Monday, January 14, 2013

Kate Middleton's CIA Morocco Heroin Lord

Hi Katie. Oh, I have some news too. :)


How difficult it must be, to go this long without cocaine.

Was it morning sickness? or coke withdrawals that put you in the hospital?

(She's my ROCK.)

Well, we know you're family has killed and we know you are a criminal.

So, parting from the Red "C" (Catherine) for a moment, let's have a discussion about what heroin looks like.

Supposedly, she knows where to get marijuana, cocaine, and liquid heroin.

Her man from Morocco told me he had the highest grade heroin you can get on the market. Some kind of pure PURE was the word he emphasized heroin that was sheer badness. (let me make a joke for a moment...The street name is "Grade A Katie Kootch" because that is what a "heroine" is. A Drug Queen who sells her body and tortures kids)

I said I didn't want any and then the Pentagon and NASA targeted me in that same apartment anyway, with technology to harm my unborn babies. I could see The Pentagon when they flew a helicopter up to my 7th floor window.

Her Morocco man knew Daniel, the Israel man. They were CIA. Katie's men wanted to entrap me into taking heroin I guess, while I was pregnant, and if I wasn't going to kill my own baby, NASA and The Pentagon would do it for me.

They knew I had to find a place to rent and I was looking at D.C. classifieds for something near work. There were only so many options to choose from that I could afford, and that was a given, not a variable.

I was set up to have my unborn babies killed by the U.S. government and I want Middleton's unborn babies dead, the same way the U.S. killed mine.

Oh, but why kill my unborn babies and not hers? Because she is a CIA bitch. The U.S. has tortured my son and used me in MKUltra with CIA and U.S. Army. Then they assaulted me through NASA while using my parents as psychic spies. They punished me and committed hate crime against me through NASA, to retaliate for Bechtold, Gatov, Bunjanda, and anyone else who was connected to the federal government. The Catholic church hated me and made use of that by having me tortured daily through NASA friends. Patty is an informant for Kate Middleton and Patty works for police and has assaulted my mother when I tried to report to the UN.

Morocco Man, who called ME "insane", is a Middleton CIA drug dealer. I wonder how many of them she has personally fucked besides William of Wales.

It the baby is born on in June, month 6, it will be celebrating threats of sodomizing my son Oliver and torturing him, by even "christian" groups that like Katie. If the baby is born in month 7, it will be celebrating torture of my unborn babies from the 7th floor apartment in Virginia, where I rented a room from Middleton's CIA Morocco man. If any child of Middleton's dies, it will be a house of blessing, finally.

Any child of hers is a child of a group that tortures my family, steals from us, taunts us over Bujanda and Bechtold, who work for Middleton, and kill family members so some people won't go to jail and others can live in fear over Oliver being sodomized and getting men to "cum".

That's Middleton's cum.

Middleton is the scum.

I protest Middleton'scum.

And any Russian who thinks the Putin is making a law that hurts Russian kids, should take a look at what this country is doing to my family and to my own son. They torture him.

If those protestors think it's so terrible, why are they not adopting those kids? They care enough to raise a picket sign and march around, but they don't care enough to take a Russian child, one of their own, into their home?

Why not?

Why don't you who are "protesting" supposedly for kid's rights, put your heads together and think about better ways of protecting your children.

Protesting against kids not being sent over to "our little ginger boy" land is ? something Kate Middleton might do. Maybe you can get Katie to come to your assistance and aid and fight for your feelings and politics. Meanwhile, don't leave her in the children's nursery without supervision.

The Moroccan man told me he got the heroin from Afghanistan. The "purest" grade you could get, very rare, and Katie is very rich and Osama bin ladin is dead.

Happy Wedding Day Katie says her Dad. Mike Middleton is a drug dealer and my son has been tortured because of his disgusting mobster practices. She is a criminal and she will go to jail. Not on a false arrest, as I've experienced because of her shit, many times, but hopefully after a trial. I call her Dad a drug dealer, which is what he is, and why I was lied about by Brad Uhl and FBI, and I get assaulted with Haldol. It's the long arm of the "law" that is corrupt which fights for Kate Middleton. Breaking my hand over here, as well.

So let's wonder if Charles Bolden is connected to Morocco and if this is why my family is still being tortured by NASA after they got rid of Michael Griffin, the fanatical Jesuit who hated my guts.

Charles Bolden + Morocco = NASA torture?

I do know his wife, Charles Bolden's wife, visits Israel a lot. And Israel's "Daniel" was visiting Morocco man when I stayed on the 7th floor.

I would bet you anything that Charles Bolden knows Kate Middleton's Morocco man.

Since I've been tortured it has been fanatical Jesuits and Jewish Israelites at the helm. Goldin, Griffin, and Bolden. Bolden is like Goldin.

I looked him up and he's black. I think I looked him up before and noticed but no big deal. Well now it seems to be a bigger deal because my Uncle Howard, who made a derogatory comment about black people or Michelle Obama (a racist joke) was killed within a week. He started having strange heart pain and then got hit on the head with NASA technology, which put him in a coma as he was trying to leave the hospital.

My Uncle Jay died of a sudden brain hemmorhage when I was about to get a statement from him about the Bullivant firm threatening my grandparents not to assist me financially.

They wanted me to remain tortured and defamed.

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