Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Banks Blocks Me From Setting Up Checking Account

The manager at U.S. Bank today blocked me from opening up a checking account.

Just a regular personal checking account.

I went in and said I wanted to set up a checking account and the back manager looked up and got a weird, hard look on her face like "This can't happen" and she said, "You can't set up a checking account today." She said, "You have to have an appointment for setting up checking."

This is not true.

There is no policy requiring checking "appointments" and in the past, that same bank, with that same manager there and the same people, tried to get me to sign up for checking on the spot.

But today she got completely weird about it.

She's the manager. She is the bank manager and there were tellers there, and they know how to set up checking.

She told me she'd cash my cash but sign up a different day. So then she admitted I did NOT have to have an appointment, but I simply couldn't sign up for checking TODAY.

So I got home and looked at the date while I was thinking about this, and it's 1/9/2013. Is there a problem with that?

What kind of bizarre issue does she have over my starting a bank account on the 9th?

I was there before 4 p.m. I believe, or right at 4 p.m. and it was an hour until closing and there were people there who had no one else in the bank. 2 tellers and the bank manager.

One of the tellers said to go ahead and sit down and someone would be with me to open checking, but in the past they wanted me to do it right there at the counter, where they were standing. So then I was told, no, I'm not allowed to start my checking today.

Now that I am home and thinking about it, I think the manager has some weird issue over it because she's probably a Middleton Mosher. I mean, what is worried about? that I might also add a business account to it, called "Six" and have my personal checking on the 9th?

Oh yeah, and I live on Knott street. So let's see, she is superstitious that if I signed up for my personal checking on the 9th and added business to it, if my non-profit goes under then it's a bad sign for Katie's relationship with the U.S.

It's the U.S. bank afterall. I mean, that's one source of income for Middleton.

I did not even think about it.

I mean, I didn't go in today, thinking about the date. I just had to open checking and I wanted to pay for something today so I asked to open it up and cash a check and have the $5 fee not be an issue because of my opening checking.

She wanted me to cash my cash, but she didn't want me to open an account.

So I was literally singled out to be blocked from opening a checking account today.

This is after Wells Fargo deliberately closed my account without my authorization, right after Kate Middleton got married.

Kate Middleton must have a lot of friends in the cocaine industry.

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