Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Intruder Holding Parents Hostage: A Professional

The other night when I went to my parents house, someone was leaving their house out the other door.  I don't know if they were holding my parents hostage at gunpoint or what. 

My Mom first came to the door, quietly and trying not to cry.  I didn't know what was wrong.  She barely opened the door.  Then I stood on the porch and I knocked again.  My Mom had left the area.  My Dad said, from the upstairs bedroom window, "Get out of here".  He didn't say it the way he usually does.  It wasn't like a kid, like my son, or angry, more quiet and calm and like he was not the one in charge, like he was doing what someone told him to do.

I kept knocking.  I said I needed Advil. 

I heard the side door to their house open and then close.  There was no dog with it.  Besides which, my parents let the dog out of the front door at night, not the side door.

It wasn't a neighbor's door, you could hear which one it was--it was their side door. After the door closed, only THEN did my Dad come down the stairs, by himself, turn to look down the hall at the side door, I guess to make sure someone had left, and then he went to the front door where I was.  He was livid, and his face looked swollen and like he'd been forced to wear tight swimming goggles, and he opened the door, and shouted, "I said get out of here!  Get OFF the porch!" and he walked torwards me so I backed off of the porch.

I said "What is WRONG with you?" 

I went back to my house.  It wasn't my Mom that went out the side door.  From the outside window you can see the stairwell and then the hall that goes to the side door.  The dog is always with my Mom and if I'm knocking on the door, the dog barks and comes to the door.  Occasionally the dog won't bark, but he's always curious and comes to the door.  If the dog had been let out of the side door, he always comes running around to the front, and my parents never let the dog out the side door at night.

It wasn't my Mom.  The dog is always with her, so the dog would have gone running down the hall after the door was shut or gone after my Dad.  All that is back there is an office.  My Mom never goes into the office--it's my Dad's office. 

So whoever left out the back door, was hiding in the office at some point, or around the corner, and made an exit when they heard me knocking at the front door. 

I think someone was holding them hostage in their own house.

A different time, I saw someone inside their house after they were gone.  Both of them got into a car and left to go to a church thing and I saw this arm and hand reach up and do something to a light there.  The window blinds were open and I saw it.  I didn't even approach the house.

My Dad doesn't get furious except after he's sort of scared.  Well, sometimes he doesn't get scared and is just mad.  But if something is done, that's not good, then he will sometimes react with yelling and what sounds like fury.  When I told him I was held hostage, in my house, over the phone, he said he didn't believe me.  He yelled at me at first.  So then someone else told them it was true and I asked why they yelled and my Mom said it was because he was scared/worried.

The other thing is, I didn't say it to them that night, but I thought, if no one comes to this door, should I call police.  And then that's when someone left, out the back door, apparently a mind reader.

I looked up Microsoft Access tonight.  I'm going to buy something for a class and to work on my non-profit, and I was asked why this one thing was different and I said it had Access and transferability and other things.  My Mom asked what Access was and I said, "It's a database program that integrates information from other programs" and said, "I used it at CTR but that was a long time ago and it wasn't very good back then." 

Anyway, I looked at the wiki on it tonight and thought about which one it was.  It wasn't the 1997 one.  It was an earlier version, from what I remember but I know they kept everything updated bc it was a computer place so maybe it was.  So whatever the latest was, they had it on their computers.  I wasn't told about it until after I was working there several months.  I sort of think that it was Professional.  The 1995 version.  Or I guess, that's the system it ran on.  They had Windows '97 but I sort of think Access was the 1995 one.   I think Mary Jo gave me the code.  It was Mary Jo or Colleen.  Both of them gave me CDs with database projects on them.  More often, Colleen gave me the CD, I entered the information, and then gave it back. Once I did a database project for the CEO, Ed Israel, and Mary Jo gave me the CD for that.  I worked on it for several days.  Mary Jo was the secretary for Ed, the CEO, and Colleen was the Sales team secretary.  I did a few projects for Lavonne and Lisa.  Mostly I did works for Lavonne and Lisa and then Colleen gave me instructions for some things and a few projects.  Mary Jo gave me the CD for Ed's database and then he complained it took too long.  It was possibly given to Colleen, who gave it to me and then Mary Jo kept checking on it.  It was tons of figures.  I never had training in any of the programs and I was asked to create a database for some statistics, and I did.  I made sort of an analysis of it as well.  I explained I was looking at the big picture, not just the small picture, and that's why it was taking a little longer.  I put more work into it.  I think that's when I was shown Access.  I also did name and addresses of clients, basic data entry without creativity.  I was sent questions about if I'd do projects for people, by email, but then my work was always saved on a CD, because that's what we used then. I also did a project for Mike Osborne after I did one for Ed.  I thought it was a compliment, and I didn't take it personally that Ed thought it took too long--I didn't know he wanted it done fast, I tried to do it well, and added analysis to it.  Maybe it was Mike who wanted it fast and thought it took too long and Ed was the one happy, but no, I think it was Ed bc Mary Jo kept checking and checking.  I remember she had a really weird look on her face when she did.  Maybe she was freaked out by my drawings.  I have no idea.  It was a slightly cautious look and surprise over something.  I wonder if Mary Jo ever knew something about why I was getting hit with migraines.  ?  How would she know?

Also, there were 2 different Sarahs.  One was the Sarah I shared my job with (I went from 40 to about 30 hours) and she had fewer and went to college, and then there was the Sarah in Marketing, who worked with Mary Jo.

I've already written about this before too, but Sarah who shared the job with me was pretty smart.  She told me when I visited her at her house, she'd win at Scrabble and she did.  I then realized I had lost because I had thought taking short cuts was cheating and I didn't want to cheat.  She wasn't cheating--we just understood the rules differently.  I thought the objective was to create the best word you could, using up as many letters as possible and she thought it was to get the most points, regardless of filling up a board with articles ("at", "the", "so", "if").  So I had these great creative long words and she had these short articles and she won.  I couldn't believe it.  It was actually sort of hilarious.  We were close though.  When I saw how she played, I wanted a re-match and she declined.  In my family, when we played, it was more of a competition of points but also originality so we worked at trying to outdo one another with the best word.  Sarah was more cut-throat (thanks for the reminder).

If I had my work done, I tried out the drawing utensil.  I drew with the mouse.  I made a drawing of a woman sitting at a desk, and a drawing of a river and I saved the river drawing to my main screensaver.  It was a river in an S shape but with the perspective of being on the river and looking down it and it wasn't full S.  I drew a tree on the bank and stars in the sky.  There was a bank on both sides of the river, a slightly rounded bank and one tree, which sort of arched over the water, slightly tilting, from the side.  I drew it on the right side of the computer screen.  The river had the vanishing point perspective, of being wider at the bottom of the screen to narrower in the distance and it was in the center of the screen.  Like a ^ .  At the top, it split into two main branches and then I had a bunch of leaves all over it.   I colored it in monochrome of solid blue with the outline of the objects in black.  It was my  "river of life" drawing and I think that's how it was named on my work computer.  I've written about this before.  So then a few employees saw this on my screensaver and said I had too much time on my hands.  One person said this:  Billy.  He said, "If you have time to do that, you have too much time on your hands."  But I had done it fairly quickly and had it on my computer for awhile before he saw it.  No one else said anything about it.  Just Billy.  I remember exactly what he said because he was the only one who said anything about it.  No one else cared, because I was doing my work as well.  I remember the look on his face, and how he sort of shook his head, and his tone of voice--everything.  Word for word.  "If you have time to do that, you have too much time on your hands."  It looked like a lot of work, but it didn't take too long.  Sarah played card games and tetris in her free time, inbetween calls and projects.  I drew.  I never surfed the net or played games.  I worked and I made drawings.  I was always looking for new things to do too, and learning how to use the computer and its features was part of the job.  I took on managing a clothing store as well and I was always happy about greeting people.

I was getting hit with migraines every Friday all of a sudden.  When it began occuring, it was like clockwork.  Every single Friday.  It was extremely discouraging to me and I began to get seriously worried that my boss and supervisors and coworkers were going to think I was just making excuses to get a 3 day weekend all the time.  I never wanted to miss work.  I was being hit with migraines that were so severe, I couldn't function.  I took OTCs at work and tried to deal with it, and they were excruciating.  And then I was wondering why I had the "hidden pastries" dream. 

All of a sudden, it wasn't me and Billy, they brought Sarah in and told me I had to share my job because of the migraines.  I was fortunate enough to still be considered for a promotion and salary working as a Sales Exec.  That would have given a little flexibility when I had migraines too, and I really loved people and like encouraging or enthusing about a new idea.

The other thing I got "docked" for, was when I began wearing my beaded cross to work.  At some point while working there, I started wearing a necklace I had of a large cross made entirely out of beads.  It was the one I bought in Pennsylvania while touring with Kelly--the one made by the designer of jewelry for the "Dracula" movie (so I was told, but I've still never seen the movie).  The entire cross was beaded and then it was beaded on the strand so you could wear it as a choker, with the leather ties, falling down in the back.  I didn't want to wear it as a choker, so I let it drop a little, into a v, with the beaded cross and the beaded part of the necklace showing, and the leather strands still tied in the back, into a knot.  Sometimes a bow too.  When I started wearing this I got some odd and uncomfortable looks and then someone said maybe it wasn't appropriate to wear at the front desk.

(Well, I had to ward off Kurt afterall--just kidding).  I wore it because I liked it.  And I started wearing it every day.  To me it was a reminder to pray.  And I prayed for everyone at that company.  I didn't have to have it to be reminded, but I liked it, so I wore it.  And it was shocking to some but I guess I was still offered the promotion.

While looking at the wiki for Microsoft Access and trying to remember what it's useful for, thinking back to work at CTR, I was reminded of what happened at my parents house the other night.  I was looking at this and saw a flashlight go up and then down.  My Dad let the dog out and had the flashlight.  Up at an angle to the right and then down at an angle to the left.  Like a triangle but one side up and then the light was off and then down and then the light was off.

I was looking up and down on the wiki for the Access page and then I noticed the years it was created and that's when I saw "Professional".  Then I saw my Dad turn to the side, like he did when someone was leaving the side door, and I thought to write about what appeared to be someone holding my parents hostage in their house.

Why did Rick Baken think it was clever for me to tell FBI S.A., "Just tell them you didn't think it was professional."  He got a little smile on the side of his mouth when he told me this, in person, and he was deep in thought.  He was amused by the idea of my saying "I didn't think it was professional." and then he said they'd understand that and respect it.    He made a big point in telling me to use the word "professional".  "Tell them you didn't think it was professional."

Does this have a reference to someone/some persons I told to "get off of my porch", back in 2004.  I told Jonathan this, and then Raul and Armando.

Something my Dad used to say, when I was a kid, was "Cool your Jets".  If I wanted to do something really bad, he'd say, "cool your jets."  It meant "not so fast".  Was it 1 Jet, 2 Jets, or 3 Jets.  3 Jets runs on a "Professional" platform.  It's my key.

So who is responsible for knowing why I was getting knock-out with migraines?

Anyway, someone has really been in my parent's house.  I mean, someone besides my Mom and Dad.

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