'm "occupied".  If they think I'm not "occupied" and that I have time to write a report about crimes against my family, the entire time is spent harassing and torturing all of us.  So everything has been about torturing me and my family to punish us and try to prevent business or investigation into our circumstances and safety. 

If the U.S. thinks they can redirect me to give their grunts a chance to do something with any of us, they don't torture us as much, but if they think we are "free" or have too much "american freedom" to write about what is being done to us, we are tortured at extreme and severe levels.

This is not freedom of any kind.  America has nothing to do with freedom.  Basically, all of the lies used to inspire military to kill people in other countries to "protect our freedoms" is a lie.  Canada is also lying to their citizens.  They make it sound as if they are the hippie pot-smoking love-all people and they use their own citizens for research and illegal medical programs and work with the U.S. to do things like target U.S. citizens who are leaving the country for political asylum.

Freedom is a lie.

The only people who are "free" in the United States anymore, are those who have the most money.

Capitalism really works.  Wow.  Look at freedom go.  Capitalism works so well, it puts the richest in charge of torture of others to prevent them from having freedom.  It's a plutocracy and a dictatorship of the corrupt and they are using NASA and the Pentagon for their own anti-competition goals.

Who was torturing Oliver Garrett, as we drove in my car, past the U.S. border, into Canada?

The NASA people can't see borders?  Or is it more likely that Canada knew all along and allowed and participated in torture of my son.

I wrote the first part of my CAT report to The Smiths.  Entire albums.  This is what I am listening to, while writing about Canada tonight:

HEY by the Pixies.

Before writing on CAT, I was attempting to send an email to my son, and the entire time, this country, and NASA, specifically, tortured me to make even that impossible.

Freedom is dead.

America is dead.

The United States already died.  It's not the United States anymore.  It's like someone killed the United States and then stole it's identity.

You know what that is?

That's Identity Fraud.

Other countries have a right to know about, and inspect Canadian and U.S. identity fraud, where entire nations are claiming to be nations and follow laws and constitutions they don't have anything to do with anymore.  They stole the passports, took the deceased states' identity, and then lied to entire groups of military and intelligence while pretending to be "Canada" and "America".

Then anyone who sniffs it out and asks a question gets tortured by those who hijacked these countries and started wearing the clothes of better people. 

I'm accusing Canada and The United States of America of Identity Fraud.

I do not believe they have evidence to prove they are who they say they are anymore.  It looks good but the paint smells fresh.  As long as Canada and the U.S. are dead and imposters and frauds of countries that actually were the real thing have assumed their identity, there will be torture.  And this is what is happening to my family.

Torture by NASA, and by The Pentagon, by those who don't want their false identities to be exposed.

I don't even know where they were buried, the real ones.

Even trying to make the U.S. more socialist at this point, backfires, because the people at the top and who are controlling everything now anyway are the corrupt plutocracy.  So it's tyranny.

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