Tuesday, January 1, 2013

UPDATE: Crime By Microsoft: Obstruction of Justice by Interference

Microsoft chose to shut down the only email account I use regularly, right after I emailed people in Washington D.C. about torture of my family and MKUltra Senate Hearings and evidence I had.

I've had people hacking on my site for years, half of them are MS employees, and then they shut down my email account when I need it most.

It is deliberate interference with justice.

I sent the information they requested, but before this, they wasted over 24 hours telling me to do things they knew wouldn't work.  I submitted a form they told me I had to fill out, and I gave the correct information and they refused to accept it and told me to send another one.

It is harassment and it is being done in collusion with FBI and Department of Justice.   Which is strange, when you think about how many times Microsoft has been supposedly sued by the U.S.--you wonder why they'd want to do favors for them and harass me.

It is harassment and they chose to do this, to obstruct justice, knowing that I had just sent important information to these people.  They also know that I have college classes starting and I need access to my email. 

At first, my parents didn't seem to be bothered, thinking it was not going to be a big deal.  But now, they know it is a big deal and they know that it's deliberate interference with my attempt to find assistance with filing FOIA against the FBI for my parents records and my brothers records, to prove they are also victims of MKUltra.

Within a couple of hours of my sending an email, giving information about my parents and brother, to request someone assist with obtaining FBI records held about my parents, my computer email account was turned off (I had it on and running and it closed without my doing anything).  I was then told to change my password and do all these other things and they refused to give me access to my account.
1/1/13.  Kevin answered after another woman with Microsoft, who put me on hold with music and disconnected.  He was polite but said he'd send me a link.  I told him I've already received links and they're all for submitting information to a form to confirm ID.  I filled them out 3 times now and there is nothing to add, and they're still telling me to submit info on the same form.  I asked to ID myself by phone or another way because I have to access my account, which has all of my legal information on it.  He asked if I was a paying customer.

I thought I was talking to the FBI for a minute. I am speaking with Dennis at MS Office. He gave me a different number to try that might work.

866-672-4551.  Customer Hotmail.

Jasmine is answering with Billing because that's where this number leads.  She is telling me she can't help and these people are saying there is no phone support for regular accounts.  They want people with regular accounts to post public questions in a public forum for "community support".

So THEY shut down accounts, after someone signs up under a contract with them, regardless of whether someone is paying or not.  I said why would I resolve this by contacting your "community" when someone in that "community" didn't hack this, and shut down my account--someone in their corporate offices did. 

It is 5:25 p.m.

So they're corporate offices blocked my account and they're telling me to confirm my "identity" to access my account again.  When I can't get through with their customer service, they're telling me to talk to their "community".  How is their "community" going to have access to verification of my identity?  This is being done when I am doing taxes.

I picked up tax forms 2 days ago, and printed them all out and now, all of a sudden, someone doesn't want me to have access to my business and legal documents.

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