Saturday, January 19, 2013

U.S. Military Code Excuse for Torture of Me

I found a law today that allows the Pentagon to consider any person who is traveling with, or accompanying military personnel, to be considered to be under their jurisidiction.

So this means, they don't have to tell you and you don't have to sign up.

They think they own you if you are even living with, residing next to, or are in any other way engaged or involved with military persons or are on military property. It has a caveat of "in times of war" and this country was calling the War in Afghanistan a time of war when they tortured me and my son and kidnapped my son from me.

The military lawyer who said he would take my case knew he had a conflict of interest from the start. Then the U.S. forced me into homelessness to be forced to live with U.S. military so they could say I "served or accompanied" these people, and was therefore under their jurisdiction.

The torture, however, has been before "times of war" and after "times of war. Here is the military law on who the Pentagon believes is their own personal property.

I found it while looking for the law that states a military enlisted person is considered to be property of the United States, because I am claiming my son Oliver Garrett as stolen property on my tax form. According to the law, he is "property" and he is and was my personal property and never belonged to the United States. The U.S. regards children CPS takes as U.S. property and they regard soldiers as U.S. property. The United States illegally kidnapped my son from me and tortured us, to steal my property to make it (my son) their own property.

They also used me and exploited me by forcing me to live with military men and be transported by them, to keep me under Pentagon jurisdiction.

I don't what I should put for value of my son, on this tax form. Maybe $50 billion? I think that sounds a little low. While I would say my son's value is immeasurable, for our compensation, and his return to me, no less than $50 billion. Torture, conspiracy, conspiracy to aid and abet, treason, kidnapping, obstruction of justice, and my son's damages have been almost immeasurable. But if I have to ask for an award for my son's damages in court, $50 billion. And my son is to be returned to me, without delay.
This is from Article 2 of the UCMJ, as to who the Pentagon is allowed to control:

(9) Prisoners of war in custody of the armed forces.

(10) In time of war, persons serving with or accompanying an armed force in the field.

(11) Subject to any treaty or agreement to which the United States is or may be a party or to any accepted rule of international law, persons serving with, employed by, or accompanying the armed forces outside the United States and outside the Common-wealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.

(12) Subject to any treaty or agreement to which the United States is or may be a party or to any accepted rule of international law, persons within an area leased by or otherwise reserved or acquired for the use of the United States which is under the control of the Secretary concerned and which is outside the United States and outside the Canal Zone, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.
This country tortured my son out of hate crime and then used military enlistment as an excuse. Most of the CPS persons in charge of my son's case were military employees or first-relatives of military.

The parenting "expect" that they called to testify, AG Maryanne McIntosh, CASA's Susan (who was RCC and hated my guts), the visitation monitor, Michelle Erickson. Michelle was not only a former employee of the U.S. Navy, she had hired Theo Keyes, U.S. Army, who I was forced to live with, to work for her at the same time, believing I would never find out. When I was set up to be raped, it was cops and an Italian guy and then his friend Tony Block used Michelle to have a false accusation made against me for "harassment" of her, which did not occur. They used this to prevent me from leaving the state of Washington. That was after first making a false claim I stole a car, and preventing me from leaving Washington for 1 year. My travel was obstructed by false claims and I was then forced to live with more U.S. military while my son was tortured.

CPS's only argument was that the bond wasn't there, and therefore my son should be adopted away from me. Mary McIntosh lied and said I couldn't understand reality and I was delusional. I said what about military. They go off for several years and don't see their kids at all--does that mean their children are no longer theirs or do not have a bond? So then they acted shocked I brought military into it. Well why not. Why was SHE there, the U.S. military-trained "parenting expert" who knew nothing.

Everything this country has done to me, my son, and my parents, is criminal.

$50 billion for my son alone.

That is not his "worth", but that is close to the figure he deserves for compensation for what has been done to him. $50 billion and starting to add interest as of today.

Also, my son does not just deserve this money for compensation for torture and trauma that was willfully inflicted upon him. He is to be returned to his mother, and I am the one with the property right. Any attempt to steal my son from me in the commission of crimes, does not transfer my property right and interest out of my hands to the U.S. government. The U.S. government is responsible for these crimes and they are responsible for investigating and correcting this crime.

I told my son last night the reason one of our relatives didn't make it into NASA is because no one wanted a family member there, when they are responsible for torturing my family. How uncomfortable.

Which is the exact same reason I was pushed out of becoming a lawyer and applying to work for the FBI. The FBI was already working against me and my parents.

So, how uncomfortable.

How uncomfortable it might be, to find out someone your agency has allowed crimes against, wants to work for your agency and is oblivious and has no idea how bad her own damages are already because of YOUR organization. Who was I to find myself sitting next to in the FBI law offices? John Kaempf? Bennet? Whittemore? Oh. Amy Roe. Hi. I had no idea you worked for the Portland FBI.

How uncomfortable.
I guess if I'm reporting causalties and damages to the IRS and my son Oliver is getting a tag (as of today) as a $50 billion in loss to me (it is higher than that, for value, but thinking of damages and trauma, I'll start there), I guess I am not sure what to put down for James River. My unborn baby who was murdered at 3 months of age. I guess since he didn't live as long and wasn't tortured as much and didn't experience the trauma of separation from his mother, it would be less, but then again, he is dead. So that is murder. I guess since he is no longer here I might say 2 billion. But of course that will never go anywhere. $50 billion towards my son's damages will go somewhere, and he is to be returned.

The last time I filed a lawsuit, I was told I asked for "too little". This time, I don't think I'm asking for enough.

As for my "working for" government employees, the only time they want me to work for them is when they get caught. CPS didn't talk to me about working for them before they took my son; they brought it up after they illegally took him from me. Same thing with the FBI. They try to force me OUT and block my entrance, which is anti-competition and crime, and then when someone worries something might surface (me, or a lawyer, or someone who is going to speak up)...then all of a sudden they are talking friendly.

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