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UPDATED: Death Threats Prior to Death for Jay Baird (emails mentioned)

UPDATED:  1/23/13.  Since most of this post is about death threats to Jay Baird and then his death that followed, this is just to update and say when I saw my mother's email one day (she wasn't looking and didn't know I was there), there were tons of references about peeing, pee, and coming, cumming, and references to child molestation all in the same group.  So where you look at examples I've listed, that show the kind of death threats or suggestions of death that were sent prior to Jay's Death, this is the kind of thing that was being sent about my son.  It was all referencing Middleton, or William, and comment after comment about peeing on things, coming/cumming/ and the british are coming, and references about what would sound like, to any normal person, sodomy and child molestation.  Included in this were emails about "how to keep on boys" and "rich Oliver can't saddle God", and there was a set of mail about groundhog day, and then right next to it, "baby hedgehog" and then porcupine, all in the same context, and all of these references to pork.  So it was email about pee, "coming", keeping on boys and "oliver" (my son's name) can't saddle God, and pork, along with references about the british are coming and aol is coming, and email about are you emotionally ready for this because you're not physically ready yet.  Also, emails about 'breaking" and "breaks through".  I am not kidding.  This kind of email was being sent to my mother, leading up to Kate Middleton's wedding.  Just as any normal person would interpret some of the emails I mention below as suggestive of death, prior to Jay's death, my parents were being sent threats about sodomy and rape of my son Oliver, and included were multiple references glorifying middleton and british she is connected to.    The one about saddling God, was sent after I had made a blog post and the sandberg family knows about this, about my mother having an english saddle on a bench in the bedroom.  She laughed about it when shirley joked about how to keep things exciting in the bedroom.  All of the emails, including ones about oliver saddling God, were clearly intended to be threats about my son.  And yes, the middleton family is definitely involved.  When I saw the email, I realized my Dad was not joking when he said something was very wrong, and mentioned "6 sexual predators" knowing my connotation of 6 was with regard to the bedroom middleton and william took after their wedding.  My Dad said, "it's not Oliver" but then who is it?  all of the email suggested child molestation and my son's name was included in this.  1 email disappeared when I saw it, and I don't know why, but it was the one titled "baby hedgehog".  The one about porcupine and groundhogs day were there but the one about "baby hedgehog" in the middle of all these references to breaking and cumming and coming and pee and oliver saddling God.  It was right next to one about you're emotionally ready but not strong enough yet to be physically ready.  And then Kathy Hathaway wrote in saying "have you noticed all the signs from the christian groups lately?" basically rubbing in the same thing anyone could see.

Also, I wondered about my mother's foot and where she said her foot hurt.  They can't say anything openly so I always wonder.  She has all these sores along a vein in her feet and then she was telling me it hurt in a specific place.  So I had some pasta and it came to me to look at the map of Italy's boot and where the spot was she pointed at on that map. Maybe it's nothing, but it looks close to garilione.  Gary.  It was close to where Giovanni di Fiore would be, approximately, on a human foot.  It looked to me like Garilione state park.

My parents were being intimidated and threatened with threats of sodomy against my son Oliver, leading up to Kate Middletons wedding.

Even worse, there is email evidence of premeditated murder of my Uncle Jay Baird. I have some mention of these emails:

Jay Baird did not wake up on July 16, 2011. He died at 3:30 p.m. that afternoon from massive bleeding in the brain. His wife says he was reading a book the night before and was happy and seemed fine.

Emails sent to my mother prior to this:

June 29 2011. Bill Hamon. Awake! Prepare! It's Coming! (from Albany, OR).

July 13, 2011. "AOL is coming." (technology tips and trends).

July 6, 2011. Lopez. An email from "JK", signed "jk", that says "just wait to rewrite when I get the final from the bank--no need to redo it 3 times. There will be an addendum. Any news he accepted the counter?" sent from Jeff Krall with Century 21.

July 7, 2011. JC. "Ok, 3rd time". "Just got into the messaging system, your message is an old one, but I got it on my email. JC." (John Coleman)

July 8, 2011. "Retire". From Rich Roark with mention that you can retire when you lose your head.

July 12, 2011. "TY" from Jeanne Griffin. Several emails from her, in this week. Griffin many times. (Griffin is the last name of the head of NASA, Michael Griffin, who was head until Holden).

July 13, 2011. Prayer Request. This shows a photo of a man walking past tombstones. It was sent from Fran Holland and Cherril Corliss forwarded it to my mother. It says not to break the military prayer chain.

July 14, 2011. "Obituary--Very Interesting". A saying, sent by Rick Roark. It starts out about a man named Alexander Tyler. The email says "obituary follows: born 1776, died 2008. It won't hurt to read this several times." Further down it talks about interesting facts from St. Paul, MN. At the bottom is the quote: Be who you are and say what you feel gently...because those that matter, don't mind. And those that mind, don't matter."

July 15, 2011. "You Don't Have To Stand Alone". from "God t.v." with a photo of a woman praying that looks like Christa Schneider. God t.v. is funded from the UK, and is in the US and Israel. The article is about how Moses had his hands held up by Aaron.

July 15, 2011. "Caption Suggestions?". RMLS email from Holly Boardman. "...any suggestions for other verbiage under photo caption options? If so, send ideas to me."

July 15, 2011. Important USDA Home Loan Info about Outbuildings. (included is a photo of a garage with an hour glass shape on it and a line through the middle). From Kimberly W. Barry with Allied. (owner is Chris Barry).

July 15, 2011. Dr. Talk. A joke about different organs taken out of the body in different ways on a country-by-country basis. From Shirley Sandberg.

Overnight, Jay gets hit.

July 16, 2011. "I Feel Your Pain!" Dawn L. Harcus comments to April Moers Turner on my mother's facebook.

July 16, 2011. Barb. "Ayguaviva" link from Barbara Foord. She had a photo on her facebook of a woman that looked exactly like Kate Middleton on it. I don't know if it's still there or not.

Jay dies.

July 17, 2011. 50% off select HP Printers. (my printers that were always fried were HP printers).

July 21, 2011. BTS: Behind the Scenes (like "bites"). From God t.v.

Jay Baird died not of "old age" but by a U.S. government-sponsored "hit". That is not to say all government would side with this, but the group that did not want him to testify to being witness to blackmail by John Kaempf, attorney for The Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon and The Mt. Angel Abbey, and his entire firm, on firm letterhead: Bullivant Bailey Houser.

Not only that, there is some evidence that suggests this firm has been tied and connected to the Thebault family from New Jersey, and potentially the Middleton family, as they had an interest in me prior to my filing lawsuits that they became involved in.

Jay Baird died because he was a witness.

The emails sent prior to his death included several references to the NASA name: Griffin.

I only recently discovered NASA, which is now supervised by Holden, was supervised by Griffin prior Holden. Michael Griffin is a Jesuit Catholic. Holden is an African-American that now runs NASA. Since he has been in charge, both my Uncle Howard and Great-Uncle Jay Baird have died from sudden and instant hits to the head by NASA technology that The Pentagon is well aware of.


Let's send a bunch of email with the name "Griffin", knowing my parents would connect this idea, and then kill Jay, and make our point. That way, my family can look back and "think about" how powerful this group is, that is torturing and murdering my family.

Had I not looked into NASA more, just recently, I would have had no way to connect that name to the death threats, and then the death that occured within less than one weeks time, of my Great Uncle Jay.

There is no possible way the FBI is not in-tune with all of this. It is impossible for them to be unable to make the same connection, and they have had my family under surveillance for years.

In the week leading up to Jay Baird's death, tons of email from "Griffin" was sent to my Mom, along with several discreet references to death and how to retire, one of them from Rich Roark, who used to be a neighbor of my parents. I am pretty sure one of them was Rich. Other people all wrote about the same time. Then a woman who works for the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) sent a notice to my mother about how "outbuildings" belonging to farmers were coming into scrutiny.

Jay lived in an "outbuilding" that is outside of the orchard. The Bullivant firm, through Kaempf, accidentally sent their threat about me to my Uncle Jay instead of my Grandpa, because Jay lived in the house on the road with that address. The deliverer didn't realize there was another house set back farther. So it went to the wrong "Mr. Baird". It went to the Baird whose house was on the outside of the property.

All of these things were alluded to, and then he was dead.

So it was threats and warnings and "letting you know we have power" first, and then when he died, they called it "old age" or just something that happened naturally. It wasn't natural. It was a planned hit.

The people who took him out, did so as a favor to the Bullivant firm and their clients.

It was done right after I started putting together something about this, and was getting a little more energy to contact him and I knew he would be a witness. He was killed at that same time, after I mentioned it in my blog.

He died of a massive sudden bleeding in the brain, which supposedly happened in the middle of the night. Right about that time, a so-called christian newsletter sent a headline to my mom that read, "Pick your battles carefully".

Pick your battles carefully.

After they just killed Jay and sent notices about what was coming up first.

Like that is not intimidation and an attempt to quash the testimony of a major witness--my mother and father.

This country has had a group of people that have used U.S. government resources and friends to win their own "private battles". They killed Gannon, they killed Madonna Joy, they killed James River (my unborn) and they killed Howard and Jay. Then they torture us and assault my parents as well.

The same day Jay Baird died, my cousin Ivory was proposed to by Jared and now they live in Seattle, WA. I wonder how close they live to the Bullivant firm. Hopefully they keep a distance.

No one had died that we knew, prior to Jay's death. This is a very small sample of what kinds of email were sent to my mother, which I happened to find one day. I wrote down some of the details onto paper, and transcribed from that. There were multiple messages from Griffin, and you can imagine how it looks when you open up your email and are confronted with one email after the other, all about the same thing, and yet supposedly none of these people are connected to eachother or some of them are supposed to be friends and coworkers.

I didn't receive anything in my email after I brought up John Kaempf's threatening letter to my grandparents, to force me to quit litigation against them. That letter was mistakenly sent to Jay and then when I was going to ask him to testify, he was killed. It looks like his death was being warned about ahead of time, from the email sent, that references "jk" (John Kaempf) who also sometimes goes by "JC". So that is one person. Bullivant Bailey Houser is the firm and they obviously have friends at NASA and with the Department of Justice who are corrupt.

So am I mentally ill? or isn't it true, that anyone seeing even a small sample of this kind of mail, leading up to the death of a USDA connected relative, connected to jk, would be seriously concerned. No normal person would think it is "nothing".

As for torture and threats against my son:

On the day of her wedding, they received emails about the "kid who got an A+" for writing a paper that expressed American patriotism saying it didn't matter if your hair was purple or green or what color you dyed it (kate dyed hers a strange color at some point in her life). It was sent by a "Courtright". I happened to see this, embedded along with a bunch of email that made reference to "mistaken prophesy" and how 2+2 doesn't always equal what you think it does when you have "issues" and all of these references to FBI and backlash over my being a whistleblower against government corruption. It was sent by Patty Otterbach and from someone named Kim Courtright. I don't know if Kim is related to Jim Courtright, the Pentagon man. I worked for a Lori Courtright.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest Middletons work for the U.S. It is not just that they work for the U.S., but that my reports against FBI or against men for rape were held against my family too, from a government base.

My son and my family have been and are being tortured in the United States. At various times it's been worse than other times.

The U.S. tortured us, and torture was allowed against us, and then they kidnapped my son and illegally adopted him away from me. I have not even heard from my own son for over 2 years.

We've been retaliated against, on basis of hate crime and retaliation. It has not been for any other reason.

The threats were also worse whenever I was sending out a petition for emergency CAT claim (against torture of citizens to the UN), and after I asked for a police record of my reported rapes, or NCIC from FBI, and after I mentioned my Uncle Jay being given this document that threatened him (my grandparents) not to assist me in any way.

A U.S. department sent a threat to my parents after this, and one week later, he was dead, from a sudden brain hemmorhage that was supposedly so instant that it caused massive bleeding. This was surrounded with comments about pick your battles, and a USDA email saying USDA makes new law about "outbuildings" for farms (Jay worked on a farm and lived on the outskirts of that farm).

When I saw the email from the USDA about a new proposed "irrigation" law, I knew it was coming from some source that is trying to run my grandparents out of business, and this is after they sent a threatening mail right before Jay was killed.

I only saw a couple of emails, awhile ago, but it is enough to know that NASA has been used by groups of people attempting to punish and torture us, and it is hate crime. It is also true that MKUltra is used as an excuse to cover and conceal these kinds of crimes.

My son must be returned and someone, I hope, is filing for FOIA about my family out of public interest.

Any reporter, especially one connected to U.S. government, has a legal right to obtain FOIA, as a "third party" for a matter involving public interest and the ongoing MKUltra program and documents related to this, even if it's claimed they were 'destroyed', are relevant.
I also believe a man by the name of Tim Layton is connected the Brad Uhl. Layton has a remodeling-construction business in Florida and some websites. He references the UK and some kind of iron works site they have.

Brad Uhl. The DEA agent from Florida
Tim Layton. Lives in Punta Gorda, Florida and Tampa, Florida.

Uhls wife, Sonja, ran in Florida until they moved to Nashville, TN after I arrived. She had a group she coached called the "Sailfish" and when Chris Rozollo was in town in Wenatchee, WA, around me, I saw him one day wearing a shirt that had a giant swordfish on it. I met him, Rozollo, before I met Brad Uhl, who was from Florida as well, which is where Chris Rozollo was from.

In May 2011 a Linda Green sent my mother an email titled "Stay Young My Friend" for the young and not so young, with a mouse drinking from a glass of white wine, with the straw bent to go down its throat. The saying talked about how to not die young and avoiding alheizheimers and mental loss.

When I was being overdosed in TN, after being falsely accused of mental illness, and then assaulted with Haldol, at the same time, my mother's coworker, Debbie Sweetwater-Burt was sending my mother email about "Stroke Symptoms" which mocked being unable to articulate letters of words.

This was a long time ago, but the tone of emails changed when people heard I was moving back to Coquille, Oregon. Suddenly, everything changed.

I have no idea how bad it really is. Probably most of the email is gone and deleted from long ago, and anything before 2008 is definitely gone, and several family members have been told by internet companies to move their accounts somewhere else or have been forced to move after losing all of their email to sudden "wipe outs".

This has happened to relatives on both sides of my family. Anyone who has had a history of getting email from me, where I talk about my son or mention dates or anything, or people or lawyers, has had their email cleared. My great aunt Mary was told, by AOL, she had to have a different email address. So they forced her to sign up for a different email account and email name and she lost all of her history. My aunt Holly was forced to do the same, with Microsoft telling her all her email was gone. She had to open a new account with gmail because then there was some problem with Microsoft.

I just recently had Microsoft block me from my own email account, telling me to prove I am the owner, and I am, and I gave them evidence to support it, and so far, they've not unblocked it. I haven't lost all hope about it yet, and I think I can give them a couple more things and it should be unblocked, but it's more than expected to start.

That is 3 family members, off the top of my head, oh, and my brother Levi. So that's 4 of us who have been forced by internet companies to lose our mail and open different accounts. My Microsoft account is just blocked, not gone, but this is what has happened to at least 4 different relatives in the last 2 years. Less than 2 years. So far, it's AOL and Microsoft that are shutting our accounts down and purging all of our email history.

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