Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Business Obstructed By Federal Government

My non-profit business has already run into obstruction by the U.S. federal government.

The computer that was shut down by the U.S., after I filed a UN report and copied The Department of Justice, had my tax-exempt application status on it from the IRS.

I saved the document to that computer and I had another confirmation sent to my primary email address.

Microsoft is blocking me from this address.

I printed out my confirmation too and it's been stolen from my house.  The only persons who have had access to my house are U.S. federal employees.

So basically, I couldn't access the form as I saved it to my Acer laptop.  I had the printed copy stolen.  And then my record of cut-and-paste and confirmation from the IRS for my non-profit is inaccessible to me because Microsoft arbitrarily blocked me from accessing my primary account.

I've sent information to Microsoft that identifies me and they have refused to unblock my account so far.  They have also offered no alternative means for me to identify myself and they don't need to--they already know I am the owner of that account.

I have not only had my non-profit documentation blocked from my accessing it, I am blocked from photos of evidence of torture to my family that are on the same Acer.

In addition to this, I had my U.S. Department of Education paperwork stolen from my house.  I had to make another request for this documentation to the Department, because it was stolen.  Why would anyone steal this?

I had contacted the Ombudsman in Washington D.C. about being overcharged on my loans and he said, "It's going to take awhile, but I will look into this and get back to you." 

That was 1 year ago.  His name was Dennis.

Since I spoke with him, U.S. Federal Employees who have been inside of my house, stole some of my paperwork that has U.S. Department of Education documentation on it.

I was overcharged for a Consolidation that didn't occur when it was supposed to occur and they attempted to include payments to themselves before they consolidated my loans and lifted the default. 

This is the only reason that I can think of, of why someone would want to steal this paperwork from my house.  To perhaps delay or attempt to block me from proving the correspondence and overpayments assigned to my account.

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