Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Video/Photos of Oliver Tortured (and enamel dysplasia verified)


I wanted a close up of my son's teeth.  He was diagnosed with "enamel dysplasia" at 2 months of age when his first tooth budded.  I took him to the dentist and he said it was caused by "severe traumatic childbirth."

When medical professionals were avoiding a lawsuit, they lied and told others I was mentally ill and that I "imagined" problems that didn't exist.  CPS based their case against me, by refering to these claims and saying I was a hypochondriac.

The first dental record disappeared.  However, sure enough, his permanent teeth are proving I told the truth and that I am not mentally ill.  I did not have distorted perception--I have told the truth about what was done to my son.

My son and I were then tortured brutally and FBI and doctors--everyone went along with it. He was adopted away from me when the U.S. knew he was not up for adoption and that there was nothing wrong with me.  The U.S. knew that we were victims of violence and assault by our own country.  They stole my son from me in the commission of criminal activity against us.  Then they covered up the story to look like a CPS case and discredit my testimony.

The Pentagon is involved.  My entire family is forced to be part of a U.S. government program that has involved torture and abuse of us since we were babies.  I asked the FBI for FOIA about myself in 2005 and 7 years later they gave me one document that indicated and confirmed I was part of MKUltra.  The document about me was destroyed, supposedly, within 3 days of the MKUltra Senate Hearings of 1977.  It was August 3, 1977.  My brother Levi was born into the program on June 23, 1977, about 40 days before the Senate began investigation. 

There is a FOIA record about my brother Levi and my parents, who were forced into this before us.  The problem is that MKUltra never stopped activity.  It assumed a different name, some "safe", to avoid detection.  It went further underground and the things that were done to us were serious crimes.  My son was born to me, in 2006, and the same individuals involved with forcing my parents, me and my brother into this, attempted to coerce me to give my son to them through adoption.  I refused and we were both tortured.   We had a horrific childbirth besides, and lies came up to cover for this as well as torture of us.

If someone can help me prove my parents and brother have the same documentation in FOIA, we can prove we are part of a government program and work to validate our testimony and free my son.

Because it took me 7 years to get my own FOIA when it should have only been months, I requested assistance from Press Secretaries to the Senate.   I also indicated I was going to make a report against Canada to the UN and bring out further evidence to support this, and Microsoft is blocking me from my own mail, as of 12/29/12. 

There is something about Jim or Safeway.  Either one is the code name for the program or it is speaking to parties to the Pentagon and FBI who have colluded against my family. 

My parents are psychic spies.  This is the work the U.S. has used them for, and never for their own family's benefit.  They've been forced to make life better and give an advantage to other families, and not their own.  We are hostages.

My son is a hostage and I have talked to him for 2 years, since CPS, doctors, FBI, CIA, and The Pentagon continued their lies.  My entire life, I've been forced to babysit and be a nanny for government employees.  I was never used for psychic work.  I was sexually assaulted, drugged with LSD as a kid (trademark CIA), and oppressed.  Then I was basically gang-raped by a group of federal employees who all knew about my past and used it to their advantage, when I was vulnerable and had no idea.

My parents have been beaten physically, and assaulted, as has my son and my brother.  I always found I was living next to Pentagon and FBI and CIA and my brother was living with U.S. Army.

The program has been used as an excuse for hate crime.

This is where it ceased to serve a purpose.  It has been used for anti-competition and hate crimes of torture.  My son needs your attention.  It is possible that the person who slashed my mother is either Kate Middleton or someone who knows her that is English, possibly even Lorraine Rose.

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