Thursday, January 24, 2013

Problems w/Computer and My Parent's Hot Water

My parents didn't have hot water again this morning, because their hot water heater was shut off.  It's not like they didn't pay their bill--the U.S. has been shutting off and jamming our different utilities.

All day today I was tortured.  I was tortured last night too and NASA basically started when I added some things to my report that I am writing for CAT to Canada.  There was nothing being done to me until I started including certain things.

My internet has been repeatedly disconnected and interfered with and I've had the cursor arrow moving around on my computer screen at one point, and at another point, my entire text of an email being deleted.

I tried to do other things online and then I didn't have as many problems, but I was still tortured and I got nothing done. 

Every single time I have ever made an attempt to write a report to the UN my family has been tortured.

I was extremely anxious all day about my parents as well, because we are in danger.  I have no idea why they don't agree to do the youtube testimony but this involves FBI, military criminals, and police.

Last night, after I looked up a map of Italy, while I was looking at the map, and thinking, I had the music off and all of a sudden, I was targeted to my heart and it felt like a heart attack.  NASA was using the ionizing technology that causes everything around my laptop to vibrate, including my entire body, and heats it and hurts.  I shut off my laptop and it quit the instant I turned the computer off.  This is being done to me now at 11:30 p.m.

 Then when I was looking up Italy, someone knew what I was looking into or was worried I guess, because then a surge of energy of some kind went through my body like an electrical current to my heart.  This has been done to me before, by NASA and the Pentagon.  They have done this before, when I'm about to sleep or at the computer, and it's not because I have a heart problem.   Then last night, they did it stronger than they ever have to the point it felt like my heart flipped over and stopped beating for a moment and then started again.

I wrote about many things that happened to me and it was only after I touched on high school (which would mean Robin Bechtold) and bets that teens there made to sexually use me, that I was being tortured.  I included a line about my brother being introduced to drugs by a classmate and someone from Newberg, and I mentioned later in one line that I believed the MKUltra became an excuse later for religious hate crime.

It took about 5 minutes to add these 2 lines to my report, and the minute I did, I was being tortured by NASA and the Pentagon.

I had written about all kinds of things, but for some reason, Robin Bechtold appears to be the 'special' one who is untouchable and gets favors from people who work with NASA and Pentagon.  I also touched on a tax matter briefly, but it was with the other thing that NASA began torturing me.

Robin Bechtold and his parents have to be working for the U.S. federal government.

The U.S. criminals have attempted to find any kind of weakness in our family's medical history that they can, and then hope to use history of others as an excuse for what is done to the rest of us.

I had finished writing about the car wreck and how Mike Nichols hijacked my car.  All the way up to that point, no problem.  I had already briefly mentioned, in one line, how I filed a tax thing so I wouldn't get in trouble with the IRS and it disappeared, and how that was prior to April 1994 and that one month later, in May, my car was being broken into across the street from the firm of Bullivant Houser Bailey.

I wasn't tortured.  It wasn't until I decided to add something about high school that NASA and the Pentagon started torturing me.  I included a line that I believed some of it was connected to religious and other hate crime as well.  But it was really when I went back to high school.

Which makes sense.

That's when NASA first targeted me to be tortured.  It was 1992.  And that was the year of the first assassination attempt against me.

I think George Bechtold is CIA.  Someone who knew Robin at that time was CIA or had parents in U.S. military intelligence.  I think George is, possibly, because of his eclectic ways and trips out of the country to South America. If George wasn't the CIA operative passing along information to try to encourage his son Robin to sexually violate me, it was one of Robin's friends that was connected to either military (most likely U.S. Army) or CIA.  Robin was given information about me, for the purpose of using it to his own advantage and trying to take advantage of vulnerabilities I was known to have, because of CIA and military interest in my life.

I have zero doubts about it.  I am 100% positive someone gave Robin information about me all the way back in 1992.  It is something a man would do, I think.  I would suspect his Dad did, but he also had other friends that might have. I don't know who.  He was friends with The Rooses.  Tony Roos.  He was friends with Mike Smith.  Waylon Knight was one of his favorite friends and his Dad was military.  He was best friends with Eric/Erik Lund but I don't much about Lund's family.  He was good friends with Doug Pepmaier, Vaughn, and Jordan was one of his best friends.  He spent time with Dan Bourbon for awhile and Art was his best friend in jr. high and then they weren't as close in high school.

It was someone in the CIA or military, and given our ages then, it was an adult passing along information.

There was a specific incident.  I am pretty sure it was high school still and not after he went to college in California but I'll have to think about it again and make sure, but I'm pretty sure.  The timing matters as to who he was around and knew and was associated with by that time.  But I have NO doubt, at all, that someone gave Robin Bechtold information about me to use and it was definitely someone who had access to files and government records and history about me.  Possibly his brother was a cop by then, as well, which adds another possibility but it would have been something shared with him privately and it was coming from a U.S. federal employee.

He is a premeditating dog.  I did not know or think about it this way, or reflect back on it, until I realized what kind of program the U.S. has used me in and how they abused me and tried to program me even as a baby. 

Robin premeditated more than one thing.  I don't know who he has been working with, but whoever it is, they work for the CIA and/or U.S. military intelligence.

So then it makes sense as to why later, when I wanted to make a report, I was punished for trying.  He's had CIA and federal employees tipping him off for years.  Even if Janet Bechtold hated me, and believe me, she did, she wouldn't have been the one to give him this information or encourage him in this way.

He got my files.  I don't believe they were destroyed in 1977.  I believe a false report was made that they were destroyed in 1977. 

Robin Bechtold premeditated taking advantage of me, not once with date-rape, but twice, with another incident, and I had no way of understanding it was premeditated until later in life.  But it was.  So it means he is capable of premeditating and carrying out crimes if he feels it is useful to him.  The fact that he had to acquire the information from U.S. federal sources, is why I have been tortured and punished, in part, because of his family and the sources that gave Robin information about me.  They protect him, because Robin protects their grotesque secrets and crimes.  This makes it more likely then, that Robin is, himself, also working for the federal government in some way.

It isn't very long from taking tips from a U.S. federal criminal, that one joins.  No one gets secrets from the CIA and U.S. military for free.  No one.

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