Friday, January 11, 2013

Wells Fargo Agent Is FBI Agent

The Wells Fargo banker that closed my bank account without notice and without my authorization is an FBI agent. They work at the bank, and they are also employed by the FBI.

When they closed my account illegally, it was to block me from business and college receipt of money to this account. They knew it would be harder for me to open another one after they closed it, and then they red-flagged my credit with a notice to all banks (whoever does a credit check) that is from the U.S. federal government.

It is a claim that makes it sound like I've had illegal bank activity when I didn't.

I told Wells Fargo to stop payments and I told YMCA to stop payments and filled out their form. I sat at the desk in Nashville to confirm stop-payments and went twice to YMCA after they didn't do it the first time as I asked.

Then they told me they had done this and when they were going to close my account, they did not give me notice by email, to the email address I gave them on record to use.

The banker that did this worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. No, I'm not kidding. They started working at that bank after I arrived and had my account there.

It is retaliation for not marrying FBI agent Alvaro Pardo. It was also done as a wedding favor to Kate Middleton, whose family has their money laundered for them by the FBI.

FBI Director Mueller is a criminal and he supports England, not the United States, but Kate works double and so does her family. So it's not hard to do favors for them and make it look like its patriotism and security for U.S. spies.

I did think at first, that the only federal involvement was that Wells Fargo reported the credit matter to them, but what I was told, is that the person that closed it, works for the FBI.

It is the FBI that is blocking me from having a bank account.

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