Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two Women's Lies & Two Knives

I was locked out of the house where we rented a room and she stole my cedar chest and belongings.  She allowed police to go through all of my belongings as well.  I went to California because someone invited me and I had no place to live.  I thought I could stay in the hotel, and figure out what to do when I got back to Wenatchee.  Her lock-out was illegal, as she was also required to give me a written 30 day notice to vacate.  To get around this law, she lied about me too, like the Nigerian woman who worked for the CIA, and matched her complaint against me, claiming I held a knife against her and I was psychotic.  So now it was 2 different false reports and restraining orders, with women lying and claiming I was violent and dangerous, and held a knife against them, and that I was crazy.

They knew this would affect my ability to have my son returned to me.  All that Washington state and the U.S. federal government needed was an excuse to claim I was a “risk” to my son.  Both women lied to avoid giving me 30 days notice; both women claimed I held a knife knowing this prejudiced my rights to my son; and both women were working as federal employees.  Also, the Nigerian woman worked with Mossad in Nigeria, who were then in place training the police in self-defense, and the woman in Wenatchee was Jewish.  The Nigerian woman was 2nd highest police chief for Nigeria at the time I stayed at her house.  My fianc√© and I had rented a room from Mykal Holt, who told us she was Jewish, and she also went overseas every year, doing medical work with U.S. federal employees and doctors in Brazil.

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