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"4 Days No Visits", Twins, and Celebration of Gang Bang by Moses Lake Christian Schooll

And now, all of a sudden, without explanation, after my mother got home and talked to my Dad, which was after she was with Patty Otterbach, my Dad was freaking out and telling me to "get out of here" and literally opened the door and ran me off the porch, when I was knocking on the door.

My mother had been standing there a few minutes earlier, with tears in her eyes saying no, they couldn't go on any "vacation" and they couldn't leave the United States.

My Dad was yelling, "Now you can't come over here for FOUR days."

Over Patty Otterbach?

My parents have talked about the whole family going on vacation together before, and I've brought it up plenty of times, since I've been here. We haven't all been on one for a long time and ever since I was a kid, I asked my parents about traveling and seeing another country or countries. It's not as if I never expressed the idea that we should travel abroad as a family. I always talked about Stephanie Maiers and how her family did this, and we should sometime too.

So since I've been in Oregon again, I have said the same thing and it's my idea, but while in the past it was something of an open idea that my parents would have gone with, as of tonight, my mother is acting like she is going to die as a hostage of the U.S. government. She started crying when she said she couldn't go anywhere and couldn't leave the U.S. My mother said, "You're not wanting a vacation, you're running."

From what? Is that what her government buddies are telling her? I like how the "dashcam" article by AOL features a black and white photo of what looks like a cop car light on top of a car. So I don't know why my Mom said this, unless she's reminding me of those who retaliated against me for making a rape report about Josh Gatov, which the U.S. law enforcement deliberately ignored, along with the FBI. I said, "He ran from an investigation" so they had to get revenge by saying I ran from a CPS investigation when there was no investigation at all.

Also, someone left the house when I showed up tonight. Someone has been coming in and out of the back door at night. Tonight, my Dad told me 'get out of here' from his window upstairs when I was knocking and then I heard the back door on the other side of the house open and shut. I didn't leave to look. The reason I think someone is possibly coming in and out is because on the night we watched this survival movie and my Dad left the house at night to sell this washer and dryer, when he left out the back door, he left, and you could hear him drive away. The dog, Scooter, heard him leave too.

So then I saw the dog do something weird. After he heard my Dad drive off, and watched him go out the door, at night-time, he then stood in the hall and started wagging his tail and it was with the dog expectancy of thinking someone was going to come through the door.

The dog acted like he was used to seeing my Dad leave the house at night, and then come right back in. My Dad doesn't leave the house at night, unless it's to go to a church thing, but usually not by himself. He also doesn't take out trash or pick up wood at night. If someone is going in and out of the house at night, it means this is a time when one twin is leaving and then the other one comes in. So the dog is used to it. If it's not a twin, it's someone who is nice to the dog but maybe they do weird things to my Mom or Dad. The dog looked really happy, like it was a game, and was wagging his tail back and forth, waiting for someone to come back into the door. No one did. So after awhile, the dog stopped looking for this person. It was significant enough for me to know this is a pattern or habit that is occuring which the dog expects.

I am very intuitive with dogs and animals. I've been around this one for awhile. I know that this dog is smart enough to know that if a car sound leaves, not to expect someone then coming through the door. Other times, during the day when people leave, he doesn't expect them to come right back in. He goes up to the couch and watches from the window.

When I saw my Dad, when he came downstairs, he stopped at the foot of the stairs and looked out the back door. Then he turned around and came stomping over to the front door, and had huge puffy eyes like someone had pressed shot glasses over his eyes and held them down.

There is no reason for my Dad to say not to visit them for "FOUR DAYS" except for Patty Otterbach or someone she sent to the house to terrorize my parents.

But this reminds me of when I was a kid, and when others began trying to exert power over me through my parents. They told my parents to "ground me" for months at a time. I wasn't grounded for just "1 day", though maybe it started with "one day". Suddenly, it was "one week" and then it was "two months". It was in Moses Lake, Washington, at our house there, after someone stole my tape. I was being "grounded" for 2 months at a time. This meant I could not walk anywhere, or go to anyone's house. I couldn't visit the neighbors, and I couldn't talk on the phone to friends. I was a hostage in my house for 2 months, over really small things.

I thought then that my parents were crazy. But it wasn't them. It was the Crazy Jealous People.

I was being told I was "grounded" for things like not cleaning my room well enough. There was never a good reason to ground me--I never did anything that was so bad, I should have been grounded for "one week" or "two weeks" or "two months". It was more like someone was telling my parents to come up with an excuse to ground me and then I was cut off from communicating with friends, neighbors, and others.

I had to stay in my house, except for school, and I couldn't make phone calls, couldn't go to the neighbor's house, couldn't walk to Stephanie Maiers house (which I did, and I used to run there sometimes, with my walkman and headphones on). Usually I didn't run or walk that far, but I did a few times. It meant I got home from school, and we had no t.v., or didn't watch it except for huge movie marathons (which was a major movie festival of one movie after the other for at least one full week or more on Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. I guess I never really thought about it, but aside from reading books, my parents were movie buffs. I mean, huge movie fans, snd still are. My brother is to this day). So about being "grounded"...we had no t.v. most of the time. So all I could do was read books or sing and find something to do in my room.

Two months at a time.

"You're grounded for TWO MONTHS!" and they stuck to it. I was literally grounded for two months.

So this kind of extremism had nothing to do with my parents. It was what this other group wanted, who controlled my parents. They wanted my mother to say math was pointless. All of a sudden, my mother went onto this huge weeks long suggestive programming, that "girls don't need to learn math" and "math is pointless" and "you'll never use it in life", "why study geometry? what for?" I thought it was my Mom, and it wasn't. It was the hate group that has been jealous of my family and is now trying to control even my son Oliver ("painting is for girls" when he's good at art).

Mrs. Bozel was telling my mother to force me to ride my bike to school and then critized my mother to me, to my face, as if there was something wrong with my Mom.

I didn't have an alarm clock. If I didn't get up on time and ready on time, and if I missed the bus for any reason, I was told to ride my bike several miles through town, which took all day. I missed most of my classes. But my mother insisted and then Mrs. Bosel (or Bozel) talked bad about my Mom saying, "That is so horrible your mother would do that to you. It misses the point of being in school. And she wouldn't give you a ride to school?" On and on, your mother is so bad and thoughtless and stupid and how shocking. Mrs. Bozel was a devil. Her husband gave me and Stephanie a ride to something one time, and talked about sex in the car the whole way, when we were about 13-14 years old. I still remember Stephanie's reaction. She froze, rigid, and jerked back into the back of the seat with eyes bugging out and grabbed my hand and squeezed it until I thought the blood was out of it. I asked him to tell us the story of how met his wife, because I liked stories like that. He started talking about sex. And he and his wife supposedly both came from christian "Missionary" backgrounds, with both of them having parents that worked, oh of course, abroad. Was it the military or the CIA or FBI counterintelligenc. His wife, Mrs. Bozel, had the teenage girls practicing tightening their pubic muscles in P.E. She even told us what it was for and we all had to do pelvic lifts and "squeeze" our pelvic muscles together so we all had tight vaginas. For christian school. I guess she learned it on the mission field. It wasn't like a few lift and squeeze exercises--it was tons.

My guess would be that Mrs. Bozel was probably the person who told my mother to have me ride my bike so far, and then wanted to blame it on my Mom.

Mrs. Bozell was the Biology and P.E. teacher. She majored in science. She and her husband had horses in Moses Lake.

You know, it's kind of weird that she put all of that time into having us do "pubic muscle tightening exercises" every single day for P.E. and then years later I have Mike Sterling-Tanzer telling me I have a "tight" you know what and then he's taking me to see Heinz's "Vagina" exhibit. Let's just say I hope the Bozell's are not connected to the Tanzers or Heintz people.

Oh. Look at what I just found when I went to the Moses Lake Christian School website. A photo of a bunch of kids and teachers around a pyramid of white boxes, which resembles Heintz's "Vagina" art from the art show by Lewis & Clark college students.

What good christians. Let's celebrate sexual assault kids, and government gang-bangs. Well, I was thinking Mike Tanzer was maybe not part of the government group, but I am having second thoughts about that.

So isn't Kerry up for consideration at Department of State?

You know what I like? I like how the MLCS (Moses Lake Christian School) homepage opens up like a blade across a neck. Here is the next page, which is the "about us" page:

Now I'm wondering if Tanzer's Dad and the Bozells were on the same "mission field".

Yeah, I do not get a good feeling from their site. It's Boesel. Jeff and Deanna Boesel. At one point, Deanna claims her name is pronounced "Deon" but that's not how everyone pronounced her name. It was "dee-ANNE-a".

I found Forrest Tancer's Peace Corp membership site and he was in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Deanna makes a comment in her blog about how missionaries unite and, in her opinion, the Brazilians are the most fun. She and her husband were in the Philippines (where Rick Baken's daughter went to college) and Guatamala.

Oh. A devil. Read from one of his books about how to find "common ground".

I looked at photos of the Boesel girls and they do not impress me as being christians. At all. There is something smug and malicious about both of them. One of them went to Baylor and the other went to some "Hope" school.

Yeah, there is something seriously wrong with this whole picture. Seriously, criminally, wrong.

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