Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Email Account With Scottish & Irish Contact Deleted

I found out my email account from Wenatchee was closed in July of this year.

It had emails about the development of my son, attempts to get human rights groups involved, police and FBI exchanges, and email from a Scottish woman that showed up in town.

She started meeting me at a coffee shop or would go there when I was there, and then gave me her email address and we wrote some.  I was still living in Wenatchee at the time, on Methow, and it was before my son was tortured by technology.

I think Kate Middleton didn't want to get pregnant until she felt assured all of my contacts that pointed to her, were deleted.

Her family had been stalking me for decades, and then used FBI and police to help them.  Next thing I knew, it was a Scottish woman checking me out.  She lived in Scotland.

She showed up after I met the Iranian-American man in Oregon who had a girlfriend that went to St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Kate Middleton is 100% criminal.

I had no idea who she was or that she even existed, and all of this time, her parents were involved in government and mafia, and had a hit on me.

All of my email at that time, was extremely important.  It was the most important email and records I had.  It showed what doctors I contacted, everything about my son, the man from Ireland... that was another one...I had contacted the British man who had Irish roots and lived in Malaysia with his wife.  I wrote on their child development site and then personally.

I also had records of all the email I sent to Canada.  I sent a bunch of email to places in Toronto, Canada, asking if they experienced much religious hate crime there and wondering how they deal with it.  Those emails were sent when I lived in Wenatchee, on Methow, with my son, and it was prior to being targeted by technology.

My son and I were both tortured AFTER I had already made contact and correspondence with people in Toronto, Canada; to a British man in Malaysia; and with the woman from Scotland.

We had one thing happen, when he was 7 months gestation, in the womb, but no torture, until after I had contact with these other people and Christa Schneider then called and asked how my least favorite way to die would be.

My Wells Fargo bank account was closed to keep me out of business and purge the history of my records.  But it has effectively kept me out of business, because banks are telling me the federal government has put a notice on my credit.

I had some records elsewhere, but I also used Genext.

What stands out the most is that Katie Middleton has waited, and made sure almost all of my history and records, are purged, destroyed, and deleted, and stolen and passed onto her, before having the public baby.

They worked with Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza, FBI.

The only reason to wait, until some of my records were destroyed, for Katie, would be out of concern that if I showed evidence that pointed back to her, her own child would be tortured the way she advocated torture of my son Oliver.  If she got divorced, it didn't matter either way.  She could have another kid and it wouldn't make a difference, whether evidence came out against her family or not.  The only thing that it would affect, is the life and safety of her own kid, because if others got enough proof they were connected to what was done to Oliver, her kid is next.

Her child would be tortured next, or killed.

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