Friday, January 11, 2013

Today Microsoft Uploaded My Information Illegally

Microsoft just uploaded all of my computer information to their personal server.

I called for getting into my email account and a man from India took my call and said he was going to take remote access of my computer through "Citrix" and help me get back into my email account.

This is not what he did.

He uploaded all of my personal information and then said he could not help me and disconnected me after taking my information.

He identified himself with a phoney name "David Thompson" and I saw multiple files on the screen, including documents I wrote, as he was using remote access on my laptop.

Then he told me he had to verify I was with Genext. I told him I was not with them and told him that before the upload.

Oh, and he made a big deal, which he thought was funny, telling me to RUN. He said to run a program for him, but his emphasis on the word RUN was basically like a threat to someone if you're telling them to "run", as in "run away".

Then he told me he identified 4 hackers from foreign countries and I said, "The federal government has a pretty good way of masking themselves don't they."

He repeatedly told me to go to Genext and I told him I had set up a different temporary account for myself, because I don't use Genext anymore. So I did what Microsoft said to do, and set up another account and then he wasn't accepting it. He kept saying, "just try to log in to Genext please." I said, "I already told you, that is an old account." He said, "I have to confirm your identity so try to log in to that account."

I said, "Why are you telling me to log into an account I told you I don't have and I don't remember what my log in was?"

Then I said, "If you didn't know who I was already, you never should have accessed my computer through remote access. You already ran a scan on my computer and connected your server, and if you had questions about my ID, you should have validated that in the beginning, before you did this."

Then he said "I cannot help you" and disconnected me.

So basically, he is a liar. He used a phoney excuse to get permission to use my account and get into my email address. Then he claimed they're investigating 4 hackers and will know more in 3-6 months. And then he disconnected me.

He wanted me to go to Genext just to see the Genext page. There was no other reason to go there and I had already explained to him that I do not have access to that account anymore. So why would I attempt to access an account I am not paying for any longer or which I do not remember my username and password to?

He also contacted me while I was filling out information to the Federal Reserve and Controller for illegal banking practices by Wells Fargo and collusion with the FBI in shutting down my bank account without notice to me as required by law.

I also contacted the local police department first and recorded the conversation asking why they had not contacted me over a criminal report I made over a year ago. She said she'd get back to me.

My email conversations with Wells Fargo are on this hotmail address that Microsoft is blocking access to. So they are trying to obstruct justice and prevent me from accessing all of my evidence and legal files.

This Indian man, in my opinion, just wanted me to go to the Genext site to see their latest logo, which is 3 circles. I mean, what was the point because I can't get into that old account? I don't even remember my username for it. I have an idea, but I don't remember for sure. So he kept telling me to go back to the Genext site and try to log on. I refused, telling him it made no difference because I couldn't get in.

So then he said "I'm sorry Ma'm, then I can't help you."

I thought this man was trying to help me and then he did all that and disconnected the call and refused to get me back into my hotmail address.

He disconnected me and the I swore. F-- you. I mean, because I went through all of that for nothing and I need to get into my hotmail account NOW.

It was enough to see some big headline about Kate's wedding which I didn't want to look at, and then I had to go to the 3 circles page and was told to try to log in repeatedly. Like that is helping me get to my information.

I DID definitely recognize the whole "remote access" thing. I mean, when he was moving the arrow around and everything, I knew what that was right away. He at least asked for my permission. The Indian guy did. I feel it was a false pretense to get me back into my hotmail account, but he did ask for permission to connect by remote control, or access, or whatever.

In the past, I have had the exact same thing happen.

I feel like I am going to have a major PTSD problem. Oh. I am right. I just started to cry.

It was exactly what someone was doing to my computer in East Wenatchee when my son and I were being tortured at our house.

Everything was the same. Some had Trojan or remote access to my computer and was doing all kinds of things when I was online. The arrow moved all over the place, things I typed were deleted after I typed them out, boxes were opened and even downloading a few times happened. I thought I sounded crazy trying to explain this was happening.

It was happening all the time. He said when was the first time I noticed and I said definitely 2006. Then I said I thought maybe a couple of small things in 1998 which made me think for the first time, but nothing really obvious. Then in 2006 it was obvious and maybe there were a few things in 2004. He said when did it last happen and I said before my account was closed but it's just something I live with.

The most really noticeable remote access was in 2006. And then that was when my phone communications were being sent all over the place, and directing me to mental health programs. So the total effect, if I tried to explain it, made me sound crazy. And at the same time, my son and I were being tortured so badly we could barely function. It was extremely bad. It was through aerospace defense and Pentagon technology because there is no possible way it happened a different way. It was like all of the computer and phone problems were done to make me sound crazy, to discredit me about being tortured.

My son was a baby. We were really tortured very, very, badly. And since then we've been tortured too, but in general, it's been horrible.

So I still need to get into my account and Microsoft is not helping with this.

So yes, I gave consent to have my computer remotely accessed, but it was accessed by false pretense and telling me I was going to be given the code back into my hotmail account. So they lied to get into my personal information, and they did not help me get back into my primary account that I have for business and personal use and which has legal records attached to it which are helpful to me. I think that makes it illegal and a privacy violation.

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