Wednesday, January 9, 2013

(UPDATED) Dad Told Me To Make Video Of Our Being Hostage

My Dad told me a little over a week ago, to go ahead and make the youtube video about my family being held hostage and tortured by the U.S. Government.

It is the only time he's ever done this.

He said they couldn't, but go ahead and do it, because I was going to have to do it anyway.

He said this to me, before Microsoft blocked me from my own email account, so he must have known something was going on.

It was before church, on a Sunday, 2 weeks ago.

It was before church, because their pastor is a criminal and has tortured both my Mom and Dad and allowed torture against them in the church.

He is the one who is 20+ years U.S. Air Force. Kevin Bolls.

When they got back from church that day, they looked like they'd been made to drink poison. Both of them looked horrible.

The ONLY reason my Dad would tell me to go ahead and make a youtube video about our family being tortured, without their making it with me, is because of being accused of treason by the U.S. government.

My parents know the Middletons work for the U.S. government and also work in the drug industry. The only reason they've not been able to share this and agree with me, is because they were already privy to that kind of information.

My Dad knows which military persons are guilty of crimes, and which high officials are guilty of treason.

My parents have been psychic spies for the U.S. government. As such, this country bound them to secrecy and used them for a time, without torturing the entire family every day. My parents were forced to make verbal agreements and coerced signatures to things, promising not to disclose information about black operations.

When the operations became corrupt, and officials began using the system to torture my family, they have felt secure doing so because of this oath they forced my parents to take. They are threatened with "treason" and "espionage" if my parents disclose which military personnel is involved in torturing them and what kind of operation is being conducted by the CIA. Because my parents have worked for the CIA in the past, they are also prevented from disclosing known information about other officers and agents. Hence, they know ALL about the Middleton's history, but they can't say anything, because their own government forces them into lying.

If the Del Balzos work for the CIA, my parents can't say anything. They cannot admit who is working for both the CIA and drug dealers. They can't disclose who is an FBI agent that happens to work with mafia and the CIA. They can't disclose what forms of torture are being done to them by U.S. Pentagon personnel.

They were already "in". My parents have been "in" and involved since the U.S. CIA and Army forced them to be "in" as kids.

All drug dealers know the CIA deals drugs, and so does the DEA. If the CIA chooses one group to do the high end drug negotiations, and then switches sides when corruption gets into the picture, then oh, all of a sudden, one family is being tortured by the United States while the United States is paying for crack and cocaine and weed from another family.

Look at the Middletons. This is a major example

Brad Uhl tortured me and arranged for me to be tortured, and got my mother involved and intimidated, because he's dirty and he protects the Middletons. That is the entire reason he moved from Florida to Nashville after I showed up.

He's a drug dealing scumbag. And he's working for the DEA as a "psychology" major. He's dirty.

So this means the U.S. literally tortures my family and kills and murders a bunch of people they tip off through the different departments of federal government, while they pad the Middleton drug-dealing tunnels with soundproof federal agents.

The big Italian driving alongside the cop car in Nashville, grinning gleefully and triumphantly as I was being taken to a psych ward on false charges, is a mobster. Was a mobster and is a mobster.

All of the Indian people who lied about there are from The Commonwealth. East Indians fought for freedom from the British, but some of them are all too happy to do favors for Kate Middleton because she is still their figure head. She was a potential figure head just like William, Charles, Andrew, Harry, Anne, any of them.

So I didn't know if you knew that, you who are reading this, but The Commonwealth is under the sovereignty, technically speaking, of "the crown". British crown. There are lots of "crowns". I mean, hey, middle east, asia, northern europe, sort of central europe, sort of south america, sort of africa, and these days...sort of U.S. but it's by torture, not birth.

There is The United Kingdom, which is specific to Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. And then the extension from this, is "The Commonwealth" which is a collection of countries that are all, technically, under the head of the British Crown. So Canada, for example, is. Some of them don't like it, some do. Some of "the islands" are. Australia is. India is.

So when I had people lying about me, in Nashville, TN, they were dirty DEAs, dirty FBI, dirty military, and some Eastern Indians from "The Commonwealth" who were all too happy to prove allegiance by writing up false claims and assaulting me to ruin my life.

So think about it. Eastern Indians are under the head of the British Crown. They got independence, sort of, but they still pay allegiance to the crown just like Catholics pay allegiance to the Holy See (moreso for the latter perhaps). Not all Eastern Indians like this or like everyone who is considered to be a potential figurehead, but think about this...

Panetta signed a deal to give billions of dollars in trade with India and then after this, who was assaulting me in the psych ward? U.S. military and Eastern Indians who are part of The Commonwealth.

I am sure maybe ONE person who is a British royal is sometimes tortured. Maybe there's one. One who is forced to stay in line somehow. I can't imagine, but I'm sure it's probable, given the odds. I have no info or guesses, I just think on a probability basis, probably, it's true. I would love to know who, because it would be strange to find out maybe all of them are never harmed but there is just this one that is all the time for some reason.

However, what this country has done, is illegally collude with people who torture us, and the U.S. sponsors and pays for this torture and is protecting the criminals. They know my parents can't say anything. They then go after our ENTIRE family, ALL OF US, feeling very secure there the children and grand-children are trapped by the oaths of the parents and grandparents which were obtained by illegal coercion and abuse of children.

After the United States picked out my mother for MKUltra, what did they do to reinforce her abuse? force Granny to drink poison 4 days before she about to give birth? It would never, ever, surprise me to find out someone in The Pentagon, CIA or FBI forced Granny to drink poison and killed Madonna Joy deliberately. Or did they suffocate Madonna from the birth canal and wring the neck. I believe it was poison.

Granny or Grandpa would have complained about torture or abuse of my mother. To shut them up, they murdered Madonna Joy.

After seeing and experiencing what this country has done to me and my son, and witnessing torture of my parents, and seeing photos of my brother with bulges on his head; after this country used The Pentagon to deliberately assassinate my unborn children, I have NO DOUBT


That Madonna Joy WAS MURDERED when she was still alive.

Stacey Stubblefield wasn't trying to deliver my son. She was trying to kill him, the same way the doctor killed Madonna Joy. Granny was told Madonna Joy died because she had "too many children for the strength of (her) body." They told Granny it was her fault.

That obstetrician murdered that baby. Granny said, "They told me I had too many children for the strength of my body." They killed her baby the same way they almost killed Oliver.

They yelled at me, telling me I wasn't pushing hard enough when they were pushing my son's head back up into the birth canal. They forced me to push when Stacey was pushing Oliver back to deny him entrance. She pushed on his skull for over an hour, with her hands inside of me. She refused to call a doctor for a C-section. She refused to call the anasthesiologist and wanted me to feel the pain and suffer. Stacey Stubblefied tried to kill my son. Stacey didn't care when his heart suddenly almost stopped after a long time of distress. One nurse acted nervous, but maybe it was because she was worried they would be caught, if someone walked in. I was yelling, by that time, that I wanted a doctor.

Granny's body didn't have enough "strength" to deliver her child? Really. After 3 vaginal deliveries and Granny's wide hips, she supposedly had "no strength". They are liars. What they told her, is she didn't push hard enough. Which is the exact same thing these disgusting Wenatchee people who collude with Seattle and mafia and government, told me when they TORTURED me and my son.

This country murdered Madonna Joy and used it as security and to intimidate my grandparents into giving them access to their other kids.

(UPDATED 1/10/13 because Microsoft shut down the server to this laptop after I wrote the above and tried to write the next sentence and publish it. The computer showed access to the wi-fi but the server connection was cut off)

Wenatchee murdered Madonna Joy, Wenatchee tortured me as a baby when I was born, and Wenatchee tried to kill Oliver.

The same technique used to murder Madonna Joy was used to try to kill Oliver, and the same harassment was made in the middle of it. That same technique was used to torture me as a baby, to the point that I had severe jaundice and appeared mentally retarded for 3 months afterwards. I was hospitalized under bilirubin lights and I had no response that was normal for a baby for the first 3 months of my life.

What Wenatchee did to me was so bad that my parents moved away from Wenatchee so my brother Levi didn't have to be born there.

They hadn't wanted me to be born in Wenatchee. They moved out of the area to Seattle when Gannon was born and after he died, they decided it didn't matter possibly, but I don't believe they wanted me to be born in Wenatchee. I was weeks early, ahead of my due date and they may have thought they'd have time to drive to another location again. I was born in Wenatchee and tortured.

I was sick for over 3 months because of it and was so traumatized I did not even have the normal responses that a baby would have.

After this, my parents moved so Levi didn't have to be born there.

They attempted to murder Oliver in Wenatchee, the same way they murdered Madonna Joy.

I have downplayed it as "an extremely traumatic delivery" and they lied so badly about it, and lied about records and our injuries, when I think back to what really happened in that room, it was an attempted manslaughter.

In the past I thought maybe Stacey Stubblefied was trying to practice "head molding" but no, she was trying to kill him.

The doula knew her and watched the entire thing and turned into this crazy cruel woman. It was like a living nightmare. They got me into a closed-off room and the doula changed in front of my eyes to show what she really like. She was refered to me, not the other way around.

When I asked for a doctor, they refused to bring a doctor into the room, for hours. When they finally did, they brought in a Japanese doctor who smirked at me and said there was nothing they could do. She said it was "too late" to do a C-section. It wasn't and my son suffered for another hour after she came in. He almost died, and when he was about to die, I began screaming and yelling for a doctor.

They put me in the end room, farthest away from other medical professionals that you could go. We were in the room that was the farthest away from the nurses desk.

The entire time Stacey Stubblefield was trying to kill my son, she was looking at me telling me "You're not pushing. Don't you want to push for your son? you need to stop thinking about YOURSELF." Both she and the doula ganged up on me, saying repeatedly that I was selfish and that I needed to stop thinking about myself. Then she was saying, "I think you need to see what you're pushing for. Do you need a mirror to see what it is?" and she got a huge white handlede vanity mirror and tried to hold it up to me. It wasn't a medical mirror. They had brought in a large white-handled vanity mirror before I was ever put into that room and then she took it out and began harassing me using the mirror. She kept smirking and saying, "You're not pushing" while she had her hands inside me and was pushing my son back up the birth canal.

I had an antique mirror when I was a little girl, that had a handle and was exactly like that one and it was on my vanity dresser with a handled antique hairbrush. She had brought in a mirror that was the same shape and size but made out of plastic.

They have medical mirrors. That's not what she was using.

Only when I began screaming at the top of my lungs, when my son was about to die, and they got nervous and kept looking at the door, did she take her hands off of my son's head and out of me. And then she made a big production of grabbing a suctioning device to suck my son's head out, after she had been pushing into it to injure him and had been trying to kill him and pushing him back into the birth canal.

Even when I was screaming no one came into the room. The only thing that happened is it made them nervous who were inside the room torturing me and my son and trying to kill him slowly. It's not very easy to kill a full-term baby.

She tried to put suction on his head after she was pushing him into the canal, to make his head not look as bad as it would have and then when he was born, they documented a suctioning instrument was used, but lied and said it was a normal delivery.

They tried to kill Oliver exactly the same way they killed Madonna Joy.

"Push...Oh, you had too many children for the strength of your body. Sorry, your baby died because you weren't strong enough to push your child out of the birth canal."

Stacey Stubblefields tires were slashed day, almost a year later, and that is the only bad thing that I heard ever happened to her. She got a bunch of money and opened up her own practice and her criminal husband is a COP.

After she tried to kill Oliver, they told the nurses I was an "alcoholic" and "drug user" which was a lie. The first thing I was told, right after my son was born, was when the very next nurse came up to me, after I had dismissed Stacey Stubblefield from any further proximity to my son, was she needed to "talk to me". I said okay. It was the very next nurse. She said, "Stacey Stubblefield has indicated you are an alcoholic."

I said, "What?!" and the nurse said, "She wrote on your chart that you are an alcoholic." I said, "Because I marked the box on a form that says "social drinker" or "occasionally drinks?"

In the 1 1/2 years of being in Wenatchee, I had gone to a Wenatchee bar 3 times total and I never once drank when I was pregnant. I marked the box, where it asked "do you smoke?" "no" and the "if so, how often" didn't apply. The other box was "do you drink?" and then it said if so, how often? and I wrote before I was pregnant, occasionally with friends. I did not even own alcohol in my house. I had never bought any alcohol in the town of Wenatchee since I had been there.

Stacey Stubblefield lied to conceal attempted murder.

The Japanese doctor who came in and lied and said it was too late for a C-section, knew Judge Alicia Nakata. And Alicia Nakata protected Michelle Erickson later, by illegally telling me I couldn't tell anyone what they were doing to me and my son or Nakata would put me in jail over it. Nakata was Michelle Erickson after Erickson forced me to go into Seattle where I was assaulted and poisoned, with no transportation, telling me the state demanded this of me or I was losing my son.

You fuckers are going to pay for what you've done to Oliver and some of you are going to jail.

My son must be returned.

He is not safe in Wenatchee and has NEVER been safe there. They have murdered children, attempted murder, and tortured Oliver.

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