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(UPDATED 1/13/13) SOS from my Parents At 11:20 P.M. (my parents chained up)

I'm updating this. I put up two video clips about our being held hostage and being tortured. Things were slightly improved for me the next day but I don't know about my parents. I think it is still very bad for them. I am under the impression family members, possibly my son, has been caged. Maybe at a daycare, maybe awhile ago, but this is something that's been alluded to.

Today my Dad showed up and we put a tarp over a place of the house where it was leaking. He looked like he had been tortured wherever he was first.

He has two new cuts to one of his fingers and they're not accidental cuts, they're small slices, one at one end of his finger and then his knuckle in the middle and then a line at the other end of his finger. So, if they were arrows, there would be 2 arrows pointing to the center knuckle.

Basically, my parents had to perform for the U.S. all day today. My Dad puts out markers to show what he thinks will happen, and is observed, and I swear to God there is a hidden camera in my parent's house. I feel it. I have felt there is a hidden camera there almost since I've been here. I especially sensed or "felt" that there was a hidden camera in their house, and my house, for about a year, was when I noticed it most, after I moved here. I believe my parents are under camera surveillance and that this is used to watch them and how they "do" with performing in their psychic predictions for the U.S. government. It shows them at practice in predicting things about what I do. So constantly this is what they have to do.

Yesterday we went shopping, me and my Mom, and she looked very upset at one point. She saw me buying some things and I believe she didn't want me to because she wanted people to know we are seriously being tortured and shopping doesn't look like torture. How can we shop if we are tortured? Believe me, we are tortured and have been for so long, this is what we do. It is worse than concentration camp. And did they still sing and talk to eachother and work? Yes. For us, it's not literal jail, it's a different kind of jail and it involves torture. My mother stood there, with a bra in her hands. She had bought a bra. The last time we shopped, she bought wild animal print underwear. One thing. Then yesterday, a different color animal print bra.

She isn't into animal print. There is a photo of me, the only one remaining, wearing an animal print sweater with several different colors of animal print on it. It is from jr. high, when I was in about 8th grade. I wore animal prints then (and all the way from 7th grade up to 2006), my mother doesn't. My mother never once owned a single thing that was any kind of animal print. I decided on my own, that I liked leopard print, as an accent, and in some classic-cut clothing. I didn't like cheap leopard print, or bad fabrics or designs. I was particular. People would buy me things with the print and I never used them bc I was extremely picky about what kind of animal print it was. The only time I wore something bought for me, was when my Mom got me the sweater (sweatshirt) with different colored zebra stripes and leopard print on it, which I am wearing for my 8th grade school photo. It is the only time I wore the animal prints mixed. Otherwise, I stayed with one design. It is the only photo up in our house now.

So it is strange to me that she is feeling compelled to buy animal print lingerie when she and my Dad don't care for it and the only person my Mom cares about is my Dad. Not only that, there is something about Alvaro in this because when he once saw animal print stuff, he was telling me not to get it or not to wear it. He had a serious aversion to animal print. Of course, then this woman staring at him at our engagement party was wearing black and white zebra stripes.

I think Alvaro Pardo knows something about my mother and who has been involved in wanting her to wear animal prints. It was like I had put on a reminder of something, of something like torture or rape of someone. He shook his head no, and looked at me like I had just suggested killing someone.

At our engagement party, this other Colombian woman wore a solid zebra black and white pantsuit. Same stripes I wore in my 8th grade photo but black and white.

I quit wearing leopard print, for the most part, after 2006. The last dress or article of clothing I had with the pattern was in 2006 and I was going to wear it to Stephanie Maiers shower and then showed up in black pants instead, with a scarf as a sash around my waist, and there was Karin, wearing a leopard print dress.

I just didn't wear it after that. I haven't had money, since then, to find anything in the print that I liked well enough, aside from maybe underwear once.

But my mother, wearing this...something is really off with the picture. It is like someone is telling my mother to do this. And why should my mother wear animal print? Why? because I DON'T anymore? to make it look like it was her and not me that wore it long ago? if so, what is the point of that? CIA has a record or file somewhere that they don't want anyone to realize is about ME instead of my mother? Maybe someone in the UK doesn't want anyone to realize it is about me and not my mother or my mother's proximity to someone like...oh I don't know...Middleton?

No one would have my Mom wearing this unless there is a record or file or diary someone wrote, or something someone did, and the UK or US intelligence committees or CIA MKUltra-Army people don't want someone to know. So they try to mix it up. And why would the CIA want to confuse anyone or try to have it appear that my mother wore leopard print or animal prints sometimes, and not have it about a unique thing I liked that I had made my own personal trademark. One of my trademarks was leopard print. I didn't have any other friends that wore it. It was my thing.

So aside from trying to confuse or disorient a record or something someone maybe documented in their journal or file, what is the point of my mother buying all this underwear and outerwear in animal prints?

My mother recently bought me a pair of pants that had leopard print and blue roses on them. I said I wouldn't wear them probably bc of not knowing what I'd wear them with, and what shoes. Then I looked at the tag. "My name is Makayla". I thought it sounded like the name of a cabbage patch doll I remember once when I was a kid. When I told my Mom I didn't nknow what I'd wear them with she looked really disappointed and saddened. I mean, what is going on? It's like someone is forcing my mother to wear animal prints until or unless I start wearing them again?

And then I got these shoes I didn't really want, but I got them because of the pressure and the fact that I saw my mother buying 2 pairs for herself when I said I didn't want any. It was at The Big 5. So we left and at another store, I said, "I'll get a pair of shoes if you return one of the pairs you got." She said what, why? I'm not returning them. I said, "Mom. You didn't want to buy 2 pairs of shoes." So I am there wondering, and knowing, if my Mom didn't want to buy 2 pairs of shoes, why did she. The cashier people all acted mean and rude to her until she bought them from them. It was like she was being forced or felt pressured to buy something from them when she didn't even want it. So I thought, why. Is this how someone is making their money? my Mom just buys stuff from them? So I bought a pair of shoes and she still kept the 2 and I said, "Mom, I know you don't want both of them so why don't you return one!" She looked shocked as in, "how do you know this?" I could tell. She was doing it to make someone else feel appeased.

(My parents light in the dining room just went off and on several times, just now, about the time I was saying it is not like my mother to buy animal prints and she and my Dad don't care for it.)

It makes me wonder if my mother is being raped or forced to be intimate with someone, and if my mother is the one my Dad was alluding to, when he was trying not to cry and saying, "it's not Oliver." And who lived out there? Patty Otterbach, who takes my mother around. To whom? Police? Is my mother being sexually exploited by cops or is it Kevin Boll.

My son Oliver is tortured where he lives. At night, and during the day. I also believe he has been sexually molested and I am not the first and only person to think this.

In very serious ways (torture) and other ways, in person, we are not free. I don't know why my mother does some of the things she does unless she knows how some of them are connected to the Pentagon or NASA people that torture us. There wouldn't be any reason for control over us, except for this reason alone.

I think my Dad just made an SOS sign.

My parents really need to have other people around right now. It's extremely dangerous. I try to look casual and you wouldn't know by looking at me, but I am not kidding. My parents are being retaliated against for my most recent efforts to get FOIA and attention from the Senate in D.C.

I finished adding to a post where I wrote about Pixies and I'm putting some of this here. I was tired and went to bed and then the Navy sonar stuff to my left ear was being done. It causes my ear to hurt badly. Then I saw a light flash and looked outside and my Dad was outside with the flashlight, shining it on the pear trees, across the lawn. Then it went out. Then on and out and on. Possibly because it was moving but then he went into the house and he looked like he was in pain. He went up the stairs with a limp in his leg and like his back really hurt and then, it was pitch black, but my Dad then turned on the dining room table light and I saw it. Then he turned it off.

So several flashes with the flashlight and then the dining table light and then off. It was off and on.

We really need help. I just finished writing about how I do believe my parents are being literally chained up and then my Dad made an effort to come outside and flash lights off and on. He is in pain too, because I could tell by the way he went up the stairs.

PLEASE. PLEASE someone get FOIA from the FBI on an expedited request for public interest. It is not third party and they have no 3rd party excuse if it is done on an emergency basis or out of "public interest". We are, my PARENTS are being held hostage. And yes, there are twin sets of them and they are actually being chained somewhere. I don't know if they take them to a jail, or a secret jail, or what, but they are being tortured and held hostage.

And I do believe it was the arm of the other twin that I saw the night I noticed my Mom and Dad leave, and someone was still inside of their house. The arm went up by the light where you turn it on and then it went down. I don't remember if the light went off and on, but I definitely saw the arm. It was not minds eye. It was fully 100% real and I'm not joking. I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs and nothing was affecting me that night.

My parents need serious deliverance from being held hostage. They are being forced to be used as psychic spies, held hostage and made fun of. All these people even know but I don't believe the public knows the worst of it.

Below is what I wrote before my Dad then came out of the house and turned on a light.

What about the women who used a poisoned cigarette against me? No one cared to investigate that. I find that odd, especially when it occured a couple of blocks from the FBI offices in Seattle.

I think Anne Craine/Crane is maybe connected to the Sandbergs. That is a total tangent, but I was reminded of Michelle Erickson today. Some of her buddies were friends with the man who was Francie's boyfriend. So basically, Erickson is connected to the cokehead. Michelle Erickson is. I need to post this in a different spot.

I am just now listening to "Where Is My Mind?" at 9:30 p.m. and a little earlier, and the voice in the background is the same thing I used to sing as a teen, about that time. The harmony. I used to sing that way, and I used to cry that way. It sounds like me from back then.

It's me, exactly.

I also remember, that while I had never heard of this group or heard these songs, I am positive others did and connected it to me as well. The "yeah" vocalization is something that Travis Vice said to me ALL THE TIME in the exact same way. The Vices went to the New Song Church I ended up going to, in Portland, Oregon. He started saying this to me, all the time, but he wasn't always doing that. He had 2 other brothers, Tim and Tom. Tom married Halea, Halea is whose house I rented a room from, and she is the one who knew Ragnar from Denmark. Tom never made this comment, but Travis started doing it ALL THE TIME, and mainly directed to me.

Then what's odd, is Gary Hemenway asked me to sing background vocals on his CD at White Horse and I did, and it was similiar to this because this is how I used to sing and is also very much the sound I made when I cried, when I was younger. So I sang backup on this one song and played it for Lorraine Rose and she freaked out over it.
Lorraine Rose the British woman. She just acted so weirded out by it. It was really beautiful but something got to her. Then, I had that CD in my house and someone broke into my house and stole it from me. Wait, they stole "Sacred" by Kate Miner and then they stole the CD I did, from my house or car. They stole it possibly along with Sacred.

So here is this song, and it sounds like me in the background, and the part about swimming...I think this is what I was being mocked over. By the "Americorp" woman "Jill". "Keep swimming."

Keep swimming indeed. All the way from Boston, MA. Jill, with Americorp, said this to me and I told my Dad about it. She said it with such venom and deliberate pointedness, that I thought to tell my parents because it was so intentioned. I am sure people make comments all the time, but the way she said it.

So yes, I believe a lot of people have known things about me and my family and concealed it from me. Sometimes while making fun of me or mocking my Dad, and sometimes while using us.

I think to myself, where would Travis Vice get this idea? and the only thing I can think of is his Dad is U.S. military. I mean, unless when Tom and Halea started dating, Hilary told her something that Ragnar (Danish guy) told her. Then Tom could have told Travis and he started saying this. Because it took awhile before this became his "habit". And then all of a sudden, he would say it while leaning in my face sort of, or loudly in church, the exact same way the singer does it. Usually at youth church.

Why would I be connected to Boston, MA unless it's through CIA-U.S. Army MKUltra spying on me all the time and passing info along. So then what? some people later make fun of me over this? and I had no idea. As if I had any clue at all, and I have to live with people like "Jill" mocking me to my face, and saying, "Keep Swimming." She said this to me in 2009, after I met Chris Rozollo, who was a scuba diver.

The other weird thing is I remember the actual day that a break dancer showed me on the blacktop or concrete, how he could spin on his head. That was earlier though, 4th or 5th grade. Sometime when me and Katie Fallon were friends. I wandered over and wanted to watch them and he kept showing me this. I stood on my head at my house, but didn't try break dancing. I don't know. It's a little weird, only because of the voice so much like mine, exactly. I mean, exact. It's how I sounded when I cried.

Jill with Americorp. Like SHE has a bright future.

I know Lorraine heard my background singing and her oldest daughter did. I remember she was sort of cold and dismissive about it, Lorraine, saying it was a lot of technology helping my voice to sound good--something like that, about the reverb on it. It had sort of hurt my feelings because she said that, and then she also seemed to want to minimize anything I did. I didn't "own" my house, I "rented", when really, I owned my own house. I don't know. It wasn't that big of a deal with Lorraine at all. I just know later someone stole it and stole Kate Miner's "Sacred" from me, and then I had all these odd comments from people at church. I think the Vice Dad was U.S. Army. I am pretty sure he was/is Army. None of his sons were military though, at that time, not to my knowledge.

The band singer who wrote this one was in Boston when it was written. I thought they were all London people but he was in Boston for that. So then I later meet Mark, of course, U.S. Army, from Boston.

Like no one knows who I am or anything about my family.

Where is my mind. Um. It was more like, "Who broke into my house, and where is my Miner?"

I was listening to the song "Hey" and I am seriously beginning to believe my Mom and Dad and their twins have literally been chained. I know the song is about figurative speech and poetry, but there is too much evidence to think it's NOT possible anymore.

In the movie by Steven Speilberg, about the precogs, the 3 people who see the future and predict crimes, they are chained in the water. "Where is my mind? way the water..."

Yeah. I have wondered, when I realized my parents are twins--I have wondered where the other set goes and what happens to them. I am beginning to believe they are forced to go to a secret prison of some kind and I don't even know how long it's been going on. Maybe it hasn't been all the time, but I am positive horrible things have been done to them secretly. The first time that I heard the song "Hey" and connected the actual real possibility that my parents are forcibly chained and restrained, was just a few days ago.

Also, they are definitely twins. My Dad with the rough and calloused feet, the next day the other one is taking off his socks and it's the smooth feet Bob with no callouses or redness or hard soles or anything.

I think my parents are seriously wanting someone to check the MKUltra files and help them now. It was months ago, but that one night, my MOm and Dad both left the house, and I saw both of them get in the car, and heard them talking on the way out, and then I was at the window, and at one point, I looked over and it was an arm reaching up to the light. It was by my Dad's sofa chair, there is a tall standing lamp, and someone was crouched down there so I couldn't see who it was, but I just saw this arm go up, and toward the light and then that was it. I was too afraid to go over and see who it was. I didn't have a bad feeling about it, but I knew someone was inside of their house. I thought it was a twin at first.

Most of the things done to my parents, I never even see.

Then I don't know what it is with O'Reilly but not today but the day before, I think, Carolla was on saying if you want off the boat Captain, I'll buy you the first drink. He said the Navy has a saying. It's not to buy a drink, it is to drown. The drink is the water. That is what he was refering to. So at some point today O'Reilly made some comment about glad to see you're on the boat again. Something like that. ?

What is seriously going on. I mean, my family deserves to have someone investigate and get the FOIA from the FBI on my parents and brother to confirm "destruction of records" around the same MKUltra Senate Hearings in 1977.

As for Jill, the most I gathered was that I believe she is possibly friends with Amy Goodman, a woman in Seattle, WA. Jill interned for Americorp at the YWCA in Wenatchee, WA. So, through her federal job, it was lots of love from Jill.

You know, it's federal. People using and abusing their positions in the government, to harm my family and then mock us over it. Half of the time I have no idea what they're even talking about. It is like they have been imagining they are punishing me over something I know about. Or, they are just hoping it gets back to my parents, whom they know it will hurt most.

Jill the Pill.

"Keep swimming". I mean, out of nowhere. I was nice to her and everything. Never rude, never had a reason to dislike her, and she was so sarcastic and mean. It was said after my son was poisoned with hair bleach or perm solution too. I had just seen my son at a CPS visit and he showed up that way and the next thing I knew, Jill with Americorp was making this horrible comment to me. I was standing outside, at a yardsale thing. I wasn't doing anything anywhere near water. I later saw there was some card, blue and black and white, in her van, with someone's name on it that was Jewish and with a connection to carpentry or construction or something.

The other possibly related woman is the one who broke my hand at the federal facility in Knoxville, TN. I believe that officer, who freaked out when I asked her to count my money, is connected to Jill from Seattle, WA. I am positive. I saw a recent "FedEx" commercial of a woman (wife) pulling a jacket down off from her husband, where she accuses him of "stealing office supplies from our daughter" and says "I BUY office supplies from FedEx".

Well, believe me. The crimes against MY family, are federal.

So when I see mockery even from ads on t.v. by FedEx, I am not surprised. You know, they even made the guy look like he didn't know what he was doing, or was losing his mind too, didn't they? Very effective mockery.

I sort of like the "one-upmanship" attempt but it fails at "torture of human beings". These people are the ones who are gloried and who everyone waves their "hail hitler" flag to, who get bombed and half of them die by another country's hands and the rest go to jail for committing crimes against their own citizens. Then, we build the museum to commemorate the victims and the woman with the high hand, suddenly looks more like the ignorant foolish monster.

Check on Jill and the woman cop from Knoxville. It is a match. ID=ID. I don't mean they are the same person, I mean they are 100% connected to eachother and there is a thread to follow. Just a hunch, and that's all I ever have, since I am not psychic.

I get hunches and I'm "intuitive".

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