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NASA Tortures


NASA is connected most closely with Navy.

When my son and I were tortured the most we had ever experienced in our lives, Michael Griffin was in charge. That was up until July of 2009 and then it was Charles Bolden. I know I have seen his wife before, Alexis Jackie Bolden. I don't know that much about them.

As for Michael Griffin and his wife Rebecca, they are both Jesuits. Very hardline Catholic. He went to the same college Br. Ansgar Santogrossi went to, a Catholic university in D.C., and which FBI Don from Palo Alto, CA went to. They all went to the same college. And he went to Loyola and he got an honorary degree from Notre Dame. His wife Rebecca is wearing a dress, at his swearing-in ceremony, that matches a dress Lisa Thebault gave me in 1994. Not exactly but very similiar. I saw the dress and instantly thought of Lisa.

So when I was getting "knocked out", they were in charge. When my son was tortured to almost die, they were in charge. Jesuits. Which explains why my computer was suddenly fried as I was looking up Knights of Colombus, a Catholic group. It was when I started looking up lawyer and Catholic affiliations that we were tortured.

For a short time I wasn't tortured and then in July 2009, the same time Charles Bolden was sworn in, I was being tortured again.

However, going back farther, to when I was first targeted with migraines, it was Dan Goldin, who, I think, is Jewish. I haven't checked yet.

His name is Daniel Saul Goldin. He is from the Bronx. He was in charge of NASA from 1992-2001.

1992-2001: Jewish guy, Goldin
2001-2005: Sean O'Keefe (Loyola Jesuit)
2005-2009: Michael Griffin (Loyola Jesuit)
2009-now: Charles Bolden (religion unidentified)

The torture is from Pentagon and NASA. NASA was the one hitting me and knocking me out and Pentagon had people, military, next to me to observe how I reacted and what happened. But all of it, is anti-competition.

Why I was hit with 15 migraines in a row, trigged by aerospace/defense in 1998 when I reported rape in a medical record, might have something to do with Goldin, who is Jewish. However, it first happened at the Del Balzo's and they are Catholic and then at CTR Business Systems around the time Billy came to work there (w/higher frequency I just remember, around that time, and I remember he was military). I didn't notice much aside from periodic migraines that affected my work and college.

At the time O'Keefe was there, I remember serious problems with electronics beginning in about 2003-2004, during my lawsuits. I also almost died because of power being sucked from my car by NASA.

I have definitely thought about this option--were my cars being turned off by police? Because around that time the FBI came into possession of newer technology that could turn off ignitions remotely. I believe the police did too. It was around the same time, in 2003. New technology held by FBI and Police. However, I think it's possible it was NASA or aerospace/defense because of the way energy was drained from the battery. I am not sure how FBI/Police technology works though. Maybe what they use, also has the same effect on a car battery. If so, it was FBI/Police. If not, if the battery thing does not occur when the police or FBI use that one form of technology that shuts down a "getaway car" (that's what it's supposed to be used for), then it is probably not FBI and police and is aerospace/defense.

One of those groups almost killed me with it.

In 2005 Michael Griffin took the job and he is very hardline Catholic. He is not just Jesuit like O'Keefe, he also went to the same college as Br. Ansgar Santogrossi, which is where one of the S.S.A.s went to that interviewed me in 2005. I look at the photo of Rebecca and see Lisa Thebault on her "aura" in the same way that I see my Uncle Loren on Oliver's "aura" for his kindergarden photo. I hadn't wanted him to babysit my son and I can see he did anyway. Wasn't the main one maybe, but I can see Loren just as I can sense Lisa Thebault with the photo for Rebecca Griffin. I have not read one article about Rebecca so I have no idea who she knows and I've just started looking at the NASA site. In the past, with brevity, but now, because I know they are The Devil. NASA and Devil are interchangeable words.

So in all, it leads to me to believe that Griffin did favors for his church by torturing me and my son. We almost died.

Most of the military around me seemed to be there for an observer's stance, to gain information to give to someone else that was up the chain to the Pentagon.

It looks like Griffin was responsible for murdering my unborn children, along with the Pentagon head. Which is shocking when he has degrees from Loyola, Catholic University of America in D.C., and Notre Dame. One would think he might torture people, even babies, for his church, but not kill unborn babies if they could be adopted by others (who, in that mindset, would be prefered to be Catholic). Shana Dale was under him, and she appears to be Protestant. I would like to know exactly who the baby-killer is. I know more than one took part in torturing Oliver. I know about motives to harm me and keep me from having money or business of any kind. But killing unborn babies, is something only NASA would do with encouragement from someone in the Pentagon. As NASA is mainly Navy connected, and since Chris Dabney was having a sexual relationship with a Navy JAG woman, after he knew I was pregnant, I believe there may be a motive. S.D. is part of Homeland Security and Texas Universities, giving her proximity to Raul Bujanda by workplace. The shooter of children in Connecticut styled his hair like Shana Dales. I don't think he did it because he was an admirer but possibly to tip someone off about her. The other girlfriend was Jewish so possible motive. Dabney was Catholic and didn't want the kids and Nikki didn't want me to have them either.

Shana Dale was second in command at Homeland Security in 2005. I gave a report about Bujanda, who had worked for them, and then switched to FBI, in 2005. She went from Homeland Security to NASA, second in command under the Jesuit Griffin.

There is no possible way NASA does not know what occurs by remote access or by space and long-range defense. It's impossible for them to NOT be involved.

After my babies were killed and my son and I tortured again, she took a job with the CIA.

So again, when a federal or state Judge tries to make fun of a habeas corpus petition, saying it's "improbable" so many departments are involved, that is a lie and they know it's a lie. They know just like I do, that these departments are connected and people move from one area to the next.

It's Swinger Town. They swing sexually just as they swing from job to job. It's your basic "couch hopping" but they torture people too, and get paid to do it. The swinger climate, which has no regard for procreation or children, and only sex and instant gratification in mind, has no problem getting rid of "by-products".

And when it comes to NASA, it doesn't matter what religion they claim to be.

I can definitely prove anti-competition.

Not only that, I can prove retaliation and hate crime. One does not level 15 blows in a month after a rape report, for "research". It is retaliation and hate crime. One does not deal out "migraines" every Friday like clockwork, to ruin job efficiency, for "research". It's hate crime. One does not torture another after FBI complaints and during lawsuits, for "research". It's too force someone to lose. It is anti-competition and hate crimes and retaliation. One does not torture mothers and children mainly when one is actively searching for a law firm for a major medical malpractice lawsuit--it's retaliation and hate crime. It is also an on-going attempt to prevent a money flow to me after I showed what I could do in court.

It is a way to keep me down and out of work and career and money, because the same people who would have lost those lawsuits to me, don't want a revival.

They committed the worst crimes in recent history, against citizens. All they care about, is preventing the victims from defending themselves.

They're using people who are more detached from human life and the value of life, who work for NASA, to do their dirty work for them.

I know my mother knows about Shana Dale. She hasn't said anything to me, it's because I know she liked Dell computers and laptops until after what happened to my family and she doesn't want anything to do with Dell now. Shana worked at a top position at Dell. She also worked for Texas University Systems even from D.C. and my mother was threatened and intimidated by Texas (Baylor) people. She worked for Dell, Inc from 2009-2012, in Fairfax, Virginia which is next to headquarters for CIA. She also worked for the CIA. Raise your hand if you saw Shana walking down the halls at the CIA. What was she dealing them? Dells?

I go on about her, but the most glaring motives come from the top. The Jesuit guy had a major motive.

Christopher Scolese is also involved. Why do all of these men look like Whittemore.

The Italian man driving past or alongside the cop car on the way to the psych ward, was possibly Italian, Canadian or something Mediterraean. It's possible he was even middle eastern. I thought, from seeing him, he looked like a more swarthy kind of Italian, with Scolese's face shape. It was that same kind of width and size, sort of a larger head like Panettas. Panetta is a little more swarthy than this guy Scolese (from the photo). But that man was delirious with malicious joy that I was going to be assaulted there. I am pretty sure he was in a black SUV. I know it was a large SUV and I'm pretty sure it was black.

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