Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Mom and Family Tortured Last Night/Today

I am being tortured now after writing about the dream I had and clarifying about the baby.  Since last night, while I worked on the CAT complaint, and then today after I clarified my last post, I was tortured to the metal in my teeth again, which NASA and The Pentagon have not done for months.  Instead, they've used other forms of torture against me.  Those responsible for this need to be killed. I don't care who kills them or how, they need to be killed.

Last night I went to my parent's house and one of my Mom's eyes was completely bulged out and distorted.  So I knew she had been tortured.  Her eye doesn't do this naturally.  It wasn't like that this morning when she went to church.  It was last night.  The only way this is done is by torture to the head, which then causes the eye to do this. So it torture to our brains.

I worked on the CAT complaint last night until I was too tired and had to sleep.  I was tortured for the last 3-4 days while trying to work on it.  If I had not been tortured, the complaint would have probably been completed by now.

My Dad's eyes are worse than I've ever seen them.  They are sunken in and have dark hollow circles all around them, like racoon eyes.

The U.S. is targeting my parent's brains now.  It's like first they use them and now they have them sworn not to expose government secrets or will do something worse and now they are torturing them to their brains.

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